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8 essential solo and side projects started by your favorite alternative artists

You know these artists for fronting some of your favorite bands, having established themselves as driving forces in the scene. But their claims to initial fame aren’t all they have to offer to the musical stratosphere. From totally different takes on their sound to a sonic 180, head below for 8 essential solo and side […]

King Yosef and Youth Code meshed together perfectly from the beginning

As explosive as the EBM duo Youth Code may come across, thanks in large part to vocalist Sara Taylor’s unique and ferocious range, the pair—composed of real-life and professional partners Taylor and Ryan George—create with heightened emotion. And that shows tenfold on their latest (and first) collaborative effort with King Yosef, A Skeleton Key In […]

23 post-hardcore tracks that definitely ruled your iPods in the 2000s

The Venn diagram comprising many punk and metal offshoots got pretty messy in the 2000s. Post-hardcore crews were regularly lumped in with metalcore, screamo, emo and a plethora of hybrid acts, often sounding comparable and touring together. The biggest of those spectacles was something called Warped Tour.  Yet, there’s no doubting their sway. These subgenres […]

10 bands you might not have discovered without Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz was one of the most prolific artists to emerge from the 2000s alternative scene. But did you know that he also catalyzed the meteoric rise of a number of our favorite bands? The Fall Out Boy bassist launched his Fueled By Ramen imprint, Decaydance Records, in 2005 and quickly started accumulating a roster of soon-to-be icons. Though rebranded in […]

See Craig Owens return to the studio for the second D.R.U.G.S. album

Craig Owens is furthering teasing the new Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (D.R.U.G.S.) album this week. On Friday, he shared the first photo of him in the studio working on new D.R.U.G.S. music. Read more: Andy Biersack’s memoir ‘They Don’t Need To Understand’ is on its way D.R.U.G.S. originally dissolved back in 2012 after releasing […]

These 10 legendary Riot Fest reunions are keeping us stoked for 2021

Making plans with your Netflix queue this weekend? Finishing your novel? Working on that jigsaw puzzle you had made of the orange sky on the West Coast? Whatever you’re doing, we’re damned confident it’s not as great as this year’s Riot Fest lineup. This year’s event looked like the ultimate rock ’n’ roll weekend. We […]

20 Virgos in the music scene celebrating their birthday season

It’s finally Virgo season! It’s time to celebrate some of the coolest Virgos, born from Aug. 23 to Sept. 22. Virgos are known for being organized, creative, efficient, independent and charitable. Virgos are earth signs, which means they are also grounded and well adjusted. In the music industry, it’s great to have a Virgo around […]

19 of the best debut albums to come out of the scene

They say you have your entire life to create your debut album, but they’re usually pretty terrible. However, these scene acts went above and beyond the call of duty, making bona fide masterpieces from the very start. There’s hardly any filler on these records, and many of the albums mentioned here are fan favorites to […]

20 scene albums from 2007 that are probably still stuck in your head

In 2007, the scene was rocking harder and louder than anyone could have imagined. Myspace favorites such as Fall Out Boy and Paramore were crafting their emo sounds into unforgettable albums that established them as legends. While staying true to their roots in emo and punk, scene music introduced synthesizers and screamo elements to create […]

19 underrated bands from the 2010s who deserve another listen

The 2010s started with the release of the iPhone 4 and ended with the election of Donald Trump, who one-downed nearly every single global calamity daily with 280 characters on Twitter. On the mainstream music front, one could argue that the 2010s was the birthplace to the second British invasion, with acts such as Adele, […]

Hear the first single off of the Fall Of Troy’s first album in nearly four years

The Fall Of Troy are back with their first new piece of music in four years. On Friday, the Washington-based band released their new single “We Are The Future.” The single is off of the band’s forthcoming album Mukiltearth which arrives Aug. 8. Read more: Hear Black Veil Brides reimagine “Perfect Weapon” 10 years later The […]

Here's how electro-duo 100 gecs got FOB and Craig Owens on their LP

Dylan Brady and Laura Les are the sonic brain trust that is 100 gecs. Their 2019 debut, 1000 gecs, was a staple for both bored youth damaged by TikTok and cosmopolitan hipsters alike. No genre is overlooked, all beats are considered and there’s always space for some fucked-up noise. When asked if there’s anything that […]

FOB and Craig Owens join 100 gecs on “hand crushed by a mallet (remix)”

You may have heard of 100 gecs, the mutant electronic duo of Dylan Brady and Laura Les—but you’re not sure how or where. That’s because the lauded electro-mutants have gotten acclaim from so many sides, it’s hard to keep track. Their universe is a perpetually fizzing amalgam of caffeinated pop, hip hop beats, android EDM […]

Here are the 18 best scene vocalists from the 2000s

The first decade of this century began in the wake of boy bands and nü metal, so no one truly knew which sounds and bands would break out this time around. Well, “the scene” became a widely used (and misused) phrase, and bands decided to become more egalitarian.  Read below for more on both points, […]

19 scene albums from 2005 you probably still have on repeat

In 2005, an unexpected but revolutionary wave of scene music hit the mainstream. It was the year Myspace rose in the online ranks social media and became the most popular of its kind. It gave bands new avenues to introduce their unique sounds to the masses and familiarize the world with the classic scenester selfie […]

You can finally get that classic D.R.U.G.S. shirt you’ve been wanting

If you’re a massive Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows  (D.R.U.G.S.) fan but haven’t been able to rep it properly, you know, since Craig Owens just returned to the project after nine years, then you are in luck.  Owens just announced a new merchandise line with a lot of items modeled after the powerfully cathartic hit “King I Am” […]

Craig Owens has some big D.R.U.G.S. news he can’t wait to share

Craig Owens of Chiodos dropped the first Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows  (D.R.U.G.S.) material in nine years back in February, with the powerfully cathartic hit “King I Am.” A day later, Owens admitted how happy he was with the support and said he can’t wait to get out there and play the songs live.  Now, Owens was […]

20 scene albums from 2003 you probably still know every word to

In 2003, major scene bands were gaining popularity on the Warped Tour circuit. The musical mixture of emo, pop punk and punk was growing in both the mainstream and the underground. As some of the millennium’s biggest names in the alternative scene started changing their sound, younger musicians joined in with their own take on […]

QUIZ: How much emo trivia do you really know?

We at AltPress hold the emo title in high regard and fully embrace all subsects of fans who proudly stand under the genre’s umbrella without discretion, only pure, kindred acceptance. We celebrate those who have first pressings of Sunny Day Real Estate vinyl, early 2000s My Chemical Romance fanatics who enlisted in the MCRmy during […]
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