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10 films that were flawlessly scored by singer-songwriter Danny Elfman

The soundtrack behind a movie sets the emotion and tone for a scene. Mastermind Danny Elfman has a way of capturing that exact feeling. Elfman showcases various sides to his creativity and emphasizes an ominous and slightly eerie atmosphere in “Sally’s Song” from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. He also shines a light on […]

These 10 British guitar-rock bands will make your playlists louder

In these troubled times, America is embracing a wide swath of laptop and synth-driven pop stars. Meanwhile in the United Kingdom (the country that practically invented electro-pop), there’s a new consciousness of British guitar-rock bands plugging into guitars and turning up amps. And they’ve brought hooks and riffs to spare. Here are some of the […]

Tommy Lee is never going to just shut up and play the drums

Hands up if your 2020 bingo card had a member of Mötley Crüe releasing the year’s most galvanizing electro/hip-hop record. However, that’s just what Crüe drummer Tommy Lee has done with his explosive new solo album, ANDRO, which is due out in October. A huge fan of beat-driven music, Lee is well-versed in programming gear […]

These 13 songs deserve some space on a ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’ soundtrack

Videogame heads and skaters are massively stoked by the reboot of the legendary Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. You know who else is excited? Music fans. The soundtracks to those games were some of the best underground-rock gateway drugs a generation could have. Which made us wonder about what songs should be represented in future […]

10 scene trends we're still down with that prove it wasn’t a phase at all

If history has taught us one thing, it’s this. Any subculture is going to have its fair share of values, cultural markers and questionable hairstyles. That’s why our video of 10 scene trends that will never go out of style doesn’t really feel dated. Most of the time, we’re still embracing the same things. That […]

‘Tony Hawk's Pro Skater’ is getting an extreme reboot in 2020

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, the legendary skateboarding videogame, has returned. Tony Hawk’s™ Pro Skater™ 1 and 2 have been remastered and retooled for maximum thrills by skate legend Tony Hawk and the Vicarious Visions studio. The revisited edition will feature all of the iconic pro-skaters and old-school action from the ‘90s and 2000’s with new, […]

The 'Paradise City' crew didn’t know Andy Black and Ben Bruce are musicians

Man, have we got an exclusive episode of AP Phoner for you. Last week, the trailer for the rock ’n’ roll drama series Paradise City was released. The spin-off television series taken from the movie American Satan will soon be announcing its premiere date and network. Content Director Paige Owens spoke with two of the […]

Watch Chris Cornell's daughter Toni cover a Temple Of The Dog classic

While appearing on LiveXLive’s Music Lives COVID-19 relief benefit, Toni Cornell delivered a poignant version of “Hunger Strike” by Temple Of The Dog. The daughter of the late Chris Cornell covered the song by the Seattle supergroup featuring her father and members of Pearl Jam. The song appears on the band’s 1991 self-titled album. Cornell […]

Hear Flea and QOTSA members play on Bright Eyes new single

Indie-rock institution Bright Eyes have released more new music. “Forced Convalescence” is the new single from the band founded by singer/songwriter Conor Oberst. It’s the follow-up to their previous single “Persona Non Grata,” which came out last March. “Forced Convalescence” truly ranks with some of Bright Eyes’ best work. It moves from an austere introduction […]

These 10 deathcore tracks will release all the rage you've pent up at home

Self-isolation is hard. Sometimes you want to flash an unkind gesture at someone through your front window. Other times you may desire to break some furniture to demonstrate your anger. Maybe you want to turn it all inward on yourself. Don’t do any of that stuff. Vent your anger to our choice 10 deathcore tracks! […]

Here's why Brendon Urie is more hardcore than most of us

It goes without saying, but we’ll do it anyway. We will never grow tired of Brendon Urie. When he joined Panic! At The Disco in 2004, he was a charismatic conduit for band founder Ryan Ross‘ songs. When Ross and bassist Jon Walker split to form the Young Veins, Urie and drummer Spencer Smith kept […]

These are the My Chemical Romance covers you need to hear right now

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. And our list of My Chemical Romance cover versions makes for an iron-clad case. From relative unknowns to AltPress favorites, the scope of the MCR fandom significantly extends to a great number of musicians. There is an old adage that posits a good song is a […]

Ash Costello almost missed My Chemical Romance's return

New Years Day singer Ash Costello almost didn’t make it to the My Chemical Romance reunion show. But that’s not the only thing she talked about during our 10 Topics chat from AltPress 379. From the change in her hair color to how she wants to retire to her preferred talk show theme, Costello is […]

Watch Saves The Day's Chris Conley rewrite Semisonic's "Closing Time"

Saves The Day frontman Chris Conley, recently took over the AltPress Instagram account and invited fans into the Electric Ladybug in Chico, California. On Monday April 6, Conley belted out some STD classics and a few obscure gems. It was the singer’s second installment of his social distancing-inspired Digital Happy Hour series. Read more: Saves […]

These five rock conspiracy theories couldn't possibly be true, could they?

Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory. Hell, everybody loves a bad conspiracy theory, as well. Simply because the more over the top, the harder the punchline. It’s all good fun. Especially if you’re talking about serious deep-state, rock conspiracy theories. (Actually, feel free to use the term “legends” as it might be applicable to everything […]

MxPx and Mike Herrera issue new LPs to make your self-isolation louder

Pop-punk mavericks MxPx are doing their part to keep your lockdown as adrenaline-charged as possible. The long-running band will be streaming a deluxe edition of their 2018 self-titled record Tuesday April 14th (Monday night at midnight EST). This edition will include the full original 11-song album, four bonus tracks and five acoustic versions. “We always […]

We're drowning in 'American Horror Story' season 10 theories

American Horror Story wrapped up its ninth season less than six months ago.  We’re completely stoked to see what’s going to happen for its next magnificently creepy installment. Anybody who has followed producer/writer Ryan Murphy‘s series arc thus far is well aware the man knows how to bring the fear. There have been a couple […]

Aaron Gillespie understands the power of music thanks to his fans

“Gosh, I went on my weekly grocery store [run] today,” Aaron Gillespie reports from his home in Salt Lake City. “It’s a scene, man. It’s just…crazy.” His tone conjures a vision of him shaking his head. “It’s more crowded than normal. I’ve never seen the stores this crowded. Most things you can’t buy. There’s bulletproof […]

Pit starter turned filmmaker Jesse Korman wears his DIY badge proudly

Most people know Jesse Korman for his work belting out harsh vocals with mathcore act the Number Twelve Looks Like You, but in the band’s decade-long absence, he found his way into photography, film production and even politics. Beyond fronting one of the most notable experimental hardcore bands of the 2000s, he’s managed to work […]

Hear Kool Keith team up with hardcore unit Thetan for mind-blowing LP

Hip-hop icon Kool Keith teaming up with a powerviolence hardcore unit from Nashville? We’re all in! Today Altpress is premiering Space Goretex, the stellar full-length collaboration of rugged duo Thetan with one of rap’s enduring masters. “This album continues where my earlier classic albums left off,” says Kool Keith about Space Goretex. “You can play […]
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