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25 of the coolest vintage band T-shirts and where to find them

There’s the classic adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, a quality band T-shirt is worth a million. Our music tastes are synonymous with our personalities and how we express ourselves, so what better way to embody this than to dive into a collection of classic T-shirts?  Alternative Press is pleased to […]

Yvette Young talks painting, collaborating artistically with WILLOW and more

You wouldn’t know it from hearing her play, but Yvette Young of Covet yearned to abandon her classical music upbringing and used to sneak out of the art classroom to compose songs. While Young eventually found her way into rock music, the artist still fluidly draws from her extensive background in classical music and fine […]

US Customs seize $158K worth of counterfeit Slash and Jimmy Page guitars

Slash, Jimmy Page, and Angus Young are known for their unique approaches to instrumental technique. However, that isn’t stopping people from trying to counterfeit their guitars. In a recent bust at Washington Dulles International Airport, U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized 36 phony guitars. The items had a suggested retail price of $158,692. Read More: […]

One of Frank Iero’s guitars ended up with Slayer’s Gary Holt—here’s how

It looks like one of Frank Iero‘s guitars has ended up in the hands of Gary Holt for a reason you may not think. This week, the Slayer and Exodus musician revealed just how he became the new owner of one of Iero’s guitars. Read more: Metro Station know about that comparison to MGK and […]

See MCR, Rise Against and MxPx members team up for a Misfits cover

We are less than 24 hours away from Halloween. While we get our costumes ready or perfect our spooky binge-watching lists, My Chemical Romance‘s Frank Iero, Rise Against‘s Tim McIlrath, MxPx‘s Mike Herrera and more celebrating the spooky weekend in style. With the help of Ernie Ball, the talented musicians have come together for a […]

Frank Iero recalls how he felt after My Chemical Romance ended in 2013

Frank Iero has joined forces with Ernie Ball for the String Theory interview series. In the exclusive interview, Iero opens up about My Chemical Romance‘s career and how he has grown as a musician over the years. As well, Iero reveals why the time following My Chemical Romance’s disbandment in 2013 was particularly “scary” for […]

Jason Richardson shreds 'Halloween' theme while dressed as Michael Myers

Jason Richardson (former Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin) is at it again, this time teaming up with his sponsor Ernie Ball for an epic spooky cover of the Halloween theme—all while donning a Michael Myers mask. Check out his creepy cover, below! Read more: Asking Alexandria to start working on new album As if we weren’t already blown […]

Silver Age beat out 17K bands on Warped Tour to take home Ernie Ball: PLAY grand prize

Another Vans Warped Tour has come to a close, and we were granted the privilege of announcing this year’s Ernie Ball: PLAY Warped winner: Silver Age. Ernie Ball, a longtime supporter of unsigned bands, launched their PLAY Warped Tour program last year (previously Battle Of The Bands). This year, they gave 41 local, unsigned bands […]

Green Day's Mike Dirnt gives the best advice to young musicians

In a recent interview with Ernie Ball, Mike Dirnt, bassist of Green Day, talked about his beginnings as a musician and the early days of Green Day. In the interview, he had some pretty solid advice for aspiring young musicians or those who are just starting to learn an instrument. Watch the video below! Read […]

Dreamcar's Tom Dumont talks No Doubt's musical evolution in Ernie Ball episode—watch

Ernie Ball is back with its String Theory web series, which explores origin stories of today's most innovative players in music. In this webisode, Ernie Ball artist Tom Dumont of No Doubt and Dreamcar looks at how those early guitar lessons impacted his career and his perspective on No Doubt’s musical evolution.  Nostalgia is a powerful force, […]

Ernie Ball PLAY Warped winner the Weekend Classic premiere Chad Gilbert-produced “More Alive”—listen

Garnering support from the local scene can be everything in making or breaking an artist, but Madison, Indiana’s the Weekend Classic have had to overcome the obstacle of their self-proclaimed small town. “I feel like not a lot of people are into bands like us around here,” vocalist/guitarist Chris Webster says. “People don’t really go […]

AFI's Jade Puget: "Even if people don’t like where you’re going, you still have to go somewhere"

Ernie Ball's String Theory web series explores the sonic origins of some of music's most innovative players. In their latest episode, Ernie Ball artist Jade Puget of AFI gives an intersting look at how he cut his teeth as a guitar player in the '80s punk scene as well as the continual evolution of AFI while […]

The Weekend Classic beat out over 11K bands on Warped Tour to take home Ernie Ball: PLAY grand prize

The sun has set, the dust has settled and the bandwagons have been returned. After finishing up this year’s Vans Warped Tour, there are only a few matters left to attend to before the ledger can be closed on the summer of 2016. That’s right: We have been granted the privilege of announcing this year’s […]

The Color Morale's Aaron Saunders on how is father inspired him to play guitar

The Color Morale's Aaron Saunders chats with Ernie Ball about his ultimate inspiration: His father, and how he motivated him to play.  He also talks about his gear and how he gets his live sound. So, if you want to get the Color Morale sound when you play, here's exactly what you need!  If you […]

Pepper guitarist Kaleo Wassman shares his laid-back playing philosophy

On this week's episode of Sound Of Warped, wherein Ernie Ball players tell us their guitar secrets, Pepper vocalist/guitarist Kaleo Wassman discusses the purity of his playing style—crediting a good guitar, amp and pack of strings as all the essentials you need for a great sound.  He also nerds out about knob-twiddling and talks paying dues to […]

Real Friends' Eric Haines talks about his musical background and approach to playing live

In another episode of Ernie Ball's “Sound Of Warped” series, Real Friends' Eric Haines tells us about what music inspired him when he was younger, and how that changed over time, as well as sharing how the band prepares for Warped and what kind of gear they like to use live. “In the studio we have the […]

Tom DeLonge sets the record straight in new documentary

If you’re here for a sensational story about crazy conspiracies and alien sex, turn back now. Actually, don’t. You need to read this. Over the past couple years, the internet has produced plenty of “what the fuck?” headlines about Blink-182’s founding frontman Tom DeLonge. With Ernie Ball’s latest episode in its Pursuit Of Tone series, […]

Brooks Betts of Mayday Parade talks about his approach to rhythm guitar

In another episode of Ernie Ball's “Sound Of Warped” series, Mayday Parade's Brooks Betts tells us about his first band (where he actually played with vocalist Derek Sanders!) and his approach to playing. “I knew I wanted to play guitar. I'm not sure if I knew professionally yet,” says Ryan about how he felt after joining his first band. […]

Tom DeLonge opens up on Blink-182’s “Stay Together For The Kids” in new video (exclusive)

In a new episode of Ernie Ball: The Pursuit Of Tone, an AT&T original series, Tom DeLonge talks about Blink-182's history from his point of view, as well as some background about his life and artistic endeavors that followed.   The special 90-minute episode dives into why he left Blink-182, what he learned from starting Box […]

Ryan Sitkowski from Motionless In White talks about his inspiration and his favorite gear

In this episode of Ernie Ball's “Sound Of Warped” series, Motionless In White's guitarist Ryan Sitkowski tells us about what first inspired him to get into music (Slipknot!), his description of Motionless In White's sound and how to make sure gear survives a summer of Warped Tour. “I knew immediately that guitar was my thing,” says Ryan. […]
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