Behind the scenes of When We Were Young’s sophomore year

We rubbed elbows with pop-punk royalty and caught up with our favorite bands.

MxPx break down their new album Find a Way Home

Frontman Mike Herrera speaks to the beloved punk band’s 31-year career.

MxPx, Zebrahead, Bad Cop/Bad Cop cover Mercy Music's “Nothing in the Dark”

MxPx, Zebrahead and Bad Cop/Bad Cop have collaborated on a cover of “Nothing in the Dark.” The song was originally written by Mercy Music, who are currently supporting the bands on tour. In addition, they have released a music video for the cover.  Check it out below. Read more: MxPx release new song “Say Yes” […]

Steve Caballero on intersection of punk and skateboarding with new band Urethane

For Steve Caballero, the intersection of punk and skateboarding has always been at the forefront of what he does and creates for the world. Caballero burst onto the skateboarding scene in the groundbreaking years of the early ’80s and ’90s, skating alongside the sport’s most iconic figures while living in Southern California during its renaissance […]

DED's positive message behind their new album 'School Of Thought'

Established six years ago purely as a means of paying homage to their metal forefathers Korn, Slipknot and Pantera, the buzz surrounding DED soon grew way beyond the members’ expectations. Before they knew it, the band were caught up in a whirlwind of intense touring, mounting public attention and the opportunity to record their debut […]

DED's School Of Thought is changing the face of metal for the better

DED’s School Of Thought is out now. Frontman Joe Cotela speaks on the album’s creation and touring in a post-COVID-19 world.

MxPx release new song "Say Yes" featuring Kalie Wolfe of RIVALS–watch

MxPx have released their latest single “Say Yes” featuring Kalie Wolfe of RIVALS. The new track is available now for streaming on Spotify and other DSPs. Ahead of the release, both MxPx’s Mike Herrera and Wolfe issued special messages to Alternative Press readers, inviting them to check out the new track. Herrera expressed his gratitude […]

10 music industry pros fueling the pop-punk revival behind the scenes

Important people in music aren’t just behind the microphone, drums or keyboard. They’re also slaving away on Pro Tools, tweaking audio and making the band sound better.  The late Jerry Finn produced Sum 41, blink-182, MxPx and dozens of others in the early 2000s. Tom Lord-Alge mixed scene-defining tracks. Popular musicians often join in, using […]

MxPx release "Secret Weapon" ahead of their next livestream—watch

MxPx have returned with a new video for their song “Secret Weapon.” The visual dropped in advance of the group’s latest entry into the “Between This World And The Next” concert series. Returning Friday, June 4 at 6:30 p.m. PDT, “Between This World And The Next” sees the band get back to their fan-favorite livestream […]

MxPx are playing a free interactive livestream—here’s how to watch

MxPx are back with their latest livestream event “Between This World And The Next.” The free performance is available to watch April 16 at 6:30 p.m. PST via the Alternative Press Facebook page. The group are also back with their latest single, “Can’t Keep Waiting,” which premiered April 16. The song speaks to the emotions […]

21 alternative albums from 1998 that are still influencing bands today

1998 really wasn’t that long ago, but after saying the number 2021 out loud, it feels like it happened during another lifetime. To put things in perspective, Billie Eilish was born three years after 1998, and, hell, even FINNEAS was born the year before. Despite the fact that said year was toward the end of […]

10 pop-punk bands from the '90s who are still influencing the genre

There’s no denying that the ’90s set the foundation for pop punk as we know it. For over 20 years, many of the genre’s early pioneers have served as a source of inspiration for emerging outfits. A select handful, however, have assumed the responsibility to actively progress the scene themselves. The mainstream alternative surge may have fizzled […]

Here's why 'Never Look Back' feels like a classic Goldfinger album

The mighty Goldfinger released their ninth studio album, Never Look Back, the band’s first full-length in three years. The LP runs for a constantly moving 33 minutes, and its 12 energetic songs totally encapsulate the renowned Goldfinger sound that you know and love in the brightest and most succinct manner possible. The record also marks […]

See MCR, Rise Against and MxPx members team up for a Misfits cover

We are less than 24 hours away from Halloween. While we get our costumes ready or perfect our spooky binge-watching lists, My Chemical Romance‘s Frank Iero, Rise Against‘s Tim McIlrath, MxPx‘s Mike Herrera and more celebrating the spooky weekend in style. With the help of Ernie Ball, the talented musicians have come together for a […]

Here’s how to see MxPx play some songs live for the first time

Like everyone reading this, pop-punk legends MxPx are tired of waiting for the world to open back up. Live shows, in-person meet and greets and tours are out of the question for now, but the band are proudly taking matters into their own hands. Playing their first full-band show since the coronavirus pandemic began, MxPx […]

How ‘Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ inspired Goldfinger’s surprise single

Surprise! Ska-punk legends Goldfinger just dropped their first new piece of music since 2017 in the form of an unexpected single called “Wallflower.” The track packs a third-wave punch for all ages and will be a welcome Easter egg for ardent GF superfans who have been rewatching the band’s amazing recent quarantine videos over and […]

These are the 25 most influential songs of pop punk

Pop punk is often associated with the turn of the century when power chords, skateboarders and forever-young tunes on MTV ruled the scene. More recently, there’s the puzzling association of the genre with pizza that has turned into a giant inside joke.  But the music dates back decades, with staying power that outlasted most predictions. […]

These 9 new pop-punk tracks from scene legends rival their classics

There was a time when record collecting was the true merit of the dedicated punk rocker. When someone was late discovering a band, some cooler-than-thou dude was always ready with the line, “I’ve got their first seven-inch.” You won’t find any of that cred-signalling nostalgia here. This APTV video of new pop-punk tracks from scene […]

‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2’ adds over 30 new songs to its soundtrack

On July 28, a virtual concert was held to unveil the full tracklisting for the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 soundtrack. Along with some classics songs from the original games, the franchise is getting a major boost with some new music. Now, it has been revealed that the remastered game’s soundtrack includes over 30 new […]
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