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'American Horror Story' season 10 may remind fans of this classic storyline

With each passing day, American Horror Story fans are closer to finally seeing season 10. Now, Lily Rabe has revealed that filming for the upcoming season reminds her of a particular fan-favorite storyline from years ago. Read more: Lil Uzi Vert just teased his Travis Scott collab in the most Uzi way ever After facing […]

11 unforgettable music moments in ‘American Horror Story’

American Horror Story has used incidental music to great effect over its nine-year history, creating some truly unforgettable moments with a touch of songs both familiar and unusual. From characters covering classics to obscure melodies warning when danger is coming, music is never far from an important scene. We know you’re bingeing all nine seasons […]

Here’s how you could stay at the ‘American Horror Story’ Murder House

It’s been a long time since American Horror Story‘s first season premiered on FX. However, the Murder House and the events that took place on the property are still fresh in many of our minds. Now, the infamous home is opening its doors to the public for the first time ever for Halloween 2020. Read […]

Top 10 ‘American Horror Story’ plot twists we’re still thinking about

American Horror Story doesn’t go easy on its fans. If there’s a way to make your jaw drop to the floor, make you sick to your stomach or make you cry your eyes out, you can bet producer Ryan Murphy and co. have tried it. If isolation’s driving you crazy and you need to relive […]

Evan Peters ‘American Horror Story’ roles, ranked

It’s official: American Horror Story regular Evan Peters is back for season 10 this fall. After taking a year off due to “a full-on burnout” before 1984, we discovered last month that he would be returning this year along with original star Sarah Paulson. While we’re all working from home under quarantine (Apocalypse saw this […]