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Why Touché Amoré may never be able to write a full love record

Touché Amoré aren’t a band known for delicacy. Despite the frequent counterpoint coupling of frontman Jeremy Bolm’s thumbtack-gargling vocals with lavish, delay-heavy guitar atmosphere, they’re a band on the attack. They cut their teeth on songs with ferocious bite and lyrics of sharp self-introspection that typically lean into pessimism. When Bolm initially began work on […]

Touché Amoré perform new single in-studio, "Harbor"

Touche Amore recently performed “Harbor” at Sonos Studio in their native Los Angeles, CA. It's their latest single from Is Survived By, which received a perfect five-star review in AP 303 and will be released on Sept. 24 via Deathwish Inc. You can catch Touche Amore on tour this fall with AFI. Check out the full list of […]