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My Bloody Valentine's 'Loveless' is still groundbreaking after 30 years

On the 30th anniversary of My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, AltPress is highlighting the innovative album by returning to the band’s 1992 AltPress cover story. Shortly after the release of their second studio album, the interview shed light on MBV’s experimental approach to music, something that catapulted the band to widespread success. The story delved into […]

Paramore’s 'Brand New Eyes' still resonates on its 12th anniversary

Warped Tour icons Paramore were featured on our October 2009 cover (#255). The band gave AltPress an exclusive look at their breakout success and their infamous surprise performance at the beloved festival. They also took us into the songwriting and recording process behind Brand New Eyes, their third studio album. Additionally, the members gave their thoughts […]

Return to blink-182's 'Neighborhoods' on the album's 10th anniversary

Our October 2011 cover (#279) turned to blink-182. The band connected with AltPress on the eve of their record Neighborhoods, recorded following a lengthy hiatus. In the interview, Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge discussed the challenging process that led to the new record. More than that, they spoke about the artistic journey that led to […]

Nirvana's 1992 cover captures a band breaking into the mainstream

With our Jan-Feb 1992 cover (#44), AltPress highlighted grunge pioneers Nirvana. Just following the Sept. 1991 release of the band’s legendary record Nevermind, the interview took fans behind the scenes just as the band were exploding into the mainstream. The article explored Nirvana’s experiences as they reconciled their newfound success with their punk rock roots, […]