Drain tap Terror, Scowl, Angel Du$t, and more for spring tour

The massive run also includes dates with Madball, H2O, Twitching Tongues, Mindforce, and more.

The state of hardcore with H2O’s Toby Morse and Shapel Lacey

The duo talk hardcore history, diversity in the scene, and gatekeeping.

Watch Games We Play perform live from Denny’s, featuring Pete Wentz crowdsurfing

Earlier this summer, Games We Play dropped their Get A Job EP. Watch Emmyn Calleiro play the title track live from Denny’s, with Pete Wentz crowdsurfing.

Inside Kitchen Mouse, the chic vegan restaurant frequented by Billie Eilish and Kate Nash

Kitchen Mouse is Highland Park’s acclaimed vegan and vegetarian restaurant. Here’s how former F-Minus member Erica Daking built the eatery from the ground up.

Finn Wolfhard, Demi Lovato and 8 other things to check out this week

The Latest: from Finn Wolfhard’s Hell Of A Summer to Demi Lovato and beyond. For all the tickets, exclusive releases and more you need right now.

How Tara Punzone created a vegan Italian empire with Pura Vita

Tara Punzone has been a vegan since she was 12. Now she’s the owner and chef behind Pura Vita, a vegan Italian restaurant based in Southern California.

Steve Caballero on intersection of punk and skateboarding with new band Urethane

For Steve Caballero, the intersection of punk and skateboarding has always been at the forefront of what he does and creates for the world. Caballero burst onto the skateboarding scene in the groundbreaking years of the early ’80s and ’90s, skating alongside the sport’s most iconic figures while living in Southern California during its renaissance […]

Toby Morse's 'One Life One Chance' is your new favorite podcast

Forming in the early 1990s, H2O released several acclaimed records that have gone on to inspire generations of artists with their fast, energetic music paired with vocalist Toby Morse’s emotional lyrics that tackle subjects such as family, loss, friendship and staying true to your roots. Additionally, Morse is an outspoken animal rights activist, using his […]

HE Creative are illustrating the evolution of the punk scene

Don’t be fooled: HE Creative are doing exactly what you think they’re doing when you glance over their Instagram feed for the first time—creating a normalized space for punk rock, female empowerment, diversity and more. Designed in various shades of muted hues, HE Creative are using their creative design studio as a means to elevate […]

Sean Wotherspoon’s World - Round Two, Vintage, adidas and more

Co-founder of the vintage shop Round Two, designer of 2018’s most popular sneaker of the year, YouTube phenomenon, avid collector—Sean Wotherspoon may be all of these things, but this multi-hyphenate individual goes far beyond the accolades on his resume. While Wotherspoon may not fit the stereotypical mold of what’s considered to be an “artist,” his […]

Shapel Lacey perfectly weaves the DIY attitude into his comedy work

Shapel Lacey, an L.A. by way of Arizona stand-up comedian, is a true-to-form alternative fan. Onstage and behind podcast mics, he never shies away from sharing his love of Oasis, Rancid and beyond, knowing full well that acts such as these inform his whole life and art form.  Lacey may have come to your attention […]

10 musicians who joined established bands and didn't miss a beat

Band lineup changes are hardly a rarity in the music scene. Between creative differences, life events and personal fallouts, it’s pretty common for at least one member to go in a different direction over the course of an outfit’s tenure. And that, of course, leaves a significant void to be filled. How a band decide […]

20 positive hardcore bands to uplift your spirits

While hardcore is a genre that primarily focuses on negative feelings and the struggles associated with them, there are a ton of bands pushing for positivity. The so-called “posi-core” scene has plenty of fantastic bands to brighten your day and lift your mood when the world’s got you down and you need some words of […]

H2O announce new record 'Use Your Voice'

H2O will continue their 20th year as a band by releasing a brand new LP to the masses. Titled Use Your Voice, the new record is due out on October 9 via Bridge Nine Records. Check out a tracklisting and artwork below. Read more: AP’s Ryan J. Downey picks his must-see artists at Warped Tour 2015 […]

AP’s Ryan J. Downey picks his must-see artists at Warped Tour 2015

With more than 100 performers playing across 10 stages on this year’s tour, it’s going to be tough to plot out your Warped Tour schedule. AP’s editorial staff is pumping out lists packed with our personal “must-see” artists to help you decide! Here are 8 picks from Senior Editor Ryan J. Downey.    ’68  Josh Scogin had an electrifyingly destructive stage […]

H2O announce 20-year anniversary tour dates with Cruel Hand

H2O have announced that they will be embarking on a 20-year anniversary headlining tour this summer. Support will com from Cruel Hand. Check out a full list of dates and locations below. Be sure to let us know which one(s) you plan on hitting up! Read more: Misfits, Snapcase, H2O, Bane, more announced for This Is […]

Misfits, Snapcase, H2O, Bane, more announced for This Is Hardcore 2015

The lineup has been announced for the 10-year anniversary of This Is Hardcore Fest. Misfits, Snapcase, H2O, Bane and many more will be playing. Check out a full lineup below and let us know who you're stoked to see! Read more: Killswitch Engage, Title Fight, Civ, Converge, Bold, more to play This Is Hardcore 2014 This Is Hardcore will […]

Madball - Hardcore Lives

Madball Hardcore Lives The coolest thing about New York hardcore institution Madball, led by singer Freddy Cricien, is their fervent support of the scene that birthed them. Not only have they stayed true to their roots, delivering album after album of high-quality, breakdown-heavy hardcore, they’ve also served as mentors for the next generation of windmill-friendly […]

21 Bands We Love Who Love The Smiths (And Morrissey)

30 years ago today, a young group from Manchester, England, the Smiths, released their self-titled debut album. Unbeknownst to the band at the time, that record, and the three full-lengths that would follow throughout the Smiths’ short five-year existence, would go on to influence an entire generation of bands, amass a cult following, and would […]

7 tips for tour fitness with Adam Blake of H2O

Unless you’re a one-name artist (Bono, Cher, Gaga) the life of a touring artist isn’t always glamorous. Adam Blake has been playing bass for H2O for more than 15 years, and he knows all about the effects a life on the road can have on your physical health. No matter how young you are or […]
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