10 pop-punk bands from Canada who are leaving a mark on the genre

There’s no denying that pop punk owes much of what it has to Canada. With greats such as Avril Lavigne and Sum 41, the country has shaped the larger scene pretty significantly. We’ll let you in on a little secret, though… It’s still continuing to do so. In the midst of today’s pop-punk revival, scenes […]

50 rising Canadian bands by province to keep on your radar

Canada’s music scene is spread far and wide, but there are a ton of hidden gems throughout the country. From the rainy mountains of British Columbia to the far reaches of the East Coast Atlantic provinces, Canadian musicians are proving their worth while constantly being overshadowed.  Here are 50 up-and-coming Canadian bands who are showing […]

Montreal officially called a “heavy metal city” after City Council approval

Montreal has officially become the most rock ‘n’ roll city in all of Canada, or rather, the most “heavy metal city.” According to Consequence Of Sound, a resolution proposed by City Councillor Craig Sauvé was unanimously approved last evening, April 15, by the rest of City Council. The resolution recognizes Montreal’s rich history and “excellence” in […]

Major League stream new acoustic song, "Montreal"

Major League have released a brand new acoustic track titled “Montreal.” The song is featured on No Sleep Records' upcoming compilation effort A Comp For Mom, which pays tribute to label president Chris Hansen’s mother, Linda Hansen, who recently passed away in April. Pre-orders are available through No Sleep's online store. Check out the track's premiere or listen […]

The Story So Far intervene with Warped security

During the intro of the Story So Far's “Daughters” at the Montreal, QC stop of the Vans Warped Tour, a security guard wearing a black bucket hat can be seen throwing a fan to the ground right about :40 seconds into the video. According to the YouTuber that uploaded it, the fan had crowd surfed over the […]