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Neck Deep return with their first new song in two years, "STFU"—watch

Neck Deep have dropped a new single, “STFU.” The band also shared a ’90s-inspired music video to go with the track. “STFU” is Neck Deep’s first new music in two years and their first self-released track in a decade. Read more: Neck Deep announce departure of longtime drummer Dani Abasi In “STFU,” Neck Deep return […]

QUIZ: We know which AIM away message you had based on your routine

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people are spending way more time at home than usual. We’ve basically shifted to doing everything at home, including working, which has been a challenge at times. In the time of heightened virtual communication, it can be hard to be able to tune out the world and tell everyone […]

10 scene songs that got you through your first breakup

We’ve all experienced heartbreak in one way or another over the years, but none compare to your first breakup and the scene songs that helped you through it.  Picture it: It’s the 2000s, and you’re sitting at your family’s computer spilling your heart out to all of your friends on AOL Instant Messenger about your […]

20 Song Lyrics That Were Definitely In Your AIM Away Message

It’s time for a moment of truth: I’m about to reveal my AIM screen name. Granted, I had two other screen names, but this one stayed with me all through high school. Are you ready for this? GuitarGurl925. (Just seeing “girl” spelled with a “u” makes me cringe.) However, I can rest a little easier […]