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HUNNY tap Motion City Soundtrack's Justin Courtney Pierre for "ring in ur ear"

HUNNY’s new album, Hunny’s New Planet Heaven, comes out this week.

Sad Summer Festival 2023: Taking Back Sunday, the Maine, LS Dunes, more to play

Grab your sunscreen and get into your feels. The fourth installment of Sad Summer Festival’s epic lineup has been revealed, and you will not want to miss what’s in store for 2023.  From July 6-29, Sad Summer will welcome headliners Taking Back Sunday for their festival debut, as well as returning favorites the Maine, Hot Mulligan, […]

The Higher break down Elvis in Wonderland, their comeback EP after a 12-year hiatus

The Higher are reemerging after a 12-year hiatus. The band explain how their comeback EP Elvis in Wonderland incorporates their classic sound and new surprises.

How punk rock taught stand-up comedian Neil Rubenstein to pay it forward

Neil Rubenstein is carving out his own place in the comedy world. The stand-up comic discusses his punk-rock roots and touring with Motion City Soundtrack.

20 greatest Epitaph Records bands, from Pennywise to Architects

Established by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz in 1981, Epitaph Records set out to bring together the California punk scene under one umbrella. It soon outgrew that original mission statement and went on to become a certified authority in other genres as well. From the springboard on which From First To Last received their launch […]

1999’s 15 best punk albums heralded a new age of mainstream rock

Welcome to Alternative Press’ pick of 1999’s best punk albums. It can be argued that the tone for the entire year was set in its first two months. For one thing, the 21-day impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton for perjuring himself in the investigation into the scandal over his affair with White House intern […]

10 alternative bands who are refreshing the genre outside of the U.S.

Early emo artists crammed into Washington, D.C. basements, while punk rockers destroyed small California clubs. Grunge blew up in the Pacific Northwest, but it all spread across the world. Alternative rock, whatever form it comes in, isn’t just a staple of Western culture. It’s universal.  Visiting Seoul? Check out a local indie band in a […]

15 alternative songs that were essential for 2000s summer road trips

Flashback to your 2000s scene phase. You’re a day out from a road trip and focused entirely on prepping. Does that mean double-checking your suitcase or gas tank, though? Of course not. You’re more concerned with loading up your iPod with alternative summer hits. Fortunately, even in the wake of widespread technological innovations, some basic […]

remy makes music for all the people who don't fit in anywhere else

Add a dash of Fall Out Boy, a sprinkle of Drake, a pinch of the 1975 and a hint of Kanye West and you’ll end up with a sound that’s nearly impossible to replicate. The mastermind behind this fool-proof recipe is none other than Hopeless Records’ latest addition to their stacked roster—a singer-songwriter who was […]

10 alternative artists who have defined Riot Fest throughout the years

Over the years, Riot Fest has taken over Chicago’s Douglas Park with circus sideshows, carnival games and, most importantly, an incredible lineup. But its history stretches even further back, drawing people of all ages and backgrounds between its hub and offshoots in Toronto and Denver. The festival has been running for 15 years strong, solidifying […]

Nine Inch Nails, Run The Jewels and more set to headline Riot Fest 2021

The organizers of Riot Fest have announced that the festival is returning to Douglass Park in Chicago this fall. In typical Riot fashion, the lineup for Sept. 17, 18 and 19 is stacked. “We’ve missed you and we can’t wait to see you this year,” the festival organizers shared.  Headliners include alternative veterans Nine Inch […]

Escape The Fate, Crown The Empire and more join Slam Dunk 2021 lineup

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of concerts and events have been rescheduled this past year. For Slam Dunk, organizers have pushed back the festival not once, but twice already. Finally, last month, Slam Dunk organizers confirmed that the 2021 festival is now happening this fall. Now, the official lineup for the new Slam […]

10 modern emo bands who will instantly remind you of the 2000s

It’s easy to look back at 2000s emo music with a sense of longing. After all, it boasted artists and sounds that have long since dissipated… That’s not really the case, though, is it? While we can still stream music by our favorite bands of the time, new artists are constantly developing reminiscent styles. So, […]

20 pop-punk drummers who set the beat for the whole genre

If you’ve been a pop-punk fan for quite some time now, we’re willing to bet it was a fast, upbeat song that first made you fall in love with the genre. You probably still remember the jolt of energy you felt when your now-favorite songs blasted through your speakers for the first time, and you […]

10 artist playlists on Spotify that you'll wish you made yourself

If we learned anything when the world was turned upside down in 2020, it’s that artists are just like us. They get bored and sit on TikTok, binge-watch the same shows and make their own highly specific playlists on Spotify. Read more: QUIZ: Which movie franchise should you binge-watch? If you’ve never really looked into […]

10 things you never noticed about your favorite emo songs

A fundamental part of being an emo kid is not letting any aspects of music be unknown. That’s why we memorize song lyrics in their entirety and play them backward just in case. But that doesn’t mean that more subtle elements can’t sneak by us from time to time. After all, with so many hits to obsess over […]

10 acoustic renditions of 2000s songs that are better than the original

It doesn’t matter what part of the 2000s alternative music spectrum you lean toward. Whether your iPod was dominated by neon, pop punk or screamo tracks, one thing is for sure: Everyone loves an acoustic song.  The trend persists quite actively today. Tune in to just about any band’s quarantine livestreams and you’ll catch stripped […]

Do you remember when Demi Lovato played Warped Tour?

Many of us can recount a few now-surprising performers who graced the Warped Tour stage, including Katy Perry, the Black Eyed Peas and Eminem, but do you remember when Disney turned pop star Demi Lovato worked her way onto the summer festival lineup? Imagine the good old days of 2010. Warped Tour still exists, and you […]

9 uncredited guest vocals you might have missed in your favorite songs

Is there any better surprise than listening to a song and getting hit by a cameo from a familiar vocalist? Aside from adding to the dynamics of the track, these uncredited guest vocals are great Easter eggs for any fan.  While it’s not uncommon for these collaborations to go unnoted on streaming platforms, Google will […]
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