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15 alternative artists using their platform and voice for positive activism

Today, there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing musicians and other public figures using their platforms to support great causes. In the alternative scene, it’s fairly common for song lyrics to offer commentary on social and political issues. Fortunately, it’s becoming just as common to see artists taking things one step further by taking action. We’re […]

10 bands who are reimagining everything you know about shoegaze

How come everybody’s talking about shoegaze again? Well, there’s hardly any other genre that embodies the spirit of and the need for escapism and distraction so perfectly. A new kind of reality demands new kinds of shoegaze. And it’s not quite the shoegaze as we know it. These bands and artists are changing what shoegaze […]

10 music-inspired Bernie Sanders memes that you need to see

As always, Sen. Bernie Sanders has become yet another beloved and overused meme, thanks to an iconic photo of him sitting and wearing mittens during President Joe Biden‘s inauguration ceremony. All Sanders had to do was show up and sit down, and the internet did the rest, making thousands of memes and putting him in […]

Yes, Bernie Sanders has seen that meme, and now he’s using it for charity

On Jan. 20, Joe Biden was officially sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. Although his inauguration was historical in a multitude of ways, the ceremony caught the internet’s attention for plenty of other reasons. A slew of memes from the event emerged online including a popular one of Bernie Sanders. Now, […]

The internet wasted no time with these memes of Joe Biden's inauguration

On Wednesday, Jan. 20, Joe Biden officially became the 46th President Of The United States. Naturally, the internet took the historic inauguration ceremony as an opportunity to create a slew of entertaining memes for the whole world to enjoy. From Bernie Sanders to Lady Gaga, the Hunger Games and even the Jonas Brothers, Biden’s inauguration […]

10 of the most ridiculous memes that helped define 2020

Let’s face it: 2020 sucked for a lot of reasons. Even though this year was bleak, social media always found a way to take dark topics and boring days and turn them into memes. Throughout quarantine and state-wide lockdowns, new TikTok challenges emerged, and fun Instagram and Twitter trends helped us spend our time at […]

These 10 modern alternative bands sound straight out of the ’90s

If there’s anything about alternative music written down as fact, it’s that the ’90s were pivotal to the modern scene. With the emergence of new subgenres, from indie to grunge, following the breakout success of bands such as Oasis and Nirvana, the decade set the foundation for nearly all contemporary alt outfits.  Of course, many […]

Here’s why these 14 artists are supporting Joe Biden in the 2020 election

The world is on edge as America prepares to have its presidential election Nov. 3 between Democratic nominee and former VP Joe Biden and controversial incumbent President Donald Trump. Many world-famous entertainers such as Star Wars‘ Mark Hamill and Veep‘s Julia Louis-Dreyfus are actively using their platforms to urge followers to vote and to mark […]

Halsey explains why she’s for wealth tax in new series with Bernie Sanders

Halsey is just one of many artists who have voiced their political opinions and beliefs over the years. Now, the Manic singer is teaming up with Senator Bernie Sanders for a new video series that is all about America’s future and the upcoming general election. On Sept. 30, Halsey and Sanders sat down to discuss […]

Here’s what musicians think about Bernie Sanders’ campaign suspension

Bernie Sanders just suspended his presidential campaign. This essentially paves the way for Joe Biden to grab the Democratic nomination. That being said, musicians are expressing their concerns on social media.  While some are simply lamenting the fact that four more years of Donald Trump may be more likely, others are thanking Sanders for everything […]

Linh Le (Bad Cop / Bad Cop) stresses election importance to Derek Zanetti

Derek Zanetti is the self-described “Mr. Rogers of Punk Rock”—a moniker that’s especially fitting considering his status as an ever-smiling ambassador for positive vibes, staunch socio-political activism and his primary position as the frontman of the raucous and thoughtful DIY punk outfit the Homeless Gospel Choir. Zanetti is an impassioned pundit of the protest song—a […]

Metalcore Bernie Sanders memes are the best ones yet

Sure meme-master Oliver Tree was on the cover of last month’s AltPress. But presidential hopeful “metalcore” Bernie Sanders is the one that’s captured the blackened heart of the  underground. The on-point folks at Terrier Cvlt get the mic-drop on this one. The company created a pro-Sanders shirt featuring a rendering of the Vermont senator in […]

Senses Fail vocalist Buddy Nielsen shares the best Bernie Sanders meme yet

We don’t ever remember a time when Senses Fail founder Buddy Nielsen shied away from anything. And we know better than to think the outspoken frontman was going to start keeping it chill in an election year. On the band’s Twitter account, Nielsen posted a meme in support of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Sanders’ visage […]

Knocked Loose react to album billboard popping up at Bernie Sanders rally

Knocked Loose were quick to notice that at a Bernie Sanders rally in Louisville, Kentucky on Sunday, the aspiring presidential nominee spoke in front of a billboard promoting the band’s new album.  Last week, the group dropped their brand new album A Different Shade of Blue.  Read more: Panic! At The Disco win Best Rock category […]

Bernie Sanders gets own Ben & Jerry’s flavor that sends political message

Bernie Sanders has found a sweet new way to campaign — the Democratic presidential candidate is getting his very own Ben & Jerry’s flavor.  The new flavor is called “Bernie’s Back” and is a product of the Sanders campaign.  Read more: YUNGBLUD puts dreamy piano flair on “Hope For The Underrated Youth” The flavor was created […]

Facebook trolls are making ridiculous surprise concert events; here are 9 of the best

A new underground internet meme is going after concertgoers on Facebook. Lately, events have been popping up advertising surprise concerts at everyday locations like Taco Bell and LensCrafters.  While we can't say for certain that these aren't actual surprise concerts, they're most likely the result of some internet trolls going for a good laugh. But you never […]

Watch the Summer Set, 3OH!3 perform at Bernie Sanders rally

Today in Wisconsin, Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders held a rally that featured performances from scene mainstays the Summer Set and 3OH!3. Check out footage and pictures below. [Photo via Facebook] Watch: The Summer Set document their adventures with new music video for “Wasted” The Summer Set released their highly anticipated fourth album Stories For Monday last Friday […]

Taking Back Sunday talk tattoos and politics at MUSINK

APTV’s Nick Major caught up with John Nolan and Mark O’Connell of Taking Back Sunday at the 9th annual MUSINK Festival. In the video, the guys talked about new music in the works, the band members' matching tattoos and little bit of politics. O’Connell and Nolan confirmed that the band has been recording and writing, […]

Hear Koji's new political single, inspired by Donald Trump (exclusive)

Activism is nothing new to singer/songwriter Koji. Back in AP 280, he penned an op-ed about overcoming discrimination. Now, he’s put his musical skills to political work with a new song, “Keeping Count,” inspired by presidential candidate Donald Trump, and has teamed up with AP to release it. The song is being released just in […]

Feel the bern with this metal-as-f*ck Bernie Sanders shirt

Upstart clothing company Dead Northern has put up pre-orders for quite possibly the most metal Bernie Sanders shirt of all time. Priced at a fitting $16.66, all proceeds will go directly towards Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. Read more: Members of System Of A Down, Cobra Starship, the Wonder Years, more sign support for Bernie Sanders
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