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QUIZ: Which 2009 album are you?

It’s pretty disgusting to realize that 2009 was over a decade ago. It feels like just yesterday that the 2000s were ending. This was the time when we were all getting really into Facebook, Kanye West was interrupting Taylor Swift at the Grammys and the music on our iPods couldn’t have been better.  Because we can’t […]

See Mayday Parade fear the unknown in powerful “I Can Only Hope” video

Last month, Mayday Parade finally released their highly-anticipated new EP Out Of Here. Now, the band are back with a powerful new video for “I Can Only Hope,” directed by longtime collaborator Guadalupe Bustos. Read more: Here’s the cover set Post Malone would’ve done instead of Nirvana “I Can Only Hope” joins “First Train” and […]

20 scene albums from 2009 that dominated your iPod playlists

In 2009, Myspace was beginning to disintegrate, and scene bands were growing less and less popular. Despite their distinct capabilities of genre-blending emo, pop punk, metalcore, neon pop, electronica and more, the scene started to die and was aching for a rebirth. As the year progressed, new bands emerged, and seasoned musicians cultivated their craft […]

Mayday Parade reveal Forever Emo tour with set featuring covers, more

Mayday Parade made our hearts skip a beat when they announced select 10-year anniversary shows for their album Anywhere But Here.  Now, the band have unveiled their first-ever Forever Emo Tour 2019, where they will be playing original music and covers of their favorite pop-punk and emo tracks.  Read more: Every Time I Die confirm […]

Mayday Parade announce ‘Anywhere But Here’ 10-year anniversary shows

Mayday Parade just announced a 10 year anniversary tour for their beloved second album Anywhere But Here, where they will be playing the album in full.  The album came out in 2009 and includes beloved tracks such as “Anywhere But Here,” “The Silence” and “Kids in Love”.  Read more: Melanie Martinez adds 400 more showings […]