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Kurt Cobain's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" guitar sells at auction for $4.5 million

The 1969 Fender Mustang Kurt Cobain played in Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video sold for $4.5 million. The guitar was sold at Julien’s Auctions May 22. The Jim Irsay Collection of Indianapolis won the bidding war. Read more: Kurt Cobain’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” guitar is up for auction The Cobain family is […]

Kurt Cobain's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" guitar is up for auction

The guitar Kurt Cobain used in Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video is up for auction. The left-handed Fender Mustang in the color Competition Lake Placid blue was previously on display at the MoPOP Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle. Read more: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden members form new band 3rd Secret, drop album—listen […]

Robert Pattinson's 'The Batman' look was inspired by Kurt Cobain

The Batman director Matt Reeves previously stated Nirvana‘s Kurt Cobain inspired his version of Bruce Wayne. Now, he has elaborated on the shaping of Robert Pattinson‘s grungier Batman. Read more: 28 never-before-seen images of Nirvana will be sold as NFTs Reeves told Esquire he first starting thinking of creating a grungier Bruce Wayne while listening […]

SK8 on "F*CK SOCIETY" with Sueco, his dream tour lineup and more

SK8 has released a new video for the song “F*CK SOCIETY.” The track features Issue #399 cover artist Sueco. Read more: iann dior releases sophomore album ‘On To Better Things’–listen “F*CK SOCIETY” shows the Nebraska-born singer-songwriter Sk8 go even deeper into his pop-punk sound. The track itself is direct and unrelenting. The lyrics call for […]

28 never-before-seen images of Nirvana will be sold as NFTs

28 never-before-seen images of Nirvana performing live are set to be sold as NFTs via Pop Legendz. They will launch in celebration of Kurt Cobain‘s 55th birthday on Feb. 20. Proceeds from the NFTs will be divided between The Trevor Project and Grid Alternatives. Read more: 14 artists influenced by Nirvana, from Kid Cudi to the […]

20 music documentaries you need to watch this weekend, from 'Summer of Soul' to 'Get Back'

It’s often difficult to figure out an artist’s true identity at face value. Press interviews and social media offer a more transparent lens into the worlds of our favorite artists. Even so, the bigger — and more complicated — picture can often remain out of view. Because these intimate yet truthful depictions of our favorite […]

14 artists influenced by Nirvana, from Kid Cudi to the Pretty Reckless

It’s pretty much impossible to overstate how much music was changed when Nirvana arrived on the scene. After bands such as R.E.M. and Pixies laid the groundwork for what alternative music could be, Kurt Cobain’s songwriting on Nevermind introduced their signature sound of punk-rock ethos and pop music hooks. The end result would transform the future […]

These 15 songs took on completely new identities from their original demo

Demos are a great way for listeners to peer into the creative process of their favorite musicians. As an artist’s vision comes to fruition, demos serve as the solidified rough draft of a song. They can show us the painstaking mental labor that comes with writing new music. They also portray the auditory and lyrical […]

Look back at some of the best Alternative Press covers in honor of issue 400

Four hundred issues after the very first book to carry our name ran off the printers back in 1985, we look back on 36 years of our favorite-ever AP covers, the stories they told and the secrets behind their creation. You can pick up an issue here, starring twenty one pilots. Read more: In issue […]

Robert Pattinson has a vision for 'The Batman' set across two more films

Robert Pattinson has a vision for the future of The Batman, and it includes more movies. “I’ve made a kind of map for where Bruce [Wayne]’s psychology would grow over two more movies,” Pattinson tells Empire. “I would love to do it.” You can check out the official trailer for The Batman below. Read more: New ‘The Batman’ […]

10 times different artists collaborated to make inspiring music

September 1963: A young R&B combo called the Rolling Stones are rehearsing, preparing for a recording session. Their manager, former Beatles publicist Andrew Loog Oldham, was tearing his hair out. They were about to record their second single, a follow-up to their modestly successful remake of Chuck Berry’s “Come On.” But they had one problem: […]

Meet twin duo Softcult and hear their brand-new track "Spit It Out"

Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn are the yin and yang to one another—and it has absolutely nothing to do with their coincidentally dark and light hair colors. The twins credit a creative “synergy” while working in tandem and have forged their own musical journey reminiscent of their influences, but with a more confident and optimistic perspective […]

11 singers who helped define the vocal style of punk rock in the ‘90s

The ‘90s: the decade punk went mainstream. First, SoundScan made radio safe for Nirvana and the grunge-ified hordes. Then Green Day and other pop-punk acts moved in and squatted at the top of the Billboard charts. True, it seemed to be finished two years later, only to be reinvigorated at the turn of the century. […]

11 tracks that perfectly encapsulate their entire era of music

Music often leaves a deep mark on its era. Songs become embedded in our consciousness through their ability to perfectly capture a moment. They are burned even deeper into history through stories, newsreels and documentary footage, circulated by word-of-mouth as well as official documentation. For this reason, music gets mixed up somewhere between ourselves and […]

10 legendary bands who built the foundation of the grunge genre

Despite the grousings of certain members of punk’s first generation, grunge most certainly earned its place on rock’s historical timeline, the perfect antidote to the cliche-ridden joke hardcore became fairly quickly: Everyone attempting to run the 100-yard dash in two seconds? Why not take a nice, leisurely stroll, instead? Most know that meat turns out […]

15 alternative music stars who got their start working in record stores

Record stores are magical places. A good, well-stocked and curated record shop with a knowledgeable staff can influence tastes, expand horizons and serve as the hub for a local musical community. It can be a community center, a place to meet with your friends, promote your band’s upcoming shows by hanging up flyers, even sell […]

These 9 women artists defined the Tumblr-era of alternative music

Now that the scene revival of 2019 has somewhat subsided, the soft grunge pinks and deep blues of the Tumblr era are back in full swing. Between 2009 and 2014, women such as Marina And The Diamonds (now known as MARINA) and Lana Del Rey were dominating the Tumblr dashboard. Grimes was stealing hyperpop hearts, […]

15 punk albums that set up 1994 to be a year of major change for the genre

To consider Alternative Press’ list of 1994’s top 15 punk albums, one has to bear in mind two factors: Green Day’s Dookie was released Feb. 1. Kurt Cobain died by his own hand April 5. The alternative nation’s voice was suddenly, shockingly stilled. After three years of the most popular music being an agonized scream […]

10 alternative artists who brought the scene to the 'SNL' stage

No matter the genre, performing as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live is a huge feat for any rising musician. SNL performances are moments in history, and artists tend to know that. There has been no shortage of over-the-top performances and onstage gags that have made headlines for years to come. Read more: Here are 10 […]

Here's the ’90s alternative anthem that best matches your zodiac sign

If you are into astrology, you have probably implemented it in a lot of areas of your life to figure out who you truly are. Have you ever applied it to your favorite ’90s anthems? Thanks to the stars and zodiac signs, astrology has given us a way to find out which ’90s tune you […]
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