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Tom DeLonge shared an early ’90s blink-182 gig poster he drew himself

Tom DeLonge is taking a trip down memory lane this week. On April 14, he shared the ultimate blink-182 throwback some fans may not have seen before. The Angels & Airwaves frontman recently came across an old blink-182 gig poster he drew himself in the ’90s and revealed what he thinks about it after all […]

These are the 20 most underrated blink-182 songs

Tell someone you’re a blink-182 fan and they’ll no doubt say they like them too. Juggernaut singles such as “All The Small Things” and “I Miss You” made blink a household name, but with nine albums and an array of EPs and singles under their belts, they have so much more to offer. We all […]

Mark Hoppus ranked his favorite blink-182 albums but forgot this classic

Over the weekend, Mark Hoppus went live on Instagram to answer some fan questions about blink-182‘s upcoming EP that is set to be released later this summer. As well, Hoppus took the time to rank his favorite blink-182 albums in order. However, he left one classic LP out of his rankings. Read more: Annabelle has […]

This part in blink-182’s “Feeling This” was almost completely different

Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins has launched his new podcast Pass Through Frequencies. For the first episode, he is joined by blink-182‘s Mark Hoppus where they discuss both of their bands’ early days. During the interview, Hoppus opens about the beginning of blink-182‘s career and their early albums. As well, he shares how a […]

20 songs we need to see Tom DeLonge perform with blink-182 again

Most people would take any concert over sitting at home at this point, but blink-182 aren’t making the wait any easier. With rumors of an eventual reunion with Tom DeLonge swirling around at the most frustrating possible time, imaginations and shaky live footage are the only things fans have to remember the pre-distancing era. For now, […]

Here are blink-182’s music videos ranked in order of greatness

The blink-182 story isn’t about the accomplishments and accolades. Yes, the trio probably like playing in front of sold-out stadiums. We’re sure cashing checks with that many zeroes is fun. But to know blink-182, you have to watch their music videos. Few bands boast a collection that tickles the teenage funny bone with scat humor, […]