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Tate Logan releases video for “Kill Me to Try”–watch

Tate Logan of the band Happy. has made his solo debut with “Kill Me to Try.” The track was accompanied by a music video. Read more: Tate Logan has partnered with Cloutchain to offer an NFT card collection Logan spoke about the meaning behind the song in a press release. “It’s about being so deep […]

Against The Current release "again&again" ahead of new 'fever' EP—listen

Against The Current explore feeling trapped in your own head in their new single “again&again,” featuring guardin.  Along with sharing the song, the Fueled By Ramen artists announced their new upcoming EP fever, which will include previously released tracks “weapon” and “that won’t save us.” Arriving July 23, the seven-track EP will be the first […]

Chrissy Costanza came to terms with self-sabotage on ATC's "weapon"

Against The Current vocalist Chrissy Costanza is ready to walk through the fire and embrace healing on her pop-rock band’s single “weapon.”  Writing the track during lockdown and in a time of darkness for the singer, “weapon” sees Costanza exploring how we are “simultaneously the protagonist and antagonist of our own story” and how she’s […]

Here's why Against The Current went back to rock on "that won't save us"

After the release of their last LP, Past Lives, in 2018, Against The Current focused their time and energy on touring and performing. After two years, the group returned with “that won’t save us” and are teaming up with Alternative Press to debut the performance video for the track. Composed of vocalist Chrissy Costanza, guitarist […]

See Against The Current return with the guitar anthem “that won’t save us”

It’s been a while since we last heard new music from Against The Current. However, it looks like the wait is finally over. Against The Current are officially back with the guitar-driven anthem “that won’t save us” that is all about letting go of past frustrations. Read more: It looks like an all-female Marvel film […]

Underoath’s album breakdown continues with Slipknot and ETID members

Underoath are streaming on Twitch this week to listen through their album Lost In The Sound Of Separation.  The iconic album featured the tracks such as “We Are The Involuntary” and “Desperate Times, Desperate Measures.” Read more: Christofer Drew’s ‘Unborn Spark’ finally has a new release date Earlier this month, the band launched a livestream […]

How Never Loved finished an album without being in the same room

Pop-punk act Never Loved and producer Matt Squire were in the middle of completing the band’s debut album when coronavirus began to spread around the world. It was only a matter of time before festivals and tours announced cancellations. With studios closed and artists left to create in their homes, collaborations between writers, producers and […]

Neck Deep are planning “things [they’ve] never done before” for 2020 tour

We’re just days removed from Neck Deep announcing All Distortions Are Intentional as the follow-up to 2017’s The Peace And The Panic. The pop-punk act dropped off the first Technicolor single “Lowlife,” and now they’re giving fans even more to look forward to by teaming up with AltPress to exclusively announce their 2020 headlining tour. […]

All Time Low talk highs and lows of ‘Nothing Personal’ 10 years later

Ten years ago, All Time Low were on top of the world—or at least to those peering in from the outside. After great success with their Put Up Or Shut Up EP and So Wrong, It’s Right, the band began work on a third release, Nothing Personal. Finally coming into their own sound, the four-piece […]

Aaron Gillespie explains how the new Almost record nearly didn't get made

When AP gets on the phone with Aaron Gillespie, he’s still coping from the jet lag he went through leaving Australia while touring with Underoath. But when it comes down to discussing Fear Caller, the new album reactivating his band the Almost, he perks up considerably. “In a lot of ways, this record feels like […]

Never Loved are over unrequited relationships in “Down”—watch

Camm Knopp is an indecisive person. Before he started his music career and became the vocalist/lead guitarist of Never Loved, he was unsure of what he wanted to do with his life. He’d played in a few bands, ghost-written songs for other artists and even approached producer Matt Squire (All Time Low, Panic! At The […]

Never Loved say ‘Goddamn’ to love in new single—listen

Never Loved are working through an exhausting love story, teaming up with AP to debut their new single, “Goddamn.” Along with an animated graphic of a rolling eye that matches the subject matter perfectly, the trio dive into the hills and valleys of a modern relationship through jamming guitar and gritty vocals. Read more: 13 […]

The Maine reflect on ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ 10 years later—an oral history

A lot can happen in 10 years—just ask the Maine. In the last decade, the band have released six full-length albums (along with their new collection of favorites-turned-acoustic), toured the world over (and over again) and even celebrated their dedicated support system with the properly titled 8123 Festival. Ask the band when they really started […]