Arrested youth

QUIZ: Which color should you dye your hair based on your music taste?

For everyone in the scene, changing your hair color and style is a fact of life. It’s as commonplace as wanting to express yourself through tattoos, piercings, makeup and nails. There are so many options for achieving the perfect emo look, whether you like spray-on dye or semi-permanent color from Hayley Williams’ Good Dye Young […]

Here’s how Arrested Youth wrote an entire EP with the help of his fans

In between bingeing Homeland and taking neighborhood strolls, Los Angeles-based artist Ian Johnson, the mind behind Arrested Youth, has been working on his new EP, Arrested Youth & The Quarantiners. This EP isn’t just any self-isolation-produced record—each song was written by fans and for fans. Today, Alternative Press is exclusively premiering the music video for […]