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Here are 10 new Halloween decorations you can already buy

It’s officially August, which means that, somehow, Halloween is already around the corner. And we couldn’t be more excited. October is our favorite time of the year, filled with all things spooky, dark and demented. While it might seem early to some, you can already start buying the 2020 season’s hottest new Halloween decorations from home. […]

10 alternative Black beauty YouTubers you need to subscribe to

Alternative beauty YouTube tutorials are downright addicting to us. We love spending hours scrolling through videos, getting inspiration for new looks and even trying to follow tutorials.  Currently, with the ongoing protests against police brutality and racism, many people are trying to uplift Black voices and support Black people in their various endeavors, including art and […]

QUIZ: How well do you know the origins of legendary slasher film villains?

Horror movies have created some of the most iconic characters and quotes etched into the history of cinema despite largely being ignored by snobby film buffs. From the terrifying presence of Michael Myers in Halloween to the gruesome gore-drenched scenes from the Saw franchise, history has been set by slasher films since they became a […]

10 Starbucks secret menu items to order immediately

Whether you need help getting going in the morning or a pick-me-up throughout the day, Starbucks has just what you need for a little energy boost. Thanks to social media, the famous “secret menu” from the coffee chain has picked up in popularity, blessing us with items such as the Pennywise and Jack Skellington Frappuccinos.  […]

10 creepy Christmas decorations to get festive this holiday season

While Christmas is usually filled with everything red, green, jolly and bright, we are pretty committed to our dark aesthetic year round, especially in our home decor. However, half the fun of the season is getting in the spirit with Christmas decorations all over your house such as lights and other festive items.  Read more: […]

10 ‘It’ filming locations you can visit on your next road trip

The new It films look incredibly stunning and capture the essence of Stephen King’s fictitious town of Derry, Maine, perfectly. There’s no doubt that achieving the ideal look for the movies was a difficult task, but the filmmakers truly knocked it out of the park by turning a small town in Canada into a picturesque […]

QUIZ: Can you identify the horror movie reboot from a single screenshot?

It Chapter Two got a new trailer yesterday, marking the latest horror reboot to grace the big screen. Remakes are a full-blown Hollywood trend, and it’s been that way for the past 10 years or more. The question is: How many of these horror classics-turned-remakes have you seen (or suffered through)? Test your knowledge below. […]

12 scenes from ‘It Chapter Two’ that should be recreated or left out

As It Chapter Two creeps closer to release, speculation over what will and won’t be included is starting to ramp up from fans. While the first It reboot followed many of the storylines from the classic Stephen King novel, there were some notable changes that shook up the story and left longtime fans guessing.  One […]

Ice Nine Kills recruit Reel Big Fish for ‘It’-inspired live performance—watch

Ice Nine Kills were recently joined onstage by Reel Big Fish for their live performance of “IT Is The End,” and AP is premiering the official live video of the epic collaboration.  The performance took place at a sold-out show at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, playing the It-inspired track from their 2018 album, The […]

The kids of 'IT: Chapter Two' finish production, share new cast photo

Grab your red balloons, because the time to float is drawing near. As if we weren’t already excited about our trip to Derry coming soon, the kids of the Loser’s Club just shared an on-set photo, where they also revealed they’ve finished wrapping production. Read more: ‘Stranger Things’ Steve Harrington is still the best babysitter Finn […]

'It: Chapter Two' poster revealed, teases Pennywise's return

Are you ready to float? Because we are! We can’t wait to return to Derry, Maine, and it looks like we won’t have to wait too much longer before we get to see our favorite dancing clown again. Read more: The bullies of ‘Hocus Pocus’ recreated a scene from the film – Watch In order to celebrate […]

'IT' star talks working with Bill Skarsgard on Hulu's 'Castle Rock'

It looks like some of the IT stars are coming together, and it’s not going to be in the small town of Derry, Maine. Read more: Youtube removes trailer for ‘The Nun’ after violating “shocking content” policy Chosen Jacobs, who played the young version of Mike Hanlon in IT, will be making his debut in Hulu’s […]

'It: Chapter Two' is rounding out cast, adds two more actors

All tickets for the trip to Derry, Maine, have been booked and we’re beyond excited for IT sequel! Read more: John Carpenter started scoring the new ‘Halloween’ Yesterday (June 25) it was announced that Teach Grant and Jess Weixler would be joining the cast of the IT sequel. Grant is set to play Henry Bowers, who was portrayed by Nicholas […]

Another member of the Loser's Club cast for 'IT' sequel

We're pretty excited to be heading back to Derry, Maine, but we still have quite some time before we can see our favorite dancing clown again. Read more: You can own a collection of Stephen King movie and TV adaptations The highly anticipated horror flick isn’t slated to get a theatrical release until Sept. 6, 2019, […]

'It' sequel cast new member of the Loser's Club

We're pretty stoked to return to Derry, Maine, but we still have quite some time before we can see our favorite dancing clown again. Read more: ‘It’ director says the sequel is so scary, you’ll need diapers The horror flick isn’t slated to get a theatrical release until Sept. 6, 2019, but that doesn’t mean we […]