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The scariest film of all time according to science might surprise you

Since the spooky season is finally here, many of us are snuggling up to massive bowls of popcorn and watching some of the scariest films. Now, one study has officially revealed which movie is scientifically the scariest of all time and, well, movie lovers have a lot of opinions. Read more: Billie Joe Armstrong would […]

20 modern horror classics so original, they’ll never need a remake

Take a random sampling of horror movie fans, ask them what their No. 1 complaint about the genre is and odds are they’ll all answer: too many remakes. As Hollywood continues to strip mine the past for profit, horrorphiles are left asking, “Where has all the originality gone?” Fear not: It’s not all bad news […]

Nat & Alex Wolff want “Glue” to make you feel every emotion at once

Given the overnight success of The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie and the subsequent Nickelodeon spinoff series that debuted in 2007, it’s hardly a surprise that the Wolff brothers’ fictional kid group has catapulted them toward a full-fledged alternative-rock career. Working under their given names, Nat & Alex Wolff, since 2009, the duo have released […]

QUIZ: Which horror movie should you watch based on your daily routine?

Social distancing due to the outbreak of coronavirus has led to us finding out new things about our habits. When people are stuck at home, they fall into new routines. Maybe you’re cooking a lot more, or maybe you’re one of those people who puts on real clothes to make yourself feel like an actual human. […]

Here’s how you can own the May Queen flower dress from ‘Midsommar’

Horror movie fans are going to be stoked as the opportunity to own the flower dress and other props from Midsommar are being auctioned off for a good cause. New York has been hit extremely hard by the coronavirus pandemic and now, New York-based company A24 is auctioning off items from several of their films to donate funds to […]

The best 20 horror movies you can stream right now

Streaming numbers have been going up because everyone’s been spending more time at home the past month, and there’s plenty of horror movies to check out while physically distancing. Whether you’re streaming movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu, there’s a lot to pick from in terms of ones that will scare the crap out […]

Here are the folk horror movies every new initiate needs to watch

Bored with 1980s-style slashers? Do zombies leave you cold? Find found footage a bore? If you’re a horror movie fan, you’re all too familiar with the malaise that can set in when one subgenre dominates the scene for too long. So, if you’re looking for some new frights with more style and intellectual weight, we […]

Top 10 things every emo kid needs to add to their fall bucket list

Now that Hot Girl Summer is over, it’s finally Emo Kid Fall, which means it’s time to put your combat boots on and blast some American Football because the best time of the year is back.  Fall is our favorite season for many reasons including Halloween, cooler weather and the overall moody vibe.  Read more: […]

Horror movie, soundtrack and/or art fan? There’s a book for that

Classic screeching violins. Prom murders set to a disco beat. Kickass electro-metal worthy of spins at some industrial-rock bar. No, it’s not a club club night in Cleveland (but dammit, it should be), but a small chunk of some of the sonic and visual delights represented in Blood On Black Wax, a new book that […]

MTV Movie & TV Awards nominees include ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ ‘Riverdale’

The nominees for the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards just dropped, and some of our favorites such as Avengers: Endgame and Riverdale have more than a few nods. There are a ton of superhero nominees, with Endgame and Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse both up for Best Movie. Read more: blink-182 photographer shares ‘Enema’ outtakes, launches print sale Also […]

'Midsommar' will ruin festival season for you based on first trailer

We’ve been intrigued by Midsommar ever since Ari Aster, who freaked us out with Hereditary last year, called it a “Wizard Of Oz for perverts.” We previously got a teaser video for the film, but the first full-length trailer is finally here to really horrify us.  Read more: Machine Gun Kelly reveals first ‘Hotel Diablo’ […]

‘The Lodge’ first full trailer proves it’s nightmare-worthy

The Lodge has dropped its first official full-length trailer that makes it look like it will be one of the scariest movies we’ve seen in awhile. The film, which made its debut at Sundance Film Festival this year, reminded many critics of Hereditary. In case you forgot, many people regard that film as one of […]

'The Lodge' drops first horrifying trailer that will give you nightmares

It’s predicted that The Lodge could be the scariest movie of the year. Now, we have a new trailer to truly give us nightmares. The film, which made its debut at Sundance Film Festival this year, reminded many critics of Hereditary. In case you forgot, many people regard that film as one of the scariest horror […]

‘Hereditary’ director says “‘Wizard Of Oz’ for perverts” sums up next film

Ari Aster, who freaked us out with Hereditary last year, is revealing details about his upcoming film Midsommar that looks like thing nightmares are made of. Aster’s second film focuses on a pagan cult, and is probably going to ruin festival season for us after we watch it. Read more: ‘Scooby Doo’ animated film casts […]

This 'Midsommar' trailer is the cult-creepy 'Hereditary' follow-up we needed

Horror movie fans will remember Ari Aster’s 2018 nightmare Hereditary. It was an incredible film with a trailer that scared the absolute hell out of us. Now, Aster is back for a follow-up film that is sure to leave us with even more nightmares. Check out the first trailer for Midsommar below! Read more: ‘School of Rock’ star arrested for stealing guitars […]

Horror film ‘The Lodge’ reminds some critics of ‘Hereditary’ at Sundance premiere

The Lodge looks like a good contender for the freakiest movie of 2019, and it is giving some people serious Hereditary vibes. The filmmakers of the Australian horror hit Goodnight Mommy Severin Fail and Verokia Franz really pulled out all of the stops with this film. The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival, and it is about […]

‘Bird Box,’ ‘Halloween’ nominated for Fangoria Chainsaw Awards

If you think the Oscars left out all of your horror movie favorites from 2019 this morning, this awards ceremony is for you. Horror magazine, Fangoria recently announced that they will bring back the Chainsaw Awards, which honor the year’s best horror films across 16 categories. To make matters even better, the winners are chosen […]

14 things horror movies totally ruined for us

Horror movies have covered every topic known to man, and we mean every topic. We mean, have you seen the movie Teeth? Our favorite gruesome, bloody and deranged films have perhaps caused some of us to develop fears of normal places and things. For example, the whole state of Connecticut is depicted as being full […]

The trailer for this new horror movie might be the scariest thing we've ever seen

We’re the first to admit that we love a good horror movie—but even our horror-loving hearts are left racing after watching the newest trailer for the horrifying new flick Hereditary. Read more: This Netflix movie might be the most terrifying film of all time As Vice explains, the movie tells the story of a mother who is “forced to deal […]
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