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Mayday Parade drop "Losing My Mind" ahead of upcoming tour—watch

Mayday Parade have shared a new single, “Losing My Mind.” They also released a visualizer with vegan cake artist Mars of Dark Hearth Shoppe to accompany the song. Mayday Parade embark on their 11-year anniversary U.K. tour May 31. They will then perform at Sad Summer Fest and When We Were Young Festival. Read more: […]

Mayday Parade release seventh studio album 'What It Means To Fall Apart'

Mayday Parade have released their new album, What It Means To Fall Apart. The record is full of feel-good tunes that testify to the band’s quintessential sound. The record follows the band’s latest single “Think Of You,” released Nov. 17 ahead of the new album. Read more: Mayday Parade offer exclusive behind-the-scenes look at “Bad […]

10 piano parts on alternative songs that you’ll recognize right away

The emo genre is cathartic by nature, but slow songs provide an opportunity for artists to reflect even more deeply on the feelings that make us human. And somehow, even when featured alongside angst-fueled, uptempo tracks, the ballads always end up being some of the most memorable songs on their respective albums. They have this […]

This MGK and YUNGBLUD collab gets 11 pop-punk renditions in new cover

YouTube‘s Alex Melton is back at it with another entertaining pop-punk cover. This time around, Melton is letting you all know what it would sound like if Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD and Travis Barker‘s “I Think I’m OKAY” was covered by your favorite pop-punk bands. With 11 different covers in total, Melton channels blink-182, Real […]

10 bands that ultimately morphed into the ones we know today

We know how to exhaust the discographies of our favorite bands, going back to their early foundations. But how often do we follow their journeys back to where they really started? Prior to achieving career success, many now-iconic artists started somewhere else entirely. Often, we’re so removed from these preceding outfits that we don’t even […]

Ryan Key and Derek Sanders want you to ditch cliché workouts– here's how

You may have started the new year with some lofty wellness goals. But was working out alongside Ryan Key and Derek Sanders among them? Maybe it should have been… In a move straight from our wildest dreams, the Mayday Parade and Yellowcard frontmen have partnered with Cardio Sport to co-host and DJ a pop-punk-fueled, emo […]

Mayday Parade prefer to play in their videos than act in them

One of the most gratifying moments in the world is when we see an aggressive bully get some karmic retribution. Apparently Mayday Parade feel that way, as well. Today they’re releasing the video for “First Train,” a track from their new EP, Out Of Here. While the band perform, the focus is on actor J. […]

Mayday Parade didn’t originally want this song on ‘A Lesson In Romantics’

Mayday Parade’s 2007 debut full-length A Lesson In Romantics is the textbook definition of “fan favorite.” When the Tallahassee, Florida, pop princes signed to Fearless Records, nobody knew what to expect. Especially the band. At the time, they had a bunch of new songs they thought they were going to record. But there were some […]

Jason Lancaster's new EP pulls influence from Mayday Parade & Go Radio

We may be 13 years out from A Lesson In Romantics, but Jason Lancaster isn’t ready to let go of his studded belt any time soon.  The Mayday Parade and Go Radio vocalist is returning to his pop-punk roots with his upcoming solo EP, Say I’m What You Want, which is due for release Dec. […]

Find out what kind of rock star you would be based on your zodiac sign

Who among us hasn’t fantasized about living the rock star life? (Well, besides rappers.) Seriously though, who wouldn’t want a gig like that? The tears of the bright-eyed are the lubrication that keeps the rock ‘n’ roll machine pumping along. But what if a life of stardom could be gleaned from the stars themselves? In […]

See Mayday Parade, the Maine and Dan Lambton cover the Beatles

It looks like Mayday Parade have been taking advantage of their extra time while in quarantine. On Tuesday, the band debuted their latest cover of the Beatles‘ “I Want To Hold Your Hand” with a cleverly filmed socially-distant video. Alongside Mayday Parade, members of the Maine, We The Kings, Grayscale and Knuckle Puck also took […]

Here are the 18 best scene vocalists from the 2000s

The first decade of this century began in the wake of boy bands and nü metal, so no one truly knew which sounds and bands would break out this time around. Well, “the scene” became a widely used (and misused) phrase, and bands decided to become more egalitarian.  Read below for more on both points, […]

Watch Knuckle Puck team up with Derek Sanders for new single “Breathe”

This week, Knuckle Puck are giving fans another look into what they can expect from their forthcoming album 20/20. On June 18, the band released a music video for their new single “Breathe” which features Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade. “Breathe” is the third track to be released from 20/20. Knuckle Puck have previously shared […]

Kevin Lyman knows 320 Festival was worth it if one person was helped

Not even the coronavirus can stop Talinda Bennington and Kevin Lyman from doing good. The 320 Festival, a program designed to address aspects of mental health, goes live tomorrow morning online. Once the pandemic put a moratorium on live music performances and major gatherings, the widow of Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington and the founder […]

Derek Sanders (Mayday Parade) found time to record acoustic covers EP

Derek Sanders—best known as the long-locked frontman of Mayday Parade—has a hard time taking it easy. Despite a full songwriting and touring schedule with the pop-punk lifers from Tallahassee, Sanders also found the time to write and record an acoustic covers EP. And at the rate he’s going, there’s more to look forward to.  Read […]

Derek Sanders shares moving acoustic cover first recorded for his wife

Last month, Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade announced a solo EP titled My Rock And Roll Heart. The EP releases Feb. 14 or Valentine’s Day. Well, we’re nearly there and today Sanders dropped the next track from the record. The song is a cover of “But Lauren” by the local Tallahassee band Goodbye Love. Sanders previously […]

Oliver Tree says what he memes and memes what he says

Without a doubt, Oliver Tree is the pop star America (and possibly the world) needs. From wearing clothes in which we wouldn’t get caught dead (those rockin’ socks ‘n’ sandals, represent!) to a casual disregard of sticking to one genre on his impending album Ugly Is Beautiful, Tree is changing the game. And you know […]

Derek Sanders announces solo EP with Jimmy Eat World cover

Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade recently announced that he will be releasing a solo record in 2020. The record is a five-song EP titled My Rock and Roll Heart. The EP releases on Valentine’s Day Feb. 14. The special thing about the record is that it’s all covers of influential bands in Sanders’s youth. The five tracks […]

The best emo songs of the decade that defined the 2010s

One of the greatest feats of the emo genre is its ability to cross barriers, genres and fandoms to unite us all under the common denominator of music. Whether there’s a tinge of rap or a twist of pop-punk, the branches of emo music all extend from the same familiar source. While the early 2000s […]

Mayday Parade, Jason Lancaster play “Jamie All Over” at charity gig

With Go Radio announcing their reunion and releasing their first track in seven years, things are going incredibly well. Things just got even better Nov. 29 in Tallahassee during a Defining Moment and Kid Named Chicago charity show. Derek Sanders and Alex Garcia of Mayday Parade performed some classic hits with Jason Lancaster. For those […]
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