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12 new collabs your favorite musicians have made with rising artists

2021 has already started out as a strong year for music, with artists expanding their pool of collaborations more than ever. After the train wreck that was 2020, musicians seem to be experimenting more often—spanning genres with collaborations and, in some cases, helping up-and-coming artists receive some limelight by featuring them on tracks.  Read more: […]

13 new songs you need to hear from SWS, girl in red, Magnolia Park and more

This week has seen new music from all across the world and from different genres. From mxmtoon soundtracking a popular video game to pop-punkers Magnolia Park collabing with some big names in the scene, the music released this week will definitely not disappoint. Check out the new songs released this week in March below. Read […]

10 pop-punk songs you won’t believe are turning 5 years old

The year is 2015. Rocking your “Defend Pop Punk” T-shirt, you elbow through the masses hoping for a prime spot against the railing beneath the Journeys Left Foot Stage at Warped Tour. Your feet fry like eggs on the blacktop beneath the scorching summer sun. Dehydration, not scary viruses, is your biggest worry. Those were […]

Broadside announce Sharptone signing with new song "Foolish Believer"

The last time Altpress took a big look at Broadside, we found them out in LA, doing all kinds of side hustles to pay the bills and keep their art untainted. We’re pleased to announce that Ollie Baxxter and team have hooked up with SharpTone Records and have released a new single, “Foolish Believer.”  “We’ve been […]

How to look pop-punk: Style Essentials with Broadside’s Ollie Baxxter

I'd like to start off this post with two confessions: the first being that I am in no way shape or form projecting myself as some fashion god or expert. The second, is that I whole-heartedly believe in the beauty of a person’s thoughts, ideas, and beliefs — it's just the package that it is […]