boys like girls

Boys Like Girls are livestreaming tonight's Philly show

Their tourmates State Champs also announced The Finer Things 10th anniversary shows.

Hear Boys Like Girls’ new anthem for unspoken attraction “Language”

Following their comeback single “Blood and Sugar,” Boys Like Girls shared another new song called “Language.” Listen to it now ahead of their 2023 tour.

Boys Like Girls are going on tour this fall

Following the release of new single “Blood and Sugar,” Boys Like Girls announced a 2023 fall tour across North America. Check out the dates now.

Hear Boys Like Girls' first song after an 11-year hiatus, "Blood and Sugar"

The pop-punk band Boys Like Girls are back with their first song in over a decade, the pop-rock song “Blood and Sugar.” Listen to the single now.

Prolific alt music producer Sam Hollander talks his career-spanning memoir

Producer and songwriter Sam Hollander, who has worked with the likes of blink-182 and Weezer, is releasing his first-ever memoir, ’21-Hit Wonder.’

Meet the Swemos, the Taylor Swift and emo fandom taking over the internet

Swemos, Taylor Swift-loving emos, are a force to be reckoned with. Here’s how Swift and emo music are more alike than you think.

10 best Taylor Swift scene covers

Taylor Swift has continued to have a lasting influence on many artists. From MUNA to We Came As Romans, here are the 10 best scene covers of her music.

15 of Taylor Swift’s most emo songs ever, ranked

Taylor Swift’s affinity for emo music and culture is beyond any doubt. In preparation for her new album Midnights, here are her most emo songs of all time.

10 best emo albums of 2011, from Taking Back Sunday to Sleeping With Sirens

To properly dissect the best emo albums from 2011, one must not be afraid to use the term “emo” broadly, as this style of music can take shape across multiple genres. In 2011, emo was arguably at its lowest point commercially, as the mid-to-late 2000s boom had slowly faded away at the turn of the […]

These 20 songs will make you nostalgic for the 2000s

The fact that 2000 is more than two decades away is enough to send most millennials into a cold sweat. It wasn’t all good, but the middle school days were enough to get you ready for the world. Once the new millennium opened up, it felt like anything was possible, and there was a kickass […]

From Waterparks to the Regrettes, these 15 artists are influenced by blink-182

You could argue that blink-182 are one of the major reasons why pop punk exploded into the mainstream in the 2000s. Following Green Day’s release of Dookie in ‘94 and Weezer’s nerd-positive brand of rock, blink were the reason a lot of kids wanted to pick up guitars. It was through TRL hits such as […]

15 alternative songs that were essential for 2000s summer road trips

Flashback to your 2000s scene phase. You’re a day out from a road trip and focused entirely on prepping. Does that mean double-checking your suitcase or gas tank, though? Of course not. You’re more concerned with loading up your iPod with alternative summer hits. Fortunately, even in the wake of widespread technological innovations, some basic […]

15 pop-punk songs that wouldn’t be the same without these guitar solos

Fact: Guitar solos are awesome. Plain and simple. They’re just as much fun to see live as they are to listen to, as they fully display the guitarist’s raw passion for the instrument. While solos are a staple of certain rock subgenres, they’re far less common in pop-punk songs. So, when we do come across […]

Bamboozle Festival is planning to return in 2023 for its 20th anniversary

From 2003 to 2012, Bamboozle took over New Jersey for its annual multi-day festival. The event, which evolved out of the Skate And Surf, led to some iconic live sets from artists such as My Chemical Romance, Thrice, Paramore, Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World among many others. Now, the festival is making its long-awaited […]

10 iconic alternative albums that deserve to be certified RIAA gold

We’ve already established that there are some surprises that come with RIAA certifications. That said, there’s nothing more troubling than realizing that some of the most iconic alternative albums have never been certified gold. It’s not particularly surprising that there are some discrepancies between an album’s generalized reception and its certification standing. After all, the criteria […]

10 collabs from the 2000s that were so good, we wish they'd happen again

Is there anything more exciting than a good song collaboration? Given all the hype generated by guest appearances such as Travis Barker and phem on Tyler Posey‘s debut solo single, we can’t imagine so. While 2020 was undoubtedly a year for collaborations, that’s not to say such joint efforts went unappreciated in the past. In fact, […]

10 musicians who absolutely nailed switching genres as solo artists

Branding is one hell of an important factor to achieving success and maintaining a fanbase in music. So, it’s no surprise that many musicians use their solo projects as an avenue for genre experimentation. We’ve seen it countless times to varying extents. Some artists may just incorporate new, genre-defying dynamics to their foundational sounds, whereas others […]
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