Daniel Silva pleads not guilty to murder charge in Corey La Barrie crash

Ink Master star Daniel Silva has reportedly pleaded not guilty to his second-degree murder charge. The charge was brought against Silva earlier this week for the tragic death of YouTube content creator Corey La Barrie.  It was first reported last week that the two were driving drunk on La Barrie’s 25th birthday. Police were called to the scene […]

Daniel Silva of 'Ink Master' was arrested for the murder of Corey La Barrie

It was reported on May 11 that Ink Master star Daniel Silva and YouTube content creator Corey La Barrie were involved in a car accident on May 10 that resulted in La Barrie’s death. At the time, Silva was expected to be arrested for causing the tragedy.  Now, according to an LAPD statement, Silva was arrested and […]

Lady Gaga documentary uses Charles Manson follower’s music

Bobby Beausoleil, an inmate serving a life sentence in the California state prison system, has revealed that two of his songs are being used in the Lady Gaga documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two. Beausoleil’s sentence is for the first-degree murder of music teacher Gary Hinman in 1969. Additionally, Beausoleil was a follower of Charles Manson. […]

“Satan” is the reason for homicide increase, according to Alabama police

According to Opp, Alabama police, the increase of county-wide homicides have risen due to Satan and citizens’ overall rejection of God. In a since-deleted Facebook post, the police department discussed the five murders that the county faced in 2018 and linked them to people of non-Christian faith. Read more:  ‘Avengers: Endgame’ theory suggests one major […]

Tim Allen was supposed to murder Santa Claus in original ‘Santa Clause’

Believe it or not, Tim Allen was originally supposed to kill the beloved Santa Claus in his classic 1994 Christmas flick, The Santa Clause. The Home Improvement actor revealed the dark twist on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last evening. While talking about the forthcoming Toy Story 4, Allen went on to talk about […]

Member of Ohio metal band suspected in murder-suicide

The bassist of Ohio black metal band Satanicon is suspected of killing himself and his girlfriend. According to the Sandusky Register, Raphael Greaves, 36, and Angela Tierny, 31, were both found dead in their home on Sunday morning, and police suspect Greaves is responsible for this murder-suicide. You can view a snippet of the report […]

Man found guilty in murder of Grooveshark executive, faces life sentence

In November of 2013, music streaming service Grooveshark's director of international sales, 27-year-old Eddy Vasquez, was shot and killed by a former college classmate following an argument that took place while the two were bar-hopping together in St. Petersburg, Florida. The shooter, Andres Rodriguez Torres, who had attended the University of South Florida with Vasquez, was found guilty of […]

Vocalist of local hardcore band shot and killed outside music venue

Brad Hancock, vocalist for local Salt Lake City hardcore band, Close Grip, was shot and killed outside of the Utah-based music venue the Core this past Saturday, November 15. Hancock reportedly interceded in an argument between his younger brother and 20-year-old Quincy Ear Lawson, escorting Lawson outside of the venue. Once outside, the debacle escalated and ended […]