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20 greatest Roadrunner Records bands, from Slipknot to Turnstile

Since its foundation in 1980, Roadrunner Records has been a go-to name for outstanding established bands and a reliable home for new acts looking to ground their roots. Where metal has pushed its boundaries and changed its ever-evolving face, Roadrunner has supported and nurtured growth to new heights. From carrying Slipknot’s career to the stars, […]

15 metal artists who went solo and blew audiences away even more

Whether it’s a less than amicable split with their former band or an unfulfilled urge to pursue a different path of musical creativity, the biggest names in the metal world have tried going solo at one point. However, it takes a certain caliber of artist to hold up a career under their name alone, whether […]

20 artists who defined the sound of nü metal from past to present

Whether or not you lived through the golden age of MTV and JNCO jeans, the discovery of the nü-metal phenomenon was an awakening for any generation. Slamming orchestrated metal intensity in the same track as raw, off-the-cuff hip-hop energy sounds like a contradiction. In many ways, the genre seemed like a musical oxymoron that would […]