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12 influential early 2000s metalcore albums that shaped the genre

As the world launched into a new millennium during the 2000s, a more modern metal sound was quickly gaining popularity in the United States. Many bands embraced this evolution. Some in particular also heavily influenced the direction of the newly created genre that was metalcore. Even though many of those bands are either not together […]

These 15 punk albums from 1988 helped shape alternative rock's future

Welcome to Alternative Press’ list of the best punk albums from 1988. Which, at the time, would have had most folks scratching their heads. After all, in 1988, the entire world thought punk rock was dead. Look at the charts: Guns N’ Roses and the more lightweight Sunset Strip glam-metal acts were defining “rock ’n’ […]

10 times bands switched the lyrics of some of their most popular songs

We’re all guilty of singing the wrong lyrics to a favorite song. (Seriously, there have been entire books compiled about this very subject.) But occasionally, you’ll see a band play and you’re stoked to hear your favorite song. You’re singing along at the top of your lungs, and the lead singer decides to go rogue […]

10 pop-punk songs you definitely had on repeat in 2015

We were going to start this piece by swearing that five years isn’t really long. Then we considered all the things that happen that take less time. The typical high school education is four years. So is securing a bachelors degree in college. Those are moments that seem to last forever, right? We’re going to […]

20 LGBTQIA+ artists giving the world a big middle finger right now

It’s an election year, the world is in the middle of a pandemic and the importance of fighting for the rights of underserved and marginalized people is bigger than ever. One thing we can be grateful for is punk rock. Be it in sound or spirit, punk is a driving force we need to keep […]

These 10 songs sound eerily similar to other famous tracks

The history of recorded sound is just short of 150 years old. One would think that nearly every combination of musical note, chord and key would have been written, recorded and copywritten by now. There are still countless numbers of songs being recorded and released. We’re not mathematicians, but there’s no escaping the fact that […]

Here are 10 bands that punks and metalheads can totally bond over

A long, long time ago, before there was “the scene” and the sonic buffet of Warped Tour there was… division. The punks deemed metal as boring and slow. Metal’s return fire was that the bands couldn’t play and the whole genre was “not music.” Fortunately we live in 2020 and that schism isn’t as entrenched […]

The best punk albums of 1987 are still setting fire to the underground

What a year 1987 was! Ronald Reagan was all all up in the Iran-Contra affair, but his Teflon psyche made sure none of the backlash stuck to him. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher brought uptight conservative rule to the U.K. for a third term. Ted Kaczynski (aka the Unabomber) came to notoriety as a domestic […]

These 6 geek-rock bands are living proof that being a nerd is punk AF

Let’s talk about real conspiracy theories. Why is it that in decades of pop culture, anything considered intelligent or elevated is considered suspect? If you’re smart and you know the right answer in any classroom discussion, you’re a nerd. The jocks and the cool dudes always got the honeys, while the dorks got more Magic: […]

Here are 9 times when bands were accused of copying album artwork

Is imitation a form of flattery? Or is it simply annoying? That’s what some bands and a lot of fans have to consider when faced with album artwork that looked a little too close for comfort. Call it homage, a tribute or straight-up theft, here are nine times when bands were accused of copying album […]

20 Libras in the music scene celebrating their birthday season

We have made it to Libra season! Libras are known for living a life of luxury and appreciating the finer things. You’ll often find Libras to be the most fashionable of the zodiac, and their essence is alluring. Libras thrive at the forefront of the music community because of their unique style and confidence. If […]

Here are 10 punk-rock icons whose work continues to inspire generations

It does seem positively quaint. But there was a time when it looked like the world completely hated everything regarding punk rock. Popular culture reflected that back at us. Somehow punk was going to destroy the values Americans held so sacred back then. Many thought punk was a mere fad that was the equivalent of […]

These 10 punk bands of the 2000s were underrated but not forgotten

If you’re a diehard music fan, you have the story. It usually starts with going to see your favorite band and having to endure an opening act so repugnant, they made you want to chew sand. Then two years later, said band are everywhere and everyone loves them. And now you’re even more pissed-off about […]

These 10 legendary Riot Fest reunions are keeping us stoked for 2021

Making plans with your Netflix queue this weekend? Finishing your novel? Working on that jigsaw puzzle you had made of the orange sky on the West Coast? Whatever you’re doing, we’re damned confident it’s not as great as this year’s Riot Fest lineup. This year’s event looked like the ultimate rock ’n’ roll weekend. We […]

Here are the 20 bands keeping punk alive in 2020 and beyond

In 1981, British punk commandos the Exploited famously wrote  “Punk’s Not Dead.” It was a response to people persisting that the genre was bundled up tightly in Sid Vicious‘ coffin and buried. That was almost four decades ago. And every year, we’re still waiting for naysayers to drink their last pints of icy cold STFU […]

These 10 soundtracks might be better than the movies they were from

When movie adaptations and remakes are released, they usually generate the same initial response. “Was it better than the book?” “Is it as good as the comic?” We’re guilty of that, too. But really, we’re the ones asking if the soundtrack was any good. It’s that mindset  that inspired this countdown of soundtracks that might […]

These 8 emo song lyrics will continue to soothe future broken hearts

Let us make a toast to modern emo. The drama! The poetry! The minimum daily requirement of whining! Let’s make it perfectly clear right now that we’re not throwing shade on the genre. We’ve come to celebrate it in all of its heart-wrenching enormity. That’s why we’ve taken eight of the most emo song lyrics […]

These 10 song lyrics are better than any pickup line you’ve ever heard

What’s the dumbest pickup line you ever heard? Better yet, what’s the dumbest one you’ve ever used? It’s probably something you wouldn’t want to own up to in the first place. Then again, maybe it worked so amazingly well, you’re keeping it to yourself. (If not, please drop it in the comments section below.) We […]

These 10 bands' performances defined the legacy of 'MTV Unplugged'

When the first episode of MTV Unplugged was broadcast, nobody knew how it was going to be received. Let’s face it, Americans like their rock ‘n’ roll served with all the decibels possible. But with a run that started in 1989 and continued in different installments for 30 years, “unplugged” became part of the music […]

5 reasons My Chemical Romance’s ‘The Black Parade’ is actually cursed

The Black Parade is considered by many to be My Chemical Romance‘s finest album. From the story arc centered on the Patient to the songs the band crafted as a classic-rock valentine, it was the record that changed everything. Especially the band. At various points in its creation and promotion, it felt like there were […]
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