50 best albums of 2023

From Arlo Parks to 100 gecs, these are the releases we can’t stop listening to.

How PinkPantheress uses 2000s nostalgia to craft a sound both familiar and fresh

“PFFT, I ACTUALLY DON’T KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THAT — THAT’S CRAZY!” PinkPantheress laughs softly. I’ve just told her that a friend of mine compared her show last night to “being inside an episode of Euphoria.” She seems equal parts flattered and concerned at the thought, though the comparison makes perfect sense when you […]

BABYMETAL launch NFT sneakers for their own “Metalverse”

BABYMETAL have collaborated with digital fashion label 1BLOCK to create NFT sneakers you can wear in their own virtual “Metalverse.” They created 10 versions of the BABYMETAL x Airsmoke sneaker. The names are “Cavalry,” “Illusion,” “Coffin,” “Inverted Mirror Reflection,” “Monochrome,” “Smoke,” “Light And Darkness,” “Transition,” “Mirror” and “Throne.” Read more: LimeWire to make return as an […]

BABYMETAL hint at the future with plan to "disappear from our sight"

BABYMETAL have posted a cryptic announcement about the band’s future on their Facebook account. In the post, the group claim they will “disappear from our sight,” potentially hinting at a next phase for the group. The message reads, “REVELATION FROM THE FOX GOD Sunday, October 10th, 2021… Together with all 10 episodes of METAL RESISTANCE […]

Bring Me The Horizon’s “Sleepwalking” receives silver certification

Bring Me The Horizon find themselves at the top of another chart now that “Sleepwalking” has gone silver, according to BPI. The chart-topping song comes from the band’s 2013 genre-bending album, Sempiternal. Read more: Tatiana Hazel shares how creating music and fashion go hand in hand “Sleepwalking” is a timeless metalcore track that deserves all […]

15 artists who would perfectly soundtrack Marvel's Phases 4 and 5

From the rock anthems that followed us through Iron Man to the timeless classics we danced to with Baby Groot in Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel has given us incredible soundtracks to coincide with their phenomenal movies. However, with the next phase of the MCU underway, we couldn’t help but think about how things could […]

10 alternative bands who are refreshing the genre outside of the U.S.

Early emo artists crammed into Washington, D.C. basements, while punk rockers destroyed small California clubs. Grunge blew up in the Pacific Northwest, but it all spread across the world. Alternative rock, whatever form it comes in, isn’t just a staple of Western culture. It’s universal.  Visiting Seoul? Check out a local indie band in a […]

10 women vocalists who made the 2010s a monumental time for alternative

We already established that not all women sound like Hayley Williams with our look into unique-sounding frontwomen within 2000s alternative music. So, given the generalized diversification of the genre throughout the 2010s, we shouldn’t need to drive that point home again, right? That said, last time the dynamic range present in women’s vocal styles proved to […]

20 women vocalists in metal who are a driving force for the genre

Metal is no longer a man’s world. All across the genre’s many subcategories, from folk to black metal, powerful female figures are putting their stamp on a genre that’s finally coming to terms with the inclusivity of the present day. Where symphonic icons Nightwish and Within Temptation blazed the trail for female leaders to step […]

Ice Nine Kills unveil first look at eerie graphic novel ‘Inked In Blood’

Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas is a serious horror movie obsessive. The singer fell in love with fright movies at an early age. Over the years, he’s become well-versed in the classics and the deep cuts alike. As a result, INK draws major influences from the genre. The band is immersed in the gruesome […]

Jeris Johnson drops an amped-up remix of a Bring Me The Horizon classic

Jeris Johnson and Bring Me The Horizon debuted a new collaboration revisiting the BMTH classic “Can You Feel My Heart.” Earlier this week, Johnson and Oli Sykes confirmed a remix of the Sempiternal classic was officially on its way. Sykes teased the new collab on TikTok, joking with Jeris about misidentifying the release date. Now, […]

10 musicians who used weird samples in their songs without you knowing it

Sometimes, the best music doesn’t come purely from guitars, basses, drums and so forth. There are instances where the coolest sounds that make or break a track come from everyday objects, voices of strangers and more.  Recording technology has come a long way from the old days, where if you wanted a weird sound, you […]

QUIZ: Do you remember the lyrics to these 2000s post-hardcore songs?

If you grew up in the 2000s, rocked band T-shirts almost daily and decorated your locker top to bottom with clippings of Kellin Quinn and Oli Sykes, you’re definitely a child of the post-hardcore era.  Now, post-hardcore, while being a specific genre, is a very gray area where bands such as Bring Me The Horizon […]

The 50 best albums of 2020 in alternative, pop punk, metal and beyond

If we could identify one incandescent moment to come out of the coronavirus pandemic, it would have to be having large stretches of time to listen to albums. Yes, in 2020, most of us binged on Netflix and chilled the best we could. But streaming services made access to music downright infinite. We could finally […]

Here are 10 of the most unexpected collabs to come from 2020

What’s better than a new track by one of your favorite artists? That’s easy: a collaboration between multiple favorites. Despite all odds, 2020 has proven to be the year of collabs. From MGK and Halsey‘s shared pop-punk debut to FEVER 333 and Run-DMC‘s “ANIMAL“ remix and merch line, we’ve been consistently surprised by some great team-ups. […]

Here's what led to BMTH and BABYMETAL's heavy collab "Kingslayer"

Last month, Bring Me The Horizon finally unveiled their new EP POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR. Along with features from Nova Twins, Amy Lee and YUNGBLUD, BMTH teamed up with Japanese duo BABYMETAL for the heavy-hitting song “Kingslayer.” Now, Bring Me The Horizon have revealed how their collab came to be and why it was years […]

Here’s why Oli Sykes thinks headlining tours should be a thing of the past

Obviously, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the future of live shows is still rather uncertain. Now, it looks like Bring Me The Horizon‘s Oli Sykes has plenty of ideas for the industry when shows resume. This week, Sykes revealed that headlining shows could become a thing of the past. As well, he shares why performers […]

Oliver Tree runs rampant in his new graphic novel ‘Alien Boys!’

Earlier this year, Oliver Tree “retired” from the world of music. But that won’t stop the bowl-headed provocateur from rubbing his scalp all over the face of comics. Indeed, Z2 Comics has announced the first of their 2021 spring lineup today exclusively with Alternative Press with Tree’s first foray into graphic novels, Oliver Tree Vs. […]

Here’s the first look at Bring Me The Horizon’s new song “Teardrops”

It looks like fans will get to hear the next song off of Bring Me The Horizon‘s new EP POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR very soon. This week, BMTH began teasing the video release for their new track “Teardrops.” Read more: Parkway Drive and Royal Blood members collab with Architects on new LP On Oct. 14, […]

BMTH’s new album ‘POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR’ is full of collabs

After months of teasing, Bring Me The Horizon have finally announced POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR. The forthcoming album is the first of four releases from BMTH’s new musical anthology POST HUMAN. As well, SURVIVAL HORROR is packed with some exciting new collaborations. Read more: We could be seeing even more on that big twist in […]
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