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Why the whores of horror are the best characters

From cult classics like Jennifer’s Body to new-gen shows like Scream Queens, don’t underestimate the airhead bimbo. Here’s why they run horror movies.

Top 10 gruesome horror movie deaths that slashed through the genre

Numerous minute details go into making a great horror movie. Costume design, makeup, lighting and color schemes can all make or break the next spooky blockbuster, but even if all these factors are accounted for, there’s one thing that can push the film into legendary territory. Admit it: It’s the blood, gore, screaming and slicing […]

Syfy announces its '31 Days Of Halloween' lineup

Halloween is right around the corner, and what better way of getting into the spooky spirit than watching a bunch of horror movies? Lucky for you, Syfy has unveiled its 31 Days Of Halloween lineup, and the schedule this year is to die for (literally.) Read more: Hot Topic is selling eyeshadow palettes inspired by slasher […]