Sleeping With Sirens on new era: “It really feels like a rebirth in a way”

It was Christmas Day 2018 when everything changed for Kellin Quinn. The Sleeping With Sirens frontman woke up that morning—as he did most mornings—with a hangover.  He walked downstairs blurry-minded to his 6-year-old daughter Copeland opening her presents, a sight that struck squarely into his heart and soul. The then-32-year-old Quinn had been on a […]

Alice Cooper opens up on wanting to quit persona amid addiction recovery

Alice Cooper, every mother’s favorite rockstar, had a bit of a crisis in the midst of his career. Cooper, whose real name is Vincent Furnier, had a severe drug and alcohol addiction in the mid-1980s, that nearly derailed his future. It took a strong will, pure dedication, and unlikely advice from an unusual figure in […]

Sleeping With Sirens survive everything the universe throws their way

For a while there, it looked like Sleeping With Sirens were poised for some great things. They got themselves new management and were able to ascend to major-label status with a deal with Warner Records. And then everything went to hell. From the recording of the ill-fated LP Gossip to the aftermath of taking it […]