Playing guitar with knives: breaking down My Chemical Romance's "The Foundations of Decay"

Thursday evening, My Chemical Romance had the absolute audacity to drop “The Foundations Of Decay,” their first new song since 2014’s “Fake Your Death” without warning. The band fully disrupted reality as we had known it, waking slumbering souls, tearing us out of the comfort of resignation we’d been living in that new music would […]

From action figures to jumpsuits, these are the 23 rarest My Chemical Romance collectibles

Pick any given day to search “My Chemical Romance” on eBay, and you will be bombarded with thousands of exorbitantly priced listings. But is that Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys California 2019 boxset actually worth $3,000?  Some of the MCRmy’s most devoted collectors and yours truly scoured our inventories for some […]

9 bands we wish would come back to make another full-length album

In the past decade, everyone from Misfits and Jawbreaker to My Chemical Romance and Rage Against The Machine has thrilled us with the announcement of a reunion show or tour. And while we’re ecstatic to see these artists hit the road again, that doesn’t stop us from wishing that they’d make a pitstop or two […]

Bob Bryar auctioning My Chemical Romance drums to benefit animal shelter

UPDATE: JULY 7, 2021 Bob Bryar’s drum set has sold. Within three days, the Three Cheers-era kit surged over $10,000. The auction received 94 bids from 32 bidders by the time it eventually sold at 11:03 p.m. on July 7. At one point, the item had over 600 watchers.  The final bidder ended up purchasing […]

15 artists who would perfectly soundtrack Marvel's Phases 4 and 5

From the rock anthems that followed us through Iron Man to the timeless classics we danced to with Baby Groot in Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel has given us incredible soundtracks to coincide with their phenomenal movies. However, with the next phase of the MCU underway, we couldn’t help but think about how things could […]

Read AltPress’ first interview with Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance

Featured in the August 2004 issue 193, My Chemical Romance made their major Alternative Press feature debut before appearing on the cover of issue 197 in December 2004. Following the release of their sophomore album in June 2004, ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge,’ the group were interviewed by Leslie Simon and shot by Anthony Saint […]

Frank Iero loves that fans dress up as My Chemical Romance years later

When Frank Iero first got his start in the New Jersey hardcore and punk scene, the only thing he had on his mind was creating something loud and disruptive onstage. Adorned in dirty band T-shirts, at-home bleached hair and a zero-fucks-given attitude, Iero adamantly dedicated himself to creating a wave of sound up until he […]

This iconic My Chemical Romance LEGO design could become a reality

UPDATE: April 27, 2021 11:41 AM ET After launching the My Chemical Romance “Welcome To The Black Parade” LEGO set idea, VNMBricks has reached the 10,000 supporters milestone. The design will officially be reviewed by a LEGO expert to see if the design will become a reality. ORIGINAL: April 21, 2021 11:25 AM ET VNMBricks […]

Tribe Friday vent frustrations in “drugs x boys x drugs” video—watch

Straight out of a vivid indie-rock/emo daydream, Swedish alternative outfit Tribe Friday are the up-and-coming artist you need to keep on your radar. Today they’re sharing their brand-new video for “drugs x boys x drugs” and an in-depth look into the making of the track and visuals exclusively with AltPress. By blending emo nostalgia via […]

Jen Malone used music to bring "The Umbrella Academy" season 2 to life

Joining the crew on season 2 of The Umbrella Academy wasn’t only a dream come true for Jen Malone—it was a no-brainer. Riding success as the music supervisor for television dramas such as Atlanta and Euphoria, Malone was essentially made to sonically document the Hargreeves siblings’ endless grocery list of shortcomings. Whether in television or […]

My Chemical Romance reschedule tour dates for 2022

My Chemical Romance are rescheduling their reunion tour dates for 2022. The highly anticipated run will mark the follow-up to the band’s return at The Shrine in Los Angeles in December 2019 following a clue-filled reunion announcement weeks prior on Halloween. Originally set to play their next shows in Australia, New Zealand and Japan in […]

10 records and artists you need to listen to according to Frank Iero

2020 held monumental plans for Frank Iero alongside My Chemical Romance on their return tour, but he spent the year much like the rest of us—discovering new music and reconnecting with some former loves. After more than a year spent at home, there’s only so much Netflix or Hulu to binge on, recipes to mimic […]

SAG Awards announce 2021 winners—see the full list here

Like many awards shows over the past year, the 27th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards are opting for a virtual event to announce the 2021 winners amid the coronavirus pandemic. With a shortened one-hour ceremony, the SAG Awards air April 4 at 9 p.m. ET on TNT and TBS. While the event is typically held […]

10 alternative artists who gave iconic '80s classics a modern update

We’re well aware that there’s a bit of an ’80s renaissance going on in pop culture. From soundtracking shows to influencing alternative artists with synth-pop and darkwave, the music of the decade is certainly a prominent force in the modern age. Of course, many artists (some more than others) are quick to pay tribute to their predecessors […]

‘Umbrella Academy’ star Aidan Gallagher interviews Gerard Way in new series

This week, The Umbrella Academy star Aidan Gallagher launched a new series on his YouTube channel with Gerard Way. Together, the duo has teamed up to discuss all things music-related. In the first part of the interview, Way opened up about his recording studio and working with producer, engineer and longtime friend Doug McKean. Read […]

Fans think MCR are teasing something with this new merch—here's why

If you’ve followed My Chemical Romance closely over the years, then you’ve probably tried your hand at cracking a few cryptic clues. From all of those subtle hints about their 2019 reunion to that Frank Iero broken clock analogy that will haunt us forever, My Chemical Romance are the kings of keeping things cryptic. Now, […]

One of My Chemical Romance's 2021 UK shows has been postponed

My Chemical Romance are gearing up to hit the stage for the first time since their 2019 reunion for their highly-anticipated return tour. Following various postponements, their string of concerts was set to kick off June 15 with a special show in St. Austell, England. However, My Chemical Romance’s Eden Sessions show has now been […]

10 opening songs that made these alternative albums perfect from the start

In a culture driven by instant gratification, it’s important to start off on the right foot when putting out content. This of course doubles for music, especially now that streaming services put a seemingly endless number of albums at our fingertips. Fortunately for the alternative music scene, starting off strong has been a long-set precedent. […]

10 alternative accessories you'll wish you had in the 2000s

Modern edgy teens just don’t know how good they have it. Between the advancement of beauty items and the meteoric rise of online shopping, a whole new world of alternative aesthetic items is at their fingertips. Those of us who had our scene phases in the 2000s weren’t quite as fortunate. If we couldn’t achieve the […]

Fans just discovered MCR technically exist in the Marvel Universe

A new crossover in this week’s episode of WandaVision has led to My Chemical Romance fans making an interesting connection. As it turns out, My Chemical Romance technically exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since this article will go over things that happened in episode seven of WandaVision, here is your SPOILER WARNING. Read more: […]
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