Read AltPress’ first interview with Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance

Featured in the August 2004 issue 193, My Chemical Romance made their major Alternative Press feature debut before appearing on the cover of issue 197 in December 2004. Following the release of their sophomore album in June 2004, ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge,’ the group were interviewed by Leslie Simon and shot by Anthony Saint […]

10 things you probably didn’t know about My Chemical Romance’s ‘Danger Days’

It’s been an entire decade since the Killjoys first made some noise on 2010’s Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys. The aftermath is secondary, ultimately legendary and a timely reminder that My Chemical Romance can turn their hands to any far-fetched concept and produce a timeless, genre-defining album in the process. For […]

My Chemical Romance had to find a fresh perspective for 'Danger Days'

With 35 years of rock ’n’ roll under our belts, you know we’ve got some stories to share. Through the wildest cover shoots with Slipknot, AFI, My Chemical Romance and more, we made it through the trenches and lived to tell the tales. After creating our “greatest hits” cover featuring the likes of Hayley Williams […]

My Chemical Romance are why you lost sleep over "A summoning..." nods

It seemed like Planet Earth seemed genuinely stoked for the My Chemical Romance reunion show at the Shrine in Los Angeles last December. While the legion of stans who couldn’t make it settled for fuzzy cellphone coverage of the event, there was that nagging feeing. C’mon guys: There has got to be a tour. Of course, […]

QUIZ: How much emo trivia do you really know?

We at AltPress hold the emo title in high regard and fully embrace all subsects of fans who proudly stand under the genre’s umbrella without discretion, only pure, kindred acceptance. We celebrate those who have first pressings of Sunny Day Real Estate vinyl, early 2000s My Chemical Romance fanatics who enlisted in the MCRmy during […]

My Chemical Romance nods you missed in “A summoning…”

My Chemical Romance just released what may be the longest and most incredibly hyped-up tour announcement of all time, “A summoning…” Granted, they did just announce their first U.S. tour in nine years. The 13-minute video is over six times as long as “An Offering…,” which was a promo for MCR’s U.K. Milton Keynes announcement.  […]

My Chemical Romance return—see the last song from historic reunion set

My Chemical Romance have officially returned to the stage for the first time in seven years. The band put those fresh picks and new guitars to good use for the comeback of the decade. On Halloween, MCR announced their return show for nearly two months away in Los Angeles. Now that wait and emotional preparation is finally over as the band […]

My Chemical Romance reunion show setlist includes hits, deep cuts

It was an unforgettable and emotional night for My Chemical Romance fans as we watched our emo icons take the stage once again. As we end the night with smudged eyeliner and full hearts, we take a look back at the career-spanning setlist from tonight’s reunion show. Check it out below! Read more: Saves The […]

My Chemical Romance highlight new statue in return imagery

My Chemical Romance are playing the most anticipated show of the decade. They announced their return with an image of a Pasquale Rizzoli statue. Now, the backdrop image at their show is a different statue than the one they first teased. The original statue was of a pair. The image used in the backdrop at […]

My Chemical Romance return—watch the first song from the reunion show

The moment is finally here: My Chemical Romance have officially returned to the stage for the first time in seven years. The band put those fresh picks and new guitars to good use for the comeback of the decade. On Halloween, MCR announced their return show for nearly two months away in Los Angeles. Now […]

Saves The Day join Thursday for My Chemical Romance return show set

Last month, Thursday sparked a whole new level of excitement regarding the My Chemical Romance reunion show after being announced as the opener. Now, this historical emo moment is upon us as Thursday kick off the night in the very best way possible by pulling Saves The Day frontman Chris Conley onstage! Check it out […]

My Chemical Romance fans prepare for the return with era-spanning looks

My Chemical Romance fans are a rabid bunch. People have come from all over the world to witness a moment in history that is the My Chemical Romance reunion. Whether they’re from California or Cambodia, they all have on thing in common. Check out some faces of the lucky bunch below. Read more: My Chemical […]

My Chemical Romance reveal new symbols alongside return merch

My Chemical Romance day is in full swing. As the hour of their performance grows closer, fans in line have kept an eagle eye on everything going on around them. From the arrival of the merch truck last night to figuring out what type of merchandise is being sold, nothing gets by the MCRmy. As the […]

My Chemical Romance fans lead emo sing-along waiting for the return

After years of waiting, My Chemical Romance fans are ready to paint it black and take it back as the doors open for the band’s long-awaited and highly anticipated reunion show! Fans who arrived early blessed our timelines with pictures of MCR return merch and a trailer with new symbols possibly hinting at new music. […]

My Chemical Romance fan celebrates first in line with most on-brand way

My Chemical Romance are obviously more than a band. They impact lives in a way that has changed the very fabric of people’s emotions. Many humans have tattoos supporting the legendary act. Love makes us do crazy things. In anticipation of the My Chemical Romance reunion, fans have been waiting outside the venue since Tuesday, […]

Can you pass this ridiculous My Chemical Romance trivia quiz?

Soldiers of the MCRmy, the day is finally here. My Chemical Romance will be returning to the stage for the first time since 2012. In celebration, we think it’s time to brush up on our MCR knowledge! Take this quiz to find out if you need to spend more time researching or if you’re ready […]

My Chemical Romance are emulating the Smashing Pumpkins⁠—here's why

Despite rumors constantly circulating on social media, between the MCR fanbase and on news outlets, the group remained silent. On June 7, Joe Jonas shared with the KISS FM Breakfast Show that My Chemical Romance were reportedly rehearsing together in New York at the same time as the Jonas Brothers’ rehearsals. “I’ve got some dirt,” […]

Gerard Way preps "heavy," witch-inspired new music

Is there some heavy new stuff on the way from Mr. Way? Scene paramour Gerard Way is kicking off the new year with a hefty 2018 recap on his official website, the ex-My Chemical Romance vocalist and multifaceted media vanguard sharing the things that moved him during a “dark year.” Read more: Why was Carson […]

See Palaye Royale, All Time Low members rock this MCR cover

Looks like members of All Time Low joined Palaye Royale for a rockin’ cover of the My Chemical Romance classic “Teenagers” at an after-party following the acts’ recent performances at Good Things Festival. Watch below! None other than All Time Low’s very own frontman Alex Gaskarth hopped up onstage to join Palaye’s Remington Leith, Sebastian […]

Frank Iero hints at new band with "surprise" musicians

What is Frank Iero up to? The Frank Iero And The Patience frontman and former My Chemical Romance member took to Instagram to tease some sort of new music collaboration with “suprise” band members—check it out below. Read more: Frank Iero trolls fan with epic MCR joke On Tuesday, Iero shared some cryptic images online, […]
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