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10 new bands founded by scene icons that you might not have heard of

We may be a good decade out from the height of the scene heyday, but that doesn’t mean our favorite artists are anywhere past their prime. In fact, a good number of them have been extending their talents by forming new bands and side projects. Unless they’re getting broad recognition like Simple Creatures, however, these […]

Yes, you can really own a Christmas bear that sings this Metro Station hit

Since Thanksgiving came and went in the blink of an eye, many of us have already begun our Black Friday shopping this week. For those of you looking for the ultimate throwback gift that is both cuddly and full of festive emo cheer, look no further. As it turns out, Home Depot is apparently the […]

QUIZ: Can you match these neon-pop lyrics to the bands who sang them?

It’s impossible to picture the 2000s alternative music scene without the added flair of neon pop punk. Between its bright fashion, catchy lyrics and synth-ridden melodies, the era is the one that stands out most from the decade. Even 10 years out from the neon heyday, we’re still struggling to get a number of songs […]

QUIZ: Create a playlist, and we’ll tell you a new band to listen to

Alternative rock—pop punk in particular—is going through some new waves at present. Especially now with downtime in the wake of canceled tours, many artists are turning to creative experimentalism. The result? A stacked collection of new alternative bands with totally unique sounds. Granted, it can be hard to find some of these gems. With music […]

20 scene albums from 2007 that are probably still stuck in your head

In 2007, the scene was rocking harder and louder than anyone could have imagined. Myspace favorites such as Fall Out Boy and Paramore were crafting their emo sounds into unforgettable albums that established them as legends. While staying true to their roots in emo and punk, scene music introduced synthesizers and screamo elements to create […]

Supergroup Social Order unites Metro Station, New Politics and Mowgli's

The world may be falling apart, but music continues to pull us together. Taking on a whole new level of “Quarantunes” in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mason Musso of Metro Station, Louis Vecchio of New Politics, Anthony Improgo of Parade Of Lights and Matthew Di Panni of The Mowgli’s have introduced a new collaboration under the […]

Here’s why Metro Station refuse to make another “Shake It” in 2020

We know you’re down with “Shake It,” the massive 2007 neon, emo-dance track by Metro Station. How do we know that? Because Spotify streams don’t lie. But while nostalgia is a cool place to visit, you shouldn’t live there. That’s what Station-masters Mason Musso and Trace Cyrus tell Altpress content editor Paige Owens on the […]

QUIZ: How much emo trivia do you really know?

We at AltPress hold the emo title in high regard and fully embrace all subsects of fans who proudly stand under the genre’s umbrella without discretion, only pure, kindred acceptance. We celebrate those who have first pressings of Sunny Day Real Estate vinyl, early 2000s My Chemical Romance fanatics who enlisted in the MCRmy during […]

Trace Cyrus reveals why Metro Station needed to break up

For years, Metro Station dominated scene music with their breakout track “Shake It” and became icons of the genre. When the project started, the pair were 17 years old and made the decision to tour versus finishing high school. Despite the immediacy of their success, the world was seemingly stacked against them, which ultimately led […]

Trace Cyrus confirms Metro Station reunion, new music in 2020

When Metro Station first started, they created a neon-emo music phenomena, gaining massive mainstream attention with their track “Shake It.” The infectious dance anthem made its debut on our iPod shuffle playlists in 2007, and we almost guarantee it’s still a song you revisit. But Metro Station were more than studded belts, straightened bangs and […]

Trace Cyrus hits the studio after Metro Station reunion tease

Metro Station vocalist Trace Cyrus made a post on social media asking fans if they wanted a new album from the band. Is he hinting at a possible reunion? We hope yes. The year has been filled with reunions, and only three weeks left in 20ninescene, we’re hoping a few more of our favorite acts […]

Trace Cyrus gets "Married In Vegas" in new Metro Station music video (exclusive)

In the case of Metro Station’s raucous new video for “Married In Vegas,” what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Sometimes it’s forever captured on film for a music video. The video follows singer Trace Cyrus and his real-life girlfriend, actress Brenda Song, as they marry (but not for real) in Las Vegas' […]

B.LaY and Metro Station’s Mason Musso team up for “It Comes From You”

Photo by Andre Giovanni Rapper B.LaY, who you already know from his sick collaborations with Ronnie Radke, is teaming up with AP to bring you a new track, “It Comes From You,” which features Metro Station’s Mason Musso on guest vocals. Check it out below, and let us know your thoughts. “This song is about […]