10 bonus tracks from the 2000s that should’ve made it on the album

Discovering bonus tracks to your favorite albums was hands-down one of the best feelings ever back in the 2000s. Before the rise of streaming services, instant downloads and damn near limitless music collections, B-sides and other limited releases were like gold. If you were lucky, you’d find them on physical albums or iTunes. Otherwise, you were […]

Hear two We Are The In Crowd songs you might not have known existed

We Are The In Crowd just dropped two special B-sides that they think deserved to see the light of day. Both songs came on some physical copies of their 2014 record Weird Kids. So, there’s a good chance some people didn’t even know they existed.  Now, the tracks “Perfect Reason” and “Waiting” are on streaming for the […]

Set It Off drop “Catch Me If You Can” as “quintessential middle finger”

Set It Off just dropped a surprise B-side this morning. The track is called “Catch Me If You Can”.  Cody Carson and Maxx Danziger began teasing some sort of news on Twitter last night and it ended up being a new song. Allegedly, further B-sides and tracks are coming soon and we can’t wait. Read […]

Mayday Parade surprise fans with ‘Sunnyland’ B-sides release

Mayday Parade just knows how to stay in the news. They tour all the time, they’ve been pumping out albums since 2006 and they support their friends. Even in their downtime, they stay relevant. Mayday Parade just surprise-released a special 7″ EP featuring an acoustic version and B-side from Sunnyland. Read More: Chris Cornell-produced song with daughter […]

Listen to Hundredth's electrifying new B-sides from 'RARE'

[Photos by: Jesus Martinez, Hopeless Records] Get ready to bob your head—Hundredth have just unleashed a couple of fresh B-side tracks from their latest album, RARE. You can hear the new songs, “Porcelain” and “Melancholia,” via Spotify and Apple Music down below. Read more: Hundredth's new album is a 'RARE' scene turnaround The two new […]

13 B-Sides and bonus tracks that rock

Blink-182’s deluxe edition of California drops on May 19 and includes a whopping 11 new tracks. That got us thinking about the B-Sides and bonus cuts released over the years that we love just as much as the “proper” songs. Here are 13 of our favorites: A Day To Remember – “Right Where You Want […]

The 10 best 5 Seconds Of Summer B-sides

Any music fan longs for the “lost tracks” of an album. We all hope and pray in our hearts that someday we’ll hear the “outtakes” to our favorite LPs. Well, 5SOS did that. Like, they just did that. Recently, the band released a Spotify playlist that contains all their B-Sides and rarities, so in honor […]

Beartooth stream unreleased song, "Sick Of It All"

Beartooth have officially released “Sick Of it All,” which is a b-side track from their debut full-length, Disgusting. The song was originally released as a free download, but has since run out. You can stream it over at Red Bull’s 20Before16 website, or give it a spin below. Watch: Beartooth play house show, guitarist of […]

Listen to a previously unreleased b-side from the Plot In You

The Plot In You have released a music video for a previously unreleased b-side, titled “Crows.” According to the band, the band track was supposed to be part of a seven-inch effort that never came to fruition. You can check out “Crows” along with an accompanying music video below. Be sure to leave us a […]

Daisyhead - "Can't Live In It" song premiere

Daisyhead released a split with Have Mercy in February, but the two tracks they contributed to it weren't all the band had up their sleeves at the time. “Can't Live In It,” which you can stream exclusively below, is an unreleased B-side in which frontman Michael Roe, using deep empathy, communicates from the perspective of a friend he […]

Tides Of Man stream B-side, "Bloodhound"

Tides Of Man have released a B-side from their most recent full-length, Young And Courageous, titled “Bloodhound.” The record was self-released by the band earlier this year and is the first to feature their fully instrumental sound. If you haven't yet, you can pick up the effort now via the band's Bandcamp store. Check out “Bloodhound” below and […]

Taking Back Sunday stream B-side, “How I Met Your Mother”

Taking Back Sunday are streaming “How I Met Your Mother,” a B-side taken from the band’s Flicker, Fade 7-inch vinyl. (The song is not available on the full Happiness Is album.) You can listen to the song below; tell us what you think. TBS’s new album, Happiness Is, is available now via Hopeless Records. The band […]

Night Riots song premiere: “Renegade”

We’ve teamed up with California rockers Night Riots to bring you an exclusive premiere of the song “Renegade.” The track is a b-side taken from the band’s latest EP, Young Lore, which is available on iTunes now. “We recorded 'Renegades' with Erik Ron in Los Angeles and it ended up helping us fund a recent […]

Tegan And Sara release new b-side, "Shudder To Think"

Tegan And Sara have released a new b-side on Rolling Stone titled, “Shudder To Think.” The song is also featured on the soundtrack for Dallas Buyers Club. Fans can stream the track here. Let us know what you think! The band's latest album, Heartthrob, is available now.

Johnny Marr (ex-The Smiths, Modest Mouse) announces U.S. tour, debuts b-side "The It-Switch"

Johnny Marr has announced that his next single, “New Town Velocity,” from The Messenger, released earlier this year on Sire Records, will see a limited U.K. 7-inch release, as well as a worldwide digital release, next week. Additionally, the single will contain an unreleased b-side, a poppy and upbeat track called “The It-Switch,” which is streaming […]

Song Premiere/Download: Man Overboard, "Dump Me" build your own B-Side contest

AltPress is excited to unveil the winner of Man Overboard's “build your own b-side” contest, Jake Mcelfresh, who performs under the name Front Porch Step. For the contest, Man Overboard released their instrumental 2011 b-side, “Dump Me,” and asked artists for their spin on the song. You can stream both Front Porch Step's and Man Overboard's versions […]

Song Premiere: The Rocket Summer, "Anna"

Last Month, The Rocket Summer launched Life Will Write The Words b-side series, in which one album outtake is digitally released every 3 weeks. The first song in the series was  “Cars And The Pixies (Happy New Year)”, and today we have  “Anna,” which is set for release tomorrow through various digital retailers, available to […]

Song Premiere: The Rocket Summer, "Cars And The Pixies (Happy New Year)"

Tomorrow, The Rocket Summer will launch their Life Will Write The Words b-side series. That entails digitally releasing a song that did not make their June-released album every 3 weeks. We have the first song in the series, “Cars And The Pixies (Happy New Year)” available to stream a day early below! Other songs in […]

Song Premiere: The Maine, "I Want You"

Today you can check out this exclusive premiere of “I Want You” from the Maine's upcoming B-side album, Good Love. The EP will be out September 11 in a package with their 2011 album, Pioneer, and can be pre-ordered on iTunes here. You can also pre-order their DVD, Anthem Of A Dying Breed, on the 11th […]

Kurt Travis (A Lot Like Birds) streams bonus track "Hollidaisies"

Kurt Travis has released a bonus track from his debut EP, Wha Happen?, called “Hollidaisies.” Check it out below.
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