Snail Mail covers Superdrag’s “Feeling Like I Do” for Spotify Singles

Snail Mail covered Superdrag’s “Feeling Like I Do” for Spotify Singles. She also rereleased “Headlock” from her second album, Valentine.

21 alternative albums from 1998 that are still influencing bands today

1998 really wasn’t that long ago, but after saying the number 2021 out loud, it feels like it happened during another lifetime. To put things in perspective, Billie Eilish was born three years after 1998, and, hell, even FINNEAS was born the year before. Despite the fact that said year was toward the end of […]

These 20 bands from the late-'90s helped define alternative rock

The foundation of the alternative-rock scene had already been leavened by the late ’80s. The boundaries between the underground and the mainstream started to fragment thanks to Nirvana‘s success. Sadly, that band came to a tragic end before the halfway point of the decade. Fortunately, there were many great bands from the late-’90s moving things […]

These 20 bands defined the sound of the late ’90s

In the wake of grunge and just before Linkin Park reanimated the next decade, these 20 bands dominated the late ’90s and made their respective marks on rock ’n’ roll from 1995-1999. With the exception of a few, most of the acts listed here still play shows today. 311 Let’s start this list with the […]

The List on AP: 9 classic albums Jerry Finn left his mark with

This past August, the music world lost one of its most talented and innovative rock producers in Jerry Finn, who suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and was hospitalized for more than a month before being taken off life support. Finn’s list of production credits is extensive, to say the least, and he had a hand […]