Brody King goes hard on the wrestling mat and on stage with God's Hate

Brody King is expanding his career beyond wrestling. King discusses his mission for God’s Hate, acting on I Think You Should Leave and Sound and Fury Festival.

Shinigami and Billy Martin construct a nü-metal cyber-dystopia with “Rampage”

Shinigami and Billy Martin of Good Charlotte have released the new single “Rampage.” Alternative Press is bringing you the song’s debut. In addition, Shinigami is announcing his forthcoming EP bioMACHiNA. The release is due April 22 in partnership with Version III. Read more: “People like listening to me being horribly in pain”: the oral history […]

20 nü-metal bands that defined the late '90s and early 2000s

On paper, hip-hop and metal shouldn’t work together — two polarizing genres with very different intentions and attitudes. However, thanks to a new wave of outfits in the late ‘90s and early 2000s bravely merging the two contrasting flavors at the same time, nü metal was born. Read more: A beginner’s guide to Linkin Park: […]

20 artists who defined the sound of nü metal from past to present

Whether or not you lived through the golden age of MTV and JNCO jeans, the discovery of the nü-metal phenomenon was an awakening for any generation. Slamming orchestrated metal intensity in the same track as raw, off-the-cuff hip-hop energy sounds like a contradiction. In many ways, the genre seemed like a musical oxymoron that would […]

QUIZ: Which nü-metal band are you the most like?

Nü metal went from being the biggest movement in the genre throughout the ’90s to being a mostly laughable era, but in more recent years, nostalgia has kicked in, making fans fall in love with it all over again. Whether you listen to the staples such as Korn, Deftones, Mudvayne or Limp Bizkit or dive […]

Top 10 nü-metal staples that still hold up today

No matter how much the metal community likes to bash the movement, nü metal was undeniably a huge push for the genre to go mainstream. From the super drop-tuned guitar riffs, record scratches, hip-hop vocal style and horribly dated fashion choices, there’s plenty to pick from when you want to make fun of nü metal, […]