20 greatest Epitaph Records bands, from Pennywise to Architects

Established by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz in 1981, Epitaph Records set out to bring together the California punk scene under one umbrella. It soon outgrew that original mission statement and went on to become a certified authority in other genres as well. From the springboard on which From First To Last received their launch […]

12 influential early 2000s metalcore albums that shaped the genre

As the world launched into a new millennium during the 2000s, a more modern metal sound was quickly gaining popularity in the United States. Many bands embraced this evolution. Some in particular also heavily influenced the direction of the newly created genre that was metalcore. Even though many of those bands are either not together […]

Lzzy Hale, Code Orange’s Reba Meyers and more unleash Pantera cover

It’s a new day which means there’s another new cover somewhere on the internet to discover. This time around, a Pantera classic is getting a heavy metal refresh with the help of members of Halestorm, Code Orange and Baroness among others. Together, the talented musicians have teamed up with Two Minutes To Late Night for […]

20 mathcore albums that made the genre what it is today

Although hardcore is often considered a more simplistic style of aggressive music, bands have broken that mold by breeding offshoot subgenres with unique approaches. As the ’90s metallic hardcore movement developed, many took a more technical approach and began experimenting with every piece of their sound, leading to the entire mathcore movement. Like the songs themselves, […]

20 debut albums that took metalcore to the next level in 2020

This year, blessing show-deprived fans with longer releases was a much-needed effort. And metalcore bands made far-reaching full-length debuts. They opened a new era by bringing it back to hardcore punk, putting a fresh spin on the golden years or shaking it up with contemporary influences. Here are 20 metalcore debuts from 2020 that are […]

These 10 modern alternative bands sound straight out of the ’90s

If there’s anything about alternative music written down as fact, it’s that the ’90s were pivotal to the modern scene. With the emergence of new subgenres, from indie to grunge, following the breakout success of bands such as Oasis and Nirvana, the decade set the foundation for nearly all contemporary alt outfits.  Of course, many […]

The contributions of these 10 hardcore bands will be felt for decades

Believe it or not, there was a time when hardcore was considered a fad. It was angry, unfocused, violent, testosterone-driven and a bunch of other adjectives that nobody wanted to be saddled with. Rock critics and commercial radio stations wanted no parts of it. Hardcore bands in the early ’80s were a tough bunch. They […]

Here are the 10 most influential bands of hardcore

Hardcore has gone through countless stylistic changes since its inception and has inspired a variety of movements within music. Whether it’s the early veterans of the genre such as Black Flag or later acts who spawned metalcore and heavier subgenres by branching off hardcore such as Converge, these pioneers have been repeatedly used as an […]

30 classic discographies to immerse yourself in while at home

While everyone is self-isolating, we’re all looking for ways to fill our time. Why not spend it digging into some of the classic bands you’ve always been meaning to learn about but haven’t been able to? With the amount of spare time everyone has, sitting down and listening to an iconic band’s entire discography is […]

10 fans who got massive band tattoos to show their dedication

Tattoos are the most permanent way to show your dedication to something, and countless music fans have proven theirs to their favorite artists by getting some ink. Smaller tattoos and subtle references still show a massive level of love. But some can’t help but scream out how much they love a certain band with massive […]

Top 50 metal songs from the past 20 years

Metal has come a long way across the past two decades. From breaking away from the ’90s nü-metal boom into the new wave of American heavy metal and the shift to metalcore, deathcore and hardcore taking over once that scene started to fizzle out, there have been a ton of developments from bands both old […]

12 albums that formed metalcore in the early 2000s

In the early 2000s, a swath of new bands emerged across the states. They started a new wave of American heavy metal and inspired the sound we know metalcore to have today. While many of the bands from that time are gone or have drastically shifted their sound, the albums that dropped around then are […]

SeeYouSpaceCowboy kill scenes, genres and attitudes dead—review

Hyperbole makes for great sticker copy on physical products and pull quotes on press releases. So this writer’s going all-in: Everything about The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds, the proper Pure Noise debut album from SeeYouSpaceCowboy, is built to challenge, confuse and assault the listener. This isn’t a bad thing. Its mere existence is […]

Seizures achieve both bliss and punishment on new LP—listen

In the press release that accompanies the new album from Dana Point, California, unit Seizures, the band make a statement that their goal was to create a document that “sounded like us and where we live.” We had no idea that Dana Point—located in sunny Orange County—was a de facto war zone.  Today we’re premiering […]

Andy Hurley hardcore supergroup SECT drop surprise new album

SECT, the cumulative hardcore effort of members of Fall Out Boy, Earth Crisis, Burning Love, Cursed, and others dropped a big surprise today. They released an unannounced album Blood of the Beasts today–featuring 10 all-new tracks. Read More: Sharptooth announce fall tour dates with Wristmeetrazor and Limbs SECT most prominently features Andy Hurley, the drummer of Fall Out […]

20 heaviest metalcore breakdowns turning 10 in 2019

2009—a tremendous year of defining albums from big bands and soon-to-be game-changers in metalcore—seems like a lifetime ago. The Devil Wears Prada released their iconic third album, and blessthefall started a new era with vocalist Beau Bokan. Many bands did their part in cultivating the genre to its peak. Among the many memorable releases, we’ve […]

Cave In mourn their fallen friend in the best way possible

In March 2018, Cave In bassist/vocalist Caleb Scofield was killed in an auto accident, leaving behind his wife and two young children, his bandmates of 20-plus years and their unfinished sixth album. After the initial shock settled as well as the heart-wrenching benefit shows in his honor and in support of his family, Cave In […]

Fan's attempted onstage selfie with Converge goes horribly wrong

Would you stop Converge mid-set to take a selfie with the band? It sounds more than a little misguided, but that's exactly what one fan did at Converge's gig at Cornerstone in Berkeley, California, on Tuesday night. Watch it below. Read more: Watch this guy try (and fail) to trash can mosh As evidenced in […]

The best metal albums of 2017

Maybe it’s too early to say, but 2017 could very well be looked back on as a landmark year for metal. It feels as though metal is slowly regaining traction in the mainstream, similar to the status it held in the ’70s and ’80s. Some may decry this, saying that metal has no place in […]

Converge maintain their status as leaders with 'The Dusk In Us'

Converge The Dusk In Us Right from the start, the very title of Converge's ninth album portends something ominous. The Dusk In Us conveys a sense of resignation of letting things burn with solemnity like a raft at a Viking funeral. Perhaps it's fatalist code for the members of Converge, who, after decades of consistently […]
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