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Bring Me The Horizon and Sigrid team up on “Bad Life” video—watch

Bring Me The Horizon and Sigrid have collaborated on a new track called “Bad Life.” The single is also accompanied by a music video. “Bad Life” comes ahead of Sigrid‘s new album, How To Let Go, out May 6. Read more: 20 greatest Epitaph Records bands, from Pennywise to Architects The message behind the song […]

Bring Me The Horizon and Masked Wolf team up for “Fallout”—listen

Bring Me The Horizon are back with another genre-bending collaboration, this time with hip-hop artist Masked Wolf. They have released the new single “Fallout.” Read more: 9 bands commonly mistaken as emo who really aren’t “I haven’t done a collaboration that felt dark; I always felt that my brand had that edge of darkness to […]

Dani Filth says an Ed Sheeran collaboration is still a possibility

Bring Me The Horizon might not be the only band teaming up with Ed Sheeran. This past summer, Cradle of Filth‘s Dani Filth revealed he was in communication with Sheeran on a potential collaboration. Now, we have an update on the partnership. Read more: Bring Me The Horizon and Ed Sheeran release studio version of […]

Bring Me The Horizon and Ed Sheeran release studio version of “Bad Habits”

Bring Me The Horizon and Ed Sheeran have released the official studio version of “Bad Habits.” The recording of the song came highly requested after they teamed up to open the 2022 BRIT Awards. Read more: Bring Me The Horizon discuss their musical evolution in AltPress issue #401 cover story The release comes just a […]

Bring Me The Horizon and Ed Sheeran to release studio version of “Bad Habits"

Bring Me The Horizon and Ed Sheeran will drop a studio recording of their “Bad Habits” collaboration. The duo first performed the song together during a performance to open the 2o22 BRIT Awards. Read more: POORSTACY releases music video for “Knife Party” featuring BMTH’s Oli Sykes Oli Sykes shared a FaceTime call with Sheeran yesterday […]

BMTH to collab with Ed Sheeran on new project following BRIT Awards

Bring Me The Horizon are planning a heavy metal project with Ed Sheeran. Yes, you read that correctly. Read more: Bring Me The Horizon cover ‘Gran Turismo’ theme “Moon Over The Castle” BMTH and Sheeran rocked the internet when they teamed up for a performance at the BRIT Awards on Tuesday (Feb. 8). The collaborators […]

'Matty And Benny Eat Out America' is the best cooking show ever...?

On paper, the combination of a cookbook author/restaurateur and a Grammy-nominated pop producer might seem a little strange. On camera, the result is a beautiful juxtaposition between these two worlds, made possible by years of friendship and unrivaled chemistry. However, for Matty Matheson, who’s best known for his 2018 New York Times bestselling cookbook, hosting […]

AP&R: SaintAhmad, VIAL and other rising artists to check out this month

Everyone loves to jam out to their favorite artists and classic hits, but let’s not forget about all the fresh talent constantly popping up around the world. From pop and indie to punk and post-hardcore, there’s always a new name in music waiting to be heard. We know there’s a lot of faces to sift […]

Taylor Swift teases 'Red' reissued songs and collabs with special video

Earlier this summer, Taylor Swift announced that her fourth album, Red, would be re-released Nov. 19. Now she has dropped a special video containing hidden messages and hints about the upcoming release. Similar to when Swift shared Fearless (Taylor’s Version), the singer posted a somewhat cryptic video on social media that featured a jumble of […]

FINNEAS leads blòkur's Top 5 Songwriters On Spotify list for 2020

The Grammy-winning producer FINNEAS has been named the No. 1 songwriter on Spotify in 2020. The algorithm for judging the top songwriters had been created by music rights data service blòkur, determined by a variety of factors. Read more: Badflower share new music video and announce sophomore album The first factor depends on popularity and […]

8 artists who shine on TV screens and music venue stages

Whether your favorite artist jumped from the stage to the screen or starred in a film and then picked up a microphone, these essential actors proved that they are just as talented in front of the camera as they are in front of an audience. Check out our favorites below. Read more: 10 debut records […]

ONE OK ROCK think aggressive music speaks more directly to listeners

On their new track, “Renegades,” their first single in two years, beloved Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK are ready to take the world by storm and start necessary conversations around important social issues such as climate change, AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) hate and solidarity with those who seek freedom.  Co-written with English […]

ONE OK ROCK return with Ed Sheeran co-written anthem “Renegades”—watch

Today, ONE OK ROCK issued a rallying cry with their new single “Renegades” and its accompanying music video. Co-written alongside Ed Sheeran, the anthemic track will serve as the theme song for the live-action, manga-adapted film, Rurouni Kenshin: The Final, which drops April 23. The highly-anticipated release marks the band’s first since their 2019 album, […]

Fiona Apple wins Best Alternative Music Album at the 2021 Grammys

Fiona Apple has officially won the Best Alternative Music Album award at the Grammys for Fetch The Bolt Cutters. The award was presented during the Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony. Apple was nominated alongside Beck’s Hyperspace, Phoebe Bridgers’ Punisher, Brittany Howard’s Jaime and Tame Impala’s The Slow Rush for the coveted award. Read more: This virtual Fall Out […]

10 of the wildest ways musicians ended up with tattoos

There are two types of people in this world: those who plan their tattoos at length and those who just go for whatever. Not so surprisingly, the latter tend to walk out with the best stories. Post Malone turned some heads this past August when he walked out of his dentist’s office with a new tattoo. As […]

10 alternative covers that might be better than the original songs

Is there anything better than hearing one of your favorite bands cover an old-school hit? Or put an alternative spin on that “guilty pleasure” song you’ve secretly been jamming to for weeks? New renditions often improve on originals by expanding and elevating their sound. And while debating which version is best is often a subjective […]

The most popular ’90s song on Spotify probably won’t surprise you

If you’ve ever wondered what Spotify’s most popular song from the ‘90s is, you’re in luck. This week, one particular ’90s song became the first from the decade to reach one billion streams. However, the song may not surprise you.  Read more: Sony finally addresses if ‘Spider-Man 3’ will have three Peter Parkers Various tracks […]

Report claims labels paid to get Halsey, twenty one pilots and more airplay

It looks like a lot of record labels are in some hot water. A report has been published that claims various labels have been making illegal pay-for-play deals for artists including Halsey, twenty one pilots and Panic! At The Disco. According to the report, these shady deals have been going down behind closed doors with […]

These 10 songs sound eerily similar to other famous tracks

The history of recorded sound is just short of 150 years old. One would think that nearly every combination of musical note, chord and key would have been written, recorded and copywritten by now. There are still countless numbers of songs being recorded and released. We’re not mathematicians, but there’s no escaping the fact that […]

See Post Malone give tattooing a try by inking his initials on someone

It looks like Post Malone is taking his love for tattoos to the next level. A new video has surfaced online which shows the “Better Now” rapper tattooing his initials on someone. Read more: Lars Ulrich’s least favorite Metallica song may surprise you Posty is obviously a big fan of tattoos. In fact, if you’re […]
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