Mike Pak's Love Hour burger pop-up and other efforts in his community

As co-founder of Love Hour, a staple Los Angeles burger pop-up, Mike Pak is a unique voice and spokesperson for creativity and outreach across several industries. Though he has never received classic culinary training, his impact on the food culture of Koreatown has been tremendous, bringing everyone together. That ranges from late-night bar crawlers, celebrity […]

The Bronx's Matt Caughthran on his new venture 'The Sailor Jerry Podcast'

After touring for the better part of 20 years, Matt Caughthran is a seasoned road warrior who is best known as the vocalist for Los Angeles-based punk group the Bronx. He has traveled the world and delivered high-intensity performances,  inspiring legions of fans and bands along the way. For the last two decades, Caughthran has […]

10 times our favorite fast-food restaurants betrayed us

For decades now, fast-food restaurants have continued to break our hearts by removing beloved favorites off their menu.  Even more recently, Taco Bell upset us by removing so many menu items that we truly didn’t know if we could take it.  Read more: 13 alt-pop merch pieces from Hot Topic to rock your fandom proudly […]

Here are 10 of the spookiest fast-food items of all time

Halloween is the best time of the year for many reasons, one being all of the great festive food. Besides candy and pumpkin pie, many fast-food chains offer special limited-time-only menu items that are both spooky and delicious. From black burgers to pumpkin-shaped pizza, many of our favorite junk food places have and still do offer […]

10 snacks as emo as you are to amp up your next Netflix marathon

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we love the color black. We’re the type of people to have all-black wardrobes and fought with our parents in high school over painting our walls as dark as can be. Black matches our forever mood and the darkness of our soul, so we like it whenever our […]

Here are 10 birthday cakes that are just as emo as you

Regardless of what age you are, you’re never too old to have cake on your birthday. While it’s nice to eat any treat on your special day, sometimes it’s fun to celebrate with a dessert that takes the decorations to a whole other level.  Pinterest offers inspiration for things such as clothes, household decor and recipes, […]

Chuck E. Cheese is delivering pizza with a new name and people are mad

Restaurants have been pushed mostly to delivery options in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic but Chuck E. Cheese is resorting to changing their name on delivery apps as people aren’t as interested in their pizza as they would have thought. People have noticed on delivery apps like Grubhub or UberEats that they’ve changed their name to “Pasqually’s Pizza […]

Here’s why Popeyes’ jingle contest is causing concern in the music industry

Popeyes is looking to help out musicians looking for work during the coronavirus pandemic but their recent initiative is catching some flack. Yesterday (May 4), the company announced a new campaign encouraging musicians to join a contest performing their “Love That Chicken” jingle using the hashtag #LoveThatJingle for cash but Rolling Stone caught wind of some careful wording landing them […]

Wendy's is running a free food scavenger hunt with unfortunate timing

Wendy’s is offering people free food this week with a new challenge sending customers on a “Cyber Search” for clues giving them a full stomach at no cost, but it’s coming at a particularly difficult time for them. The company is running a promotion where you can guess codes to receive free food but according […]

Could we be tasting this new Doritos Locos Taco flavor at Taco Bell soon?

Taco Bell customers were delighted to receive free Doritos Locos Tacos earlier this week but some of them were greeted with a surprise offer. The company gave away a free taco on Tuesday (March 31) to everyone using their drive-thru. Some customers in select states say they were asked if they wanted a new Flamin’ Hot […]

Here's how you can get free food from Taco Bell this week

A lot of people are struggling financially right now but some companies are looking to help out and Taco Bell is here to keep taco Tuesday alive and well with a new giveaway this week. The fast-food giant is offering customers a free Doritos Loco Taco on March 31 for anyone heading through their drive-thru tomorrow. Read […]

10 snacks from your childhood you probably forgot about

Nothing takes you back to your childhood like a bite of your favorite snack. In the ’90s and ’00s, grocery stores and gas stations everywhere had their shelves stocked with some truly iconic snacks that will hold a special place in our hearts forever.  Because we’re nostalgic and can’t help ourselves, we’ve rounded up 10 of […]

Chipotle “Guac Mode” unlocks free guacamole for a limited time

If you’re a lover of Chipotle you probably order guacamole every time you hit them up for a meal, but there’s a way right now to avoid the extra charge to add it on. Thanks to Bustle, we now know they’re offering a limited-time deal for free guac and it’s super easy to get. Read More: twenty […]

Dunkaroos are officially coming back after eight years off the market

If you were a child or born in the ’90s you surely remember Dunkaroos and depending on your age you may remember them being taken off shelves in 2012, but now, they’re coming back. It all started with a ridiculous ’90s throwback video where they cycle through a few trends that will either never come […]

10 ways Taco Bell is helping us all Live Más

Taco Bell is truly one of the only places we will always be in the mood for no matter what.  If we stay out late drinking, we are almost always craving a Loaded Potato Griller and a quesadilla. If we have some time to go on a quick lunch break, we’re bringing back nacho fries […]

Misfits upgrade Kit Kat-inspired Kill Kat figure to “King Size”

Whether punks like it or not, Misfits have become masters of marketing their merchandise and their latest item sees the band pairing up with Kit Kat. The punk icons are releasing a limited-edition “King Size” version of the Kill Kat vinyl figures they put out this past Halloween. Read More: Anti Flag celebrate ’20/20 Vision’ release with […]

Which Thanksgiving dish are you based on your music taste?

It’s finally Thanksgiving, which means it’s time to put on your stretchy pants and get ready for a food lover’s favorite holiday.  Thanksgiving is the only holiday where you’re supposed to be focused on the food. There are often so many options available on the table that you have to strategize how you’re going to […]

Chick-fil-A ending donations to two anti-LGBTQ+ organizations

Fast food giant Chick-fil-A have notoriously donated to anti-LGBTQ+ organizations over the years but the company says they’re backing off. The company will no longer donate to Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and are announcing they will redirect their donations in 2020. Read More: The Pretty Reckless announce first show in two […]

10 outrageous fast food menu items introduced in 2019

While 2019 isn’t over quite yet, many fast-food restaurants have really thought outside of the box this year and introduced some unique menu items that were as exciting as they were questionable.  From Popeyes internet-breaking chicken sandwich to Burger King getting creative with their classic Whopper, fast-food companies were really trying to outdo each other […]

10 spookiest Halloween dessert recipes you can make at home

We’re getting close to Halloween, which means we only have a handful of days left to binge-watch horror movies, carve pumpkins and indulge in all of our favorite festive activities. One of the best parts about fall is the food—especially if it’s a Halloween dessert. From pies, cookies and plenty of candy, the season is a […]
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