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‘American Horror Story’ seasons ranked worst to best

No one expected that when American Horror Story premiered in 2011 from the co-creators of the musical hit series Glee, it would turn into an iconic horror anthology. Yet, eight years later, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have us gripping the edge of our seats in anticipation for the ninth season, 1984, which based on […]

Top 10 metal soundtracks that took movies to the next level

Soundtracks are an important part of movies, but given they mostly want to appeal to a wide audience, metal is often left out of the film industry. When a heavy band does make it into a movie, it’s something fans celebrate for years to come, even if the majority of the movie’s audience doesn’t always […]

QUIZ: Can you identify the horror movie reboot from a single screenshot?

It Chapter Two got a new trailer yesterday, marking the latest horror reboot to grace the big screen. Remakes are a full-blown Hollywood trend, and it’s been that way for the past 10 years or more. The question is: How many of these horror classics-turned-remakes have you seen (or suffered through)? Test your knowledge below. […]

TSA picks Freddy Krueger razor glove as strangest find of 2018

One traveler decided they couldn’t go anywhere without their Freddy Krueger razor glove, and it has topped the list of the craziest things TSA confiscated in 2018. The iconic glove from A Nightmare on Elm Street was taken from a passenger at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in May. Read more: Man uses lyrics as pick […]

14 things horror movies totally ruined for us

Horror movies have covered every topic known to man, and we mean every topic. We mean, have you seen the movie Teeth? Our favorite gruesome, bloody and deranged films have perhaps caused some of us to develop fears of normal places and things. For example, the whole state of Connecticut is depicted as being full […]

'A Nightmare On Elm Street' reboot is "still happening" according to 'Aquaman' writer

The potential reboot of A Nightmare On Elm Street has been looming on the horizon for a while now, leaving fans unsure if the franchise would actually find its way back to the big screen. Aquaman writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick has assured fans that the classic horror films will be seeing a reboot in the future. Read more: […]

A 'Nightmare On Elm Street' star worked on the original 'Halloween'

Well…this would be a killer pairing. We love a good crossover, and it appears that the horror community unknowingly got a major one between slasher icons Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers back in 1978…well, sort of. Read more: Could a new ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ movie happen? Before we officially reveal how this killer crossover happened, […]

Could a new 'Nightmare on Elm Street' movie happen?

Would a new A Nightmare on Elm Street movie be possible? Robert Englund isn’t saying no. The actor, who plays Freddy Krueger in the original franchise, says he could do the character again. Read more: Find out which horror villain matches your zodiac sign If you’ve ever seen a Freddy Krueger film, you probably know who Englund […]

Find out which horror villain matches your zodiac sign

It’s the spookiest time of the year again, and that means indulging in some of our favorite things more than usual—such as astrology and horror movies. Our favorite horror movies wouldn’t be the same without the iconic villains that freak us out. And with some careful research, we’ve found a terrifying way to describe anyone’s […]

Hot Topic is selling eyeshadow palettes inspired by slasher icons

Halloween is getting closer, and to celebrate, Hot Topic has unveiled two eyeshadow palettes that are to die for. Read more: ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Funkos are here for Halloween Part of the company’s Halloween line, Hot Topic dropped Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees-themed eyeshadow palettes that are perfect for a swim in Camp Crystal Lake or a stroll through […]

'A Nightmare On Elm Street' almost had a prequel with Charles Manson

[Photo by: New Line Cinema] It’s been a while since fans of the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise have seen a new chapter in the series, but that doesn’t mean fans have forgotten any of the horror they felt when Wes Craven’s famous slasher premiered in 1984. Read more: A ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ star […]

A 'Nightmare on Elm Street' star helped Mark Hamill land his 'Star Wars' role

[Photo by: Freddy Krueger/New Line Cinema, Luke Skywalker/Lucasfilm] Who knew Freddy Krueger himself would help Mark Hamill land the role of a lifetime?  Read more: The ‘It’ sequel reportedly has a title When Mark Hamill landed the gig as Luke Skywalker, nobody could have imagined the major impact that this moment would have on us all. […]

Robert Englund stole Freddy Krueger's original 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' glove

If you're a horror fan, there are some topics you occasionally ponder. One is, “How was Evil Dead 2 so damn good?” Another, “Why does Halloween III: Season Of The Witch even exist?” A common thought is, “I wonder where all those awesome, iconic props went?” Fans have particularly wondered about Freddy Krueger's original, bladed […]
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