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Here's how Dance Gavin Dance got more experimental on 'Afterburner'

For the past 15 years, Dance Gavin Dance have been constantly raising the bar for experimentation within the post-hardcore scene. But after toying with the limitations and boundaries of the genre for so long, is there still room for them to expand? From the onset of Dance Gavin Dance’s latest record, Afterburner, it’s clear they […]

Dance Gavin Dance peel back for instrumental 'Instant Gratification' album

Dance Gavin Dance just unveiled an instrumental version of their 2015 album Instant Gratification and it is exactly what we needed to end our week with. The band shared the news of the brand new album with their fans on Twitter.  Read more: twenty one pilots turn back time in era-melding “The Hype” video “We […]

Dance Gavin Dance fully embrace instrumental album with adapted videos

Dance Gavin Dance have dropped an instrumental version of their album Artificial Selection following a tweet from Rise Records last night, teasing that they would be dropping a DGD video. Fans immediately assumed the video would be new, but instead, we were given two hilarious revisions that you simply have to watch. Rise Records just pulled one […]

Dance Gavin Dance drop Wild West-themed “Head Hunter” video

Dance Gavin Dance released a Wild West-themed video for “Head Hunter” that features saloons, cowboys and rayguns, because why now. “Head Hunter” is the band’s latest single since the band’s 2018 album Artificial Selection. Read more: Mötley Crüe drop two new songs from ‘The Dirt’ soundtrack It’s not clear in the song is from a […]