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Every Circa Survive album ranked: From worst to best

During their nearly 18-year run as a band, post-hardcore quintet Circa Survive made a substantial impact on the alternative music scene through their seven genre-defining albums. Fronted by the charismatic and dynamic Anthony Green, Circa Survive’s music pushed the boundaries of their core genre by writing inventive song arrangements that meandered between virtuosic guitar and […]

See L.S. Dunes bring Past Lives to Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg for an intimate, sold-out show

L.S. Dunes are touring their debut album Past Lives. Relive the supergroup’s energetic sold-out show at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg with our gallery.

L.S. Dunes were a lifeline during the pandemic for five best friends, no ego included

L.S. Dunes comprises some of the most prominent names in alternative music. With their new album, Past Lives, they’re pushing their creativity to new heights.

Frank Iero unleashes epic supergroup L.S. Dunes, Bartees Strange covers Freddie Gibbs and more

The latest, from L.S. Dunes to Bartees Strange and more. This is our daily download of the essential news you need to know across music, culture and style.

How Anthony Green found hope through recovery and became the strongest version of himself on Boom. Done.

Anthony Green is embracing vulnerability more than ever. The post-hardcore veteran opens up about his deeply personal journey to creating new album Boom. Done.

Anthony Green announces ‘Boom. Done.,’ shares two new singles—watch

Anthony Green has announced a new solo album, Boom. Done. The record arrives July 22 via Born Losers Records. Green has also shared two new singles from the album, “Don’t Dance” and “Maybe This Will Be The One.” The former is accompanied by a music video. Read more: Surfbort coach Tony Hawk in new “Open […]

Dance Gavin Dance announce SWANFEST 2022 with Movements, Knocked Loose, more

Dance Gavin Dance have announced the lineup for SWANFEST, a one-day festival headlined and curated by the band. The festival will take place April 23 at Heart Health Park in the band’s hometown of Sacramento, California. Read more: Tilian Pearson reveals how taking psychedelics informed ‘Factory Reset’ Joining Dance Gavin Dance are Animals As Leaders, […]

11 alternative groups still playing together after a decade or more

Whether due to personal reasons, creative differences or non-music-related conflicts, it’s pretty common for a band’s lineup to shift over time. And in that same vein, it’s noteworthy when a core group of original members are able to stick it out through all the ups and downs that the music industry brings. In a world […]

Fuckin Whatever (TBS, Circa Survive, Grouplove) drop new “Original Sin”

Over the last year, artists have found creative ways to fill their time and connect with their fans. With time and space to either work on new tracks or release previously shelved projects, we’ve been spoiled for choice by many bands and artists, and some of the projects have been unexpected. None, perhaps, more so […]

10 artists who completely took off after their debut albums

If there’s one universal truth to alternative music, it’s that there’s no one path to success. Many talented artists grind for years, putting out record after record until one day they accumulate a global following. Others may find commercial success following the release of their debut album. Of course, that’s not to say that any […]

10 women vocalists who made the 2010s a monumental time for alternative

We already established that not all women sound like Hayley Williams with our look into unique-sounding frontwomen within 2000s alternative music. So, given the generalized diversification of the genre throughout the 2010s, we shouldn’t need to drive that point home again, right? That said, last time the dynamic range present in women’s vocal styles proved to […]

Supergroup Fuckin Whatever (Circa Survive, TBS, Grouplove) only had one rule

It’s been nearly five years since Adam Lazzara, John Nolan, Anthony Green and Ben Homola took to privately closing out their summer tour stops with improvised, instrument-less displays of their far-reaching creative talents. Now, the Taking Back Sunday, Circa Survive, and Grouplove supergroup, Fuckin Whatever, are actively collaborating for the first time ever. It seems a strange twist of fate that a collective first […]

Bamboozle Festival is planning to return in 2023 for its 20th anniversary

From 2003 to 2012, Bamboozle took over New Jersey for its annual multi-day festival. The event, which evolved out of the Skate And Surf, led to some iconic live sets from artists such as My Chemical Romance, Thrice, Paramore, Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World among many others. Now, the festival is making its long-awaited […]

10 band name pronunciations that fans don't always agree on

If there’s one thing the alternative world is great at, it’s coming up with out-of-this-world band names and songs. We mean, we love taking vowels out of words, swapping a “V” in its place and the like. With unique band names and made-up words, this obviously comes with some discourse relating to how the band […]

20 post-hardcore bands who took concept albums to the next level

Post-hardcore is especially rich in concept albums. Perhaps that’s because the immense vocal palette—from tender crooning to raw screaming—lends itself to expressing emotions. The music similarly matches. Sure, metalcore can deliver crushing breakdowns, but it rarely gets as intimate as this companion genre. There’s also the fact that the high-pitched singing elicits desperation so often […]

50 most anticipated albums of 2021 in alternative, metal and beyond

This year’s biggest lesson for most of us has been to expect the unexpected. While that mainly went for life itself, it certainly also applied to music. But still, there’s a lot to look forward to in the most anticipated albums of 2021.  2020 saw plenty of surprise drops and album release-date pushbacks. So, really, […]

Anthony Green’s favorite Circa Survive album may be hard to find

This week, Anthony Green finally let fans know what his favorite Circa Survive album is. However, you may have a hard time listening to it. Read more: Matthew Lillard is finally back with the ‘Scream’ cast but not how you think Like so many other bands in 2020, Circa Survive saw all of their plans […]

Try to spot every cameo in Touché Amoré’s pet-filled video for “Reminders”

In case you need some joy this week, Touché Amoré‘s got you covered. They have released a video for their new single “Reminders” which is filled with some familiar faces including Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance, The Future Violence), Anthony Green (Circa Survive) and Skrillex. Read more: Here’s how Lady Gaga reacted to Rob Halford […]

Find out what kind of rock star you would be based on your zodiac sign

Who among us hasn’t fantasized about living the rock star life? (Well, besides rappers.) Seriously though, who wouldn’t want a gig like that? The tears of the bright-eyed are the lubrication that keeps the rock ‘n’ roll machine pumping along. But what if a life of stardom could be gleaned from the stars themselves? In […]
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