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Everything we know about Zoë Kravitz’s sinister film Pussy Island so far

Zoë Kravitz is making her directorial debut with the film Pussy Island. This is what we know about the psychological thriller starring Channing Tatum.

Daniel Radcliffe may be directing his own movie about his time in Hollywood

Daniel Radcliffe has portrayed a wide range of characters throughout the years, including the titular character in Harry Potter and a dead body in Swiss Army Man. However, he may be heading to the director’s chair. He has not only written a film based on his experience in the film industry, but he also wants to […]

10 nostalgic comedy movies with surprisingly good soundtracks

Hollywood doesn’t pump out movies like they used to. The 2000s belonged to Amanda Bynes as the leading lady in hilarious romantic comedies and every punk band who set the mood for an action montage in a funny film. Some movies are made even better by cameos such as Cannibal Corpse (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective) […]

Channing Tatum really hates 'G.I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra'

When speaking with Howard Stern, actor Channing Tatum informed the audience that he actually hates Rise Of Cobra, letting us no he doesn't have any fond experiences from filming it.  Read more: MTV Movie Awards: The Avengers takes home Movie Of The Year, first look at next Hunger Games “Look, I'll be honest. I f–cking hate […]