The Regrettes capture longing and heartache in "You're So F*cking Pretty"

The Regrettes summarize the painfully familiar feeling of having a crush on a friend with their latest track, “You’re So Fucking Pretty.” The track addresses the confusion that comes with having a crush, such as wondering if the feelings are mutual and the overwhelming fear of rejection. Read more: The Linda Lindas pay tribute to […]

Vans “I Heart” shoes prove love is love with new line

Vans continues to prove they have a shoe for everyone with their latest addition. From band collabs to The Nightmare Before Christmas to Harry Potter, the sneaker company has consistently put out epic creations, and the “I Heart” line is no exception. Working in a red, black and white color palette, the collection recently hit […]

Twitter under fire for censoring bisexual photos

The BBC reports that Twitter is currently not showing photos when users search under the term or hashtag “bisexual.” READ MORE: YouTube’s Restricted Mode is blocking LGBTQ content Interestingly, the same censorship doesn't exist for the search terms “gay” or “lesbian.” Critics are likening the event to bi-erasure, the idea that bisexual identities in particular are […]