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12 best alternative holiday songs to soundtrack your Christmas party

Listen to your favorite alternative artists put a spin on classic holiday tunes. From Jimmy Eat World to Fall Out Boy, these are the top alt holiday songs.

Senses Fail on how Hell Is In Your Head expands on the story arc of Still Searching

Senses Fail are entering a new era with eighth studio album Hell Is In Your Head. Buddy Nielsen breaks down how the LP is a sequel to 2006’s Still Searching.

Ice Nine Kills on upping the body count with 'The Silver Scream 2'

Ice Nine Kills have dropped their latest album, The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood via Fearless Records. Ahead of the release, Alternative Press spoke to frontman Spencer Charnas about the new project. With The Silver Scream 2, the band constructed a perfect horror sequel to the first entry in the series. The new album […]

Hear from Senses Fail's Buddy Nielsen ahead of Joshua Tree livestream

Senses Fail have partnered with Veeps to offer a two-part livestream event. Set in Joshua Tree National Park, the group appear in front of picturesque sunrise and sunset backdrops for the performances. During the sets, the group revisit two of their classic albums. The Still Searching performance is set to air July 29, and the […]

Senses Fail debut savage surprise new track "Lush Rimbaugh"—listen

The wait for new Senses Fail music is finally over. On Thursday, the band surprised fans with their blistering new song “Lush Rimbaugh.” The savage track is all about controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh who died on Feb. 17 after a battle with advanced lung cancer. Read more: Gojira preview new album with heavy banger […]

20 post-hardcore bands who took concept albums to the next level

Post-hardcore is especially rich in concept albums. Perhaps that’s because the immense vocal palette—from tender crooning to raw screaming—lends itself to expressing emotions. The music similarly matches. Sure, metalcore can deliver crushing breakdowns, but it rarely gets as intimate as this companion genre. There’s also the fact that the high-pitched singing elicits desperation so often […]

Elon Musk is backing Reddit's GameStop stocks ploy again—here's why

If you haven’t turned on the news this week or aren’t involved in stocks, then you might not be aware of what is going on right now. Trading volumes in GameStop stock shares surged to a whole new level this week. Why? Well, let’s just say we can thank Elon Musk and Reddit. Earlier this […]

Rock musicians react to pro-Trump supporters taking over Capitol Hill

What was supposed to be a peaceful transition of power this morning in Washington D.C. was anything but. Ahead of the Electoral College certification process, lame-duck President Donald Trump held a “Stop The Steal” rally where he fanned the flames of allegations of a fraudulent election. These Trump supporters, white supremacist groups and militia groups, […]

There’s another way Senses Fail’s new album is just like ‘Still Searching’

It’s been a while since we last heard new material from Senses Fail. However, it looks like the wait is almost over. This year, Senses Fail have been hard at work on their follow up to 2018’s If There Is Light, It Will Find You. During this time, they have been sharing some exclusive details about […]

50 most anticipated albums of 2021 in alternative, metal and beyond

This year’s biggest lesson for most of us has been to expect the unexpected. While that mainly went for life itself, it certainly also applied to music. But still, there’s a lot to look forward to in the most anticipated albums of 2021.  2020 saw plenty of surprise drops and album release-date pushbacks. So, really, […]

15 recent Christmas songs that might replace your emo holiday favorites

Whether we like it or not, Christmas is here again. And this year, it’s going to be an even weirder one. We’re enduring a holiday season adulterated by limited celebrations with family and friends due to COVID-19. So we need a strong festive playlist to keep our minds off the unusual setting 2020 has handed us. […]

Hear Senses Fail cover the Christmas songs no one else wants to play

As the holiday’s inch closer and closer, artists are helping get us in a festive mood and Senses Fail are doing their part with two brand new Christmas covers. The band are revealing two fresh cover tracks helping spread some holiday cheer and brighten your mood today. Read More: See Bayside celebrate life’s little moments in acoustic […]

17 scene albums from 2006 you probably still listen to daily

By 2006, scene culture had grown roots in every mainstream area possible. Myspace took over as the primary mode of social media communication, and bands spread like wildfire once they uploaded music. It was a whirlwind year, as music became more accessible to a larger group of people, Hot Topic brightened its lights and studded […]

10 misheard lyrics you’ve probably been singing wrong

Have you ever belted out the lyrics to your favorite song only to be corrected by a fellow fan? Sometimes bands hear their own song with misheard lyrics and offer a hilarious correction, such as in the case of blink-182 on “Feeling This.” Don’t worry, everyone does it, including musicians themselves. Even Senses Fail frontman […]

Senses Fail are making a classic punk and emo covers record

Senses Fail seem to know how to pass the time during this coronavirus quarantine. Not only are they keeping themselves busy, but they’re giving us content to stave away the boredom.  The band recently announced they’re doing a quarantine covers record. Judging by the bands they’re looking into covering, it’s sure to a banger of […]

Senses Fail tease next record is “much better” than ‘Still Searching’

Senses Fail entered the studio for their eighth album late last month. The New Jersey post-hardcore unit seems incredibly confident and proud of their efforts thus far too. In a recent post on social media, Senses Fail says this record is better than Still Searching. 2006’s Still Searching is the band’s highest-charting album to date, peaking at […]

Senses Fail vocalist Buddy Nielsen shares the best Bernie Sanders meme yet

We don’t ever remember a time when Senses Fail founder Buddy Nielsen shied away from anything. And we know better than to think the outspoken frontman was going to start keeping it chill in an election year. On the band’s Twitter account, Nielsen posted a meme in support of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Sanders’ visage […]

Senses Fail are recording their eighth record with Saosin's Beau Burchell

Senses Fail have been plugging away at their followup to 2018’s If There Is Light, It Will Find You for around a year now and according to a new post from the band, they’re entering the studio to start recording within the next two weeks. The band will be working with Saosin‘s Beau Burchell again for this album while […]

Top 46 post-hardcore songs from the 2000s

Post-hardcore broke out as a movement in a huge way during the first decade of the 2000s while shaping how people view the genre today. Countless others had pioneered the genre throughout the ’80s and ’90s, but bands such as Glassjaw, At The Drive-In and Boysetsfire helped push it to new heights. Take a look […]

Senses Fail: The oral history as told by Buddy Nielsen

Buddy Nielsen has always been painfully honest. Whether he’s throwing down against industry vermin or discussing his own personal horror stories, the lead singer for Senses Fail always delivers. Call it “transparency” or call it “ownership of a mouth that needs shut,” Nielsen is keen to set records straight, even when he looks like the […]
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