Look back at some of the best Alternative Press covers in honor of issue 400

Four hundred issues after the very first book to carry our name ran off the printers back in 1985, we look back on 36 years of our favorite-ever AP covers, the stories they told and the secrets behind their creation. You can pick up an issue here, starring twenty one pilots. Read more: In issue […]

Why Green Day's 1994 BBC Sessions sound better with a cup of coffee

In 1994, Green Day skyrocketed from DIY van tours with itineraries loaded with club dates and house parties to international superstardom on the back of Dookie, the album that permanently nailed punk rock to the mainstream musical floor. As it started breaking in Britain, the band—Billie Joe Armstrong on lead vocals and guitar, Mike Dirnt […]

Revisit 'Nimrod': the moment Green Day ripped up their own rulebook

Technically, my first exposure to punk was through Green Day’s Dookie. At the time, I was young—probably too young. As kids so often do, I followed a friend’s older brother to check out his collection of older brother music. Dookie immediately jumped out from the pack. To be honest, what actually captivated me most was […]

A beginner's guide to Green Day: from the big hitters to the deep cuts

It’s nearly impossible to overstate the influence Green Day have on the rock scene these days. Ever since breaking into the mainstream in the mid-‘90s, everyone from blink-182 to Lady Gaga have cited their music as an inspiration at some point in their career. If you’re newer to the group, the band’s collection of 13 […]

15 music producers who made major career moves with their early work

In the music world, everybody has to start somewhere. While a producer’s early albums are their proving ground for a bright future in the field, they also need luck on their side to find a successful band and a scene-changing album to springboard the rest of their career into the stratosphere. From legendary production masters […]

Did this leak just reveal new Green Day Funko Pops are on the way?

Green Day fans may want to get their wallets ready because rumors are swirling new Funko Pop! figures are finally on the way. Thanks to a leak, some fans are convinced new Pop! vinyl figures of Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt are in the works. Read more: Bam Margera asks fans to […]

10 pop-punk albums from the '90s that set the path for the genre

It’s easy to mistake the foundations of pop punk as being laid in the 2000s. After all, that’s when the mainstream radio takeover of the genre occurred. As it turns out, though, we really have the ’90s to thank for our favorite artists and albums.  With the meteoric rise of bands such as Nirvana and […]

Billie Joe Armstrong would only give this classic Green Day album a sequel

All of us have at least one Green Day album we wish had a few more songs or even a second album to accompany it. Despite the requests over the past few decades to release music that sounds like their Dookie or American Idiot days, Billie Joe Armstrong says Green Day have no plans to […]

QUIZ: Which Green Day era are you the most like?

This is a public service announcement: If Green Day’s epic ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tre! trilogy counts as one really, really long album, then the classic band have eleven diverse albums in their esteemed 30-plus-year catalog. Eleven. That’s 170 songs total—and 100 more than most of your favorite bands. Because there’s truly something in every genre […]

These are the 25 most influential songs of pop punk

Pop punk is often associated with the turn of the century when power chords, skateboarders and forever-young tunes on MTV ruled the scene. More recently, there’s the puzzling association of the genre with pizza that has turned into a giant inside joke.  But the music dates back decades, with staying power that outlasted most predictions. […]

14 throwback merch items you can buy to embrace your inner ’90s kid

Nostalgia is in, and the ’90s are full of music, pop culture and style choices we can’t help but revisit. From cartoons and movies to classic bands, you can find modern apparel, accessories and even home goods to reflect your inner child. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite throwback pieces and reminisce […]

Billie Joe Armstrong thought fans would hate this classic Green Day song

In 1997, Green Day debuted their legendary album Nimrod. As a turning point for the band, the album remains one of the most popular amongst critics and fans. However, Billie Joe Armstrong has now revealed that he was nervous to release one particular song on that album. In a new interview, Armstrong says he thought […]

30 Green Day deep cuts you should definitely know by now

2020 marks 30 years since Green Day’s first album, 39/Smooth. While they’ve had plenty of hits and radio favorites over the last few decades, there are plenty of great songs that haven’t seen the mainstream attention that classics such as “Basket Case” and “American Idiot” have. Here are 30 deep cuts to add to your […]

Here are 10 vintage band shirts we know you wish you owned

It’s safe to say that at any given moment, we’re most likely wearing one of our favorite band shirts, a pair of black skinny jeans and some Vans—it’s essentially the official uniform of scene kids everywhere. While we love our collection that we’ve compiled from thrift stores and concert merch tables, some of the coolest […]

There’s a hilarious reason why Green Day had to change some ‘Dookie’ art

Billie Joe Armstrong has been throwing it back a lot recently. At the start of the month, the Green Day vocalist threw it back to 1981 and performed Kid Wilde’s “Kids In America” for his “No Fun Mondays” cover series. Now, Armstrong is revealing some behind-the-scenes secrets about their 1994 album Dookie after a Sesame […]

10 times Post Malone proved he could sing anything

By now, we all either know, or need to accept, that Post Malone can do anything. Even though he’s one of the most popular rappers right now, he dabbles with everything, from collaborating with artists such as Ozzy Osbourne to working on projects with brands such as Crocs and Bud Light.  He’s larger than life, but […]

Here are 20 punk and metal songs you can easily learn on guitar

While people are stuck at home over the next while, picking up new skills and hobbies has been at the top of their minds. If you’ve ever had a guitar just collecting dust in the corner of your closet and you never had the time to really learn, the world has presented us all with […]

10 full concerts you can watch on YouTube to get the live experience

Whether you’re publicly lamenting or quietly sulking about not being able to attend shows indefinitely, coronavirus is a massive blow to the music industry. With festivals and gigs getting either postponed or canceled all together, fans suddenly have a ton of time to kill at home because they can’t go to the bars or movie […]

Green Day are punk's greatest band—and we have the magazine to prove it

Green Day didn’t invent punk rock, but they did the most for it. Over the course of 13 studio albums, three live releases, a handful of compilations (and a few incognito things on the side), the NorCal trio made punk a household term. By virtue of their sound, influence, longevity and straight-up attitude, Green Day […]

Green Day’s ‘Father Of All…’ set the rules, you just move to them—review

Let’s cut to the quick: Green Day are the greatest punk band in the world. They’ve almost kept the same members during their near 35-year history. The trio—Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool—were always the strongest of all the cultural “gateway drugs.” They have nothing to prove to anybody. This is why their […]
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