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How PinkPantheress uses 2000s nostalgia to craft a sound both familiar and fresh

“PFFT, I ACTUALLY DON’T KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THAT — THAT’S CRAZY!” PinkPantheress laughs softly. I’ve just told her that a friend of mine compared her show last night to “being inside an episode of Euphoria.” She seems equal parts flattered and concerned at the thought, though the comparison makes perfect sense when you […]

How After Laughter became Paramore’s saving grace

As Paramore’s 2017 album After Laughter celebrates an anniversary, we’re exploring why the record was the pop-punk band’s saving grace.

PinkPantheress learned she could make music her career by watching Paramore onstage

Like much of the world, PinkPantheress drew inspiration from watching Paramore perform. Once you dig into her music, or look at her Instagram, it becomes easier to spot her alternative influences. In fact, she wears them proudly. In the cover story, the artist recalls witnessing her hard work bear fruit during 2021’s Reading Festival. Standing backstage, […]

Hayley Williams has a new radio show called ‘Everything Is Emo’

Hayley Williams has launched her very own radio show, Everything Is Emo. The new show will be featured on BBC Sounds‘ Back To Back Sounds. Williams hopes Everything Is Emo “will feel somewhat reminiscent of the message boards and forums I used to frequent as a teenage scene kid,” according to a statement. Read more: Hayley […]

PinkPantheress went from running fan pages as a teen to becoming the subject of them

It’s nearly May, which means the next issue of Alternative Press is here. We’re ecstatic to present our new issue (#406) with cover star PinkPantheress. Check out a preview of the story below. Alongside PinkPantheress, a number of talented creatives appear within the pages of our May issue. That roster includes Uffie, Mothica, Post Animal, […]

Hayley Williams joins Billie Eilish for "Misery Business" duet at Coachella

During the second Coachella weekend, Billie Eilish brought out Paramore‘s Hayley Williams for a “Misery Business” duet. Check out the performance below. The pair also performed Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever.” Within hours of their performance, the clip has gone wildly viral on social media, with many fans excited to see the duo collaborating. But it’s […]

What does emo really mean? The story of the genre in 11 songs

Has any word been more misappropriated than emo? It’s been used to describe everything from people to events to films to clothing, but when it comes to encapsulating the specific music that inspired the name, no one can agree what actually constitutes it. So what actually is emo?  Read more: Are the 2000s back? How […]

Meet Me @ The Altar need the world to see their artistry before their race

When I ask Edith Johnson, the formidable frontwoman of pop-punk outfit Meet Me @ The Altar, which emotion perfectly describes her past year, her answer surprises me. “Bittersweet,” she responds, still sounding and appearing bright from the other side of the screen with her blue-and-pink braids framing her face and her black lipstick ornamenting her […]

Maggie Lindemann discusses her new album and working with Chase Atlantic

It can be daunting to present your real and raw self to a modern, chronically online world where anyone can publicly comment on anything. It’s even harder when, while doing this in the public eye, you appear to be changing from the person you were once known as by the world. When the planet was […]

Paramore announce they're back in the studio working on new album

After years of fan anticipation, Paramore have revealed they’re finally back in the studio working on a full-length album. The record will be the follow-up to 2017’s After Laughter, making it their first new record in five years. Read more: Watch Bring Me The Horizon play for less than 30 people In November 2021, Hayley […]

From Waterparks to the Regrettes, these 15 artists are influenced by blink-182

You could argue that blink-182 are one of the major reasons why pop punk exploded into the mainstream in the 2000s. Following Green Day’s release of Dookie in ‘94 and Weezer’s nerd-positive brand of rock, blink were the reason a lot of kids wanted to pick up guitars. It was through TRL hits such as […]

Look back at some of the best Alternative Press covers in honor of issue 400

Four hundred issues after the very first book to carry our name ran off the printers back in 1985, we look back on 36 years of our favorite-ever AP covers, the stories they told and the secrets behind their creation. You can pick up an issue here, starring twenty one pilots. Read more: In issue […]

The 20 most underrated pop-punk albums from the last two decades

At this point, you could practically write a textbook on the art of creating a pop-punk song. Ever since people discovered Green Day’s Dookie and the masses fell in love with “All The Small Things” on MTV, the genre has blossomed. Pop punk’s big break didn’t mean the genre got locked into a formula, either. […]

Hayley Williams hints at Paramore's future: “See you sometime next year?”

After an extended break from touring, Paramore’s Hayley Williams recently opened up about what has been happening behind closed doors. In the midst of a long, challenging period in her life, she took to writing songs. In a newsletter sent out Nov. 26, Williams hints at reuniting with Paramore in 2022, with the hopes of […]

Paramore’s 'Brand New Eyes' still resonates on its 12th anniversary

Warped Tour icons Paramore were featured on our October 2009 cover (#255). The band gave AltPress an exclusive look at their breakout success and their infamous surprise performance at the beloved festival. They also took us into the songwriting and recording process behind Brand New Eyes, their third studio album. Additionally, the members gave their thoughts […]

Lauren Servideo shares the inspiration behind her characters and humor

Lauren Servideo’s plethora of characters are all dynamic gems of humor perfectly crafted for internet viewing, simply shot with an iPhone. Adorned in different wigs and detailed costumes, she creates a whole universe that’s authentic to her. The comedian has been working for years, honing her craft of character creation from the very inception of […]

METALHEADS hair dye celebrates alternative culture with all-star cast

The spirit of punk rock and its core values of self-expression are brought to life in Good Dye Young’s brand-new line of hair dye products, Metalheads. The new line debuted this week, along with a promotional video. Having a distinct style is synonymous with uniqueness. In the visual, we see just that. Several musicians in a […]

9 songs that can perfectly soundtrack a new beginning

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase before: new year, new me. But you don’t need a new year for a fresh start. If you’re seeking a bit of inspiration to get up off the couch and on the road to crossing off some of your goals, or maybe even a few bucket list items, then […]

Badflower share new music video and announce sophomore album

Badflower have announced their sophomore album, THIS IS HOW THE WORLD ENDS, and dropped a new single, “Family.”  Soothing guitar riffs greet listeners and carry them toward lead singer Josh Katz’s somber delivery. The first half of the song features little instrumentation other than a steady drumbeat, focusing on the vulnerability of the vocals. Eventually, […]

12 new pop-punk tracks to stream if you’re getting back into the genre

Welcome back to pop punk. Come and look around. If you haven’t air-guitared to “All The Small Things” since high school, or even middle school, there’s so much for you to catch up on.  There’s no need to feel nostalgic or pine for the past. The scene is alive, diverse and oozing with new tracks. […]

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