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15 '80s songs that need to be in Stranger Things season 5

Since its inception in 2016, Stranger Things has become a treasure trove for classic ‘80s songs. From bringing back the evocative sound of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” to turning people into Metallica fans because of “Master of Puppets,” the showrunners have become adept at creating the perfect soundtrack for the show’s sci-fi horror […]

How punk rock taught stand-up comedian Neil Rubenstein to pay it forward

Neil Rubenstein is carving out his own place in the comedy world. The stand-up comic discusses his punk-rock roots and touring with Motion City Soundtrack.

7 times rock fought back, from Rage Against The Machine to Pussy Riot

On March 28, Florida lawmakers officially passed their “Don’t Say Gay” Bill. As reported by The Guardian, the bill signed by Florida Gov. Ron Desantis forbids instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten to third grade. The policy has faced heavy scrutiny on a national front. Many argue that it isolates and marginalizes […]

The best punk drummers of the 2000s, from Travis Barker to Meg White

As the new century’s first decade unwound, things evolved or deteriorated rapidly, depending on your perspective. The entire world was changing in every aspect. So of course, punk rock was gonna change with it. The fundamentalists would scream and moan about how these changes weren’t punk at all, that we needed to go back to […]

A history of horror punk, from the Damned and Misfits to Alkaline Trio

I Put A Spell On You: Horror-punk roots Horror punk? Well, the cheapest, tackiest horror films have always been part of the cultural detritus that’s informed the punk aesthetic. Think of Ramones’ ode to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, “Chain Saw.” Remember the bloody, dripping creature feature font adorning Iggy And The Stooges’ Raw Power […]

Machine Gun Kelly robs a bank in new clip from 'The Last Son'—watch

A new clip of Machine Gun Kelly playing a Wild West bank robber in the upcoming action movie The Last Son is out. The David Von Ancken-directed film hits theaters and on-demand via Redbox Dec. 10. Read more: Machine Gun kelly announces new custom Schecter signature guitar The Last Son follows 19-century outlaw Isaac Lemay […]

20 songs that transformed punk, from "Raw Power" to "Rebel Girl"

There are a lot of people out there who know what punk rock is but have no idea how to explain it to a novice or an outsider. It would seem simple enough to define it as “three-chord teenage rebel music,” but what about all those songs that have four or more chords? Or all […]

Bring Me The Horizon deliver raw and intimate set at LA's Whisky a Go Go

On Wednesday night, Bring Me The Horizon played a raw and intimate show at the legendary Los Angeles music venue Whisky a Go Go. The venue, with a capacity of just under 500 people, was a notable change from the band’s usual performances at arenas and stadiums across the world. TikTok sensation Jeris Johnson and […]

These 10 vocalists were punk-rock standard-bearers during the ‘00s

Welcome to Alternative Press’ 10 best punk vocalists of the ‘00s. When we counted down that decade’s finest punk guitarists, we noted that the beginning of the new century was a turning point. The ‘90s began with Nirvana breaking down the door for punk-influenced alternative acts to become the mainstream music of the decade, peaked […]

11 tracks that perfectly encapsulate their entire era of music

Music often leaves a deep mark on its era. Songs become embedded in our consciousness through their ability to perfectly capture a moment. They are burned even deeper into history through stories, newsreels and documentary footage, circulated by word-of-mouth as well as official documentation. For this reason, music gets mixed up somewhere between ourselves and […]

Read AltPress’ first interview with Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance

Featured in the August 2004 issue 193, My Chemical Romance made their major Alternative Press feature debut before appearing on the cover of issue 197 in December 2004. Following the release of their sophomore album in June 2004, ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge,’ the group were interviewed by Leslie Simon and shot by Anthony Saint […]

11 LGBTQIA+ punk musicians who changed the genre forever

It stands to reason LGBTQIA+ culture informed, inspired and enmeshed with punk, down to the crossover with the ’70s glam scene that helped spawn it. After all, both worlds were essentially the Island of Misfit Toys, from the Rankin/Bass 1964 holiday special Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer: a rebel culture for those whose ideas don’t fit […]

Paris Jackson joins The Struts for groovy new duet "Low Key In Love"

The Struts are back with another brand new song called “Low Key In Love.” This time around, however, they aren’t alone. For the fiery new track, the British glam rock band are joined by none other than Paris Jackson. Both Jackson and the Struts frontman Luke Spiller have opened up about the inspiration behind “Low Key […]

Pete Davidson is starring as Joey Ramone in an upcoming Netflix biopic

Pete Davidson has just landed one of his next movie roles. The comedian is set to portray punk icon Joey Ramone in the Netflix biopic I Slept With Joey Ramone. The news was announced April 15, which marks the 20th anniversary of the Ramones vocalist’s death. In addition to starring in I Slept With Joey […]

Record Store Day 2021 drops include iDKHOW, FFTL, K.Flay and more

Record Store Day 2021 is quickly approaching, and the annual event has finally released its list of exclusive and limited vinyl. I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, From First To Last, K.Flay, twenty one pilots and Linkin Park are among the lengthy list of RSD selections that includes more than 400 releases for […]

21 artists who are 21 years old or younger and taking over alternative music

Thanks to the internet, our exposure to new artists isn’t reliant on record deals and radio hits. Alternative artists of all ages have been able to blow up on social media, release music on their own and launch their careers out of their bedrooms.  This is especially true for young artists. With the cult following […]

24kGoldn laments a broken relationship in the video for “3,2,1”—watch

24kGoldn is back with his first new song in 2021 called “3,2,1.” The artist also finally revealed the release date for his upcoming album El Dorado. Goldn teased the new song on Twitter earlier this week, saying, “3,2,1 drops this thursday night. u excited as i am??” Now, the brand new video is here, available […]

20 pop-punk drummers who set the beat for the whole genre

If you’ve been a pop-punk fan for quite some time now, we’re willing to bet it was a fast, upbeat song that first made you fall in love with the genre. You probably still remember the jolt of energy you felt when your now-favorite songs blasted through your speakers for the first time, and you […]

15 punk albums from 1992 that thrived in the era of grunge

The mood of 1992: “We won!” Nirvana’s Nevermind sold by the truckload hourly. All anyone could talk about was alternative rock and grunge. Record biz execs walked around that spring’s SXSW convention in Austin in floppy, artfully unwashed hair, just-purchased flannel shirts and ripped jeans. You’d pass a line of them in the parking lot […]

10 musicians who had their own real-life ghost adventures

There are few things we love more than musicians and ghost stories, so when they come together, we can’t get enough. Luckily, many musicians in the scene are self-proclaimed horror buffs, sometimes incorporating the aesthetic into music videos, album art and more. Read more: 10 songs that are as captivating as the horror movies that […]
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