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Listen to Demi Lovato's resilient, pop-punk banger "Still Alive" off the Scream VI soundtrack

Demi Lovato is back with their latest single, “Still Alive,” an original song off the Scream VI soundtrack. Listen to the new song now.

It looks like The Blackening is about to be your summer horror movie obsession

The trailer for the horror-comedy The Blackening, starring Yvonne Orji and Jay Pharoh, is here. Watch the teaser about a friend group’s Juneteenth party that turns into a murderous disaster.

15 years later, Cloverfield remains as innovative, engaging and mysterious as ever

As the found-footage horror movie ‘Cloverfield’ celebrates its 15th anniversary, we’re looking back on why its viral marketing campaign and terrifying filmmaking was so innovative.

Why M3GAN is destined to be a gay icon

The titular killer doll in the new Blumhouse horror movie ‘M3GAN’ has been embraced by the LGBTQ+ community. Here’s why she slays — literally and figuratively — and the kind of character queer audiences love to see.

Joaquin Phoenix is living in a nightmare in the trailer for Ari Aster's 'Beau Is Afraid'

A24 released the first trailer for ‘Hereditary’ and ‘Midsommar’ filmmaker Ari Aster’s latest horror movie, ‘Beau Is Afraid,’ which stars Joaquin Phoenix.

How singer and TikTok star Jenna Davis gave M3GAN her "titanium" voice

Singer and TikToker Jenna Davis is the voice behind the killer AI doll in the horror movie ‘M3GAN.’ The star explains how she found the character’s voice and how surreal the film’s viral success has been.

The story behind POORSTACY’s horror-influenced 'Party At The Cemetery'

POORSTACY’s second album, Party At The Cemetery, is here just in time for the Halloween season. On the new record, POORSTACY builds upon the eerie nature of his music by bringing a more cinematic approach to the sound. In a number of ways, Party At The Cemetery is the audible equivalent of a horror film, something […]

Tate Logan has partnered with Cloutchain to offer an NFT card collection

Tate Logan, frontman for the punk group Happy., is diving into the world of NFTs with a new digital card collection club. Partnering with NFT platform Cloutchain for the release, Logan hopes the club will give his fans a safe space to express themselves and connect with others. Read more: NFTs are igniting a digital […]

Ice Nine Kills unveil first look at eerie graphic novel ‘Inked In Blood’

Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas is a serious horror movie obsessive. The singer fell in love with fright movies at an early age. Over the years, he’s become well-versed in the classics and the deep cuts alike. As a result, INK draws major influences from the genre. The band is immersed in the gruesome […]

10 horror movies made before the '70s that every genre fan should see

Horror movies today are a lot more shocking and violent than they used to be. This push for increasingly gory films came about in slasher films from the ’70s and onward. While most people know classics such as Halloween, A Nightmare On Elm Street or Friday The 13th, it’s important to know the history of […]

10 unforgettable movie scenes that were made even better with music

From the ending of Fight Club to the final moment of The Breakfast Club, music has been adding extra emotion to movie scenes for decades.  Music can evoke emotion, conclude a scene without words or deliver the extra oomph that a moment was lacking otherwise. Below we have compiled some of our favorite scenes from […]

See Clarice return in a clip for 'The Silence Of The Lambs' sequel show

Horror fans are in for a treat with The Silence Of The Lambs sequel series Clarice and now we’re getting our first look at the upcoming series. The CBS TV series debuted the first trailer before it arrives in February and it looks as haunting and scary as you would expect. Read more: Tim Burton dismissed “insensitive” ‘Nightmare […]

10 theories about Christmas movies that will ruin your childhood

It seems like everyone loves to watch feel-good Christmas movies to get in the holiday spirit once December rolls around. But many holiday movie fans have noticed that some of these classics have dark theories behind them.  If you scour the internet, there’s no shortage of conspiracy theories about Christmas movies, old and new. Some make […]

These 15 punk albums from 1989 ended the ’80s loudly

Welcome to Alternative Press’ 15 best punk albums of 1989. It’s easy to look at the final year of the decade and see it as transitional. But there are portents of the future all over this list. Yet, truth be told, haven’t we seen that with all these lists? As we’ve worked on this series, […]

9 foreign horror films and shows you need to add to your Netflix list

Fear knows no borders. That’s a great thing for horror fans, and thanks to Netflix, international fright films and shows are more accessible than ever. With a growing selection of movies from around the globe, it’s never been easier to experience the genre as interpreted by so many diverse cultures. Nevertheless, wading through Netflix’s abundance […]

Here's how Ice Nine Kills' Spencer Charnas became a horror fan

When APTV Director Bobby Makar asked Spencer Charnas what his favorite scary movie is, he wasn’t setting up a bloodbath. Indeed, the Ice Nine Kills singer is a die-hard enthusiast of scary movies of all kinds. Horror films, splatter reels, you name it. If it bleeds, it feeds Charnas’ imagination to run wild in his […]

The scariest film of all time according to science might surprise you

Since the spooky season is finally here, many of us are snuggling up to massive bowls of popcorn and watching some of the scariest films. Now, one study has officially revealed which movie is scientifically the scariest of all time and, well, movie lovers have a lot of opinions. Read more: Billie Joe Armstrong would […]

Tiffany’s original ‘Bride Of Chucky’ look had a nod to another horror film

It’s been 22 years since Bride Of Chucky crept its way onto our screens. Now, Don Mancini is celebrating the anniversary with a rare photo you’ve probably never seen before. The photo reveals that Tiffany’s hair originally had a subtle nod to another iconic horror film. Read more: These new ‘You’ characters are stirring up […]

10 songs that are as captivating as the horror movies that inspired them

Horror movies bring out some truly captivating stories, whether it’s through the plotline or just the characters themselves. The genre has been influential in so many different aspects of our society, and music is no exception, with tons of artists writing direct tributes to the scary films that have been heavily integrated in our minds.  […]

Which song should you listen to under the blue moon based on your zodiac sign?

It’s probably not as fancy as you think. We’ve heard people cheering about the “blue full moon on Halloween” for a while now, and it sounds very exciting. But we need to get a couple of things straight first: The blue moon isn’t actually blue. It’s simply what the full moon is called when it […]
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