Here are 10 vintage band shirts we know you wish you owned

It’s safe to say that at any given moment, we’re most likely wearing one of our favorite band shirts, a pair of black skinny jeans and some Vans—it’s essentially the official uniform of scene kids everywhere. While we love our collection that we’ve compiled from thrift stores and concert merch tables, some of the coolest […]

15 times comedians joked about musicians in stand up

Comedians and musicians are more similar than you may think. They both strive to make their audience think, feel and see things in new ways, love saying “fuck” a lot and travel in busses across the country, consuming a questionable amount of gas station food and Starbucks coffee. Below we’ve found some of our favorite […]

10 classic MTV shows that we wish were still on the air

Many people miss the days when MTV used to show music videos 24/7. But it’s no secret that the network also hosted some amazing TV shows back in the day.  From the early reality shows to animated classics we love, MTV’s history on the small screen shouldn’t be forgotten. Read more: Bonnaroo cancels 2020 festival […]

Jason Momoa channels Ozzy Osbourne in “Scary Little Green Men” teaser

Ozzy Osbourne‘s new album Ordinary Man is officially out and the legendary musician is giving us a little teaser of what to expect next. Osbourne posted a teaser for what could be his next music video for “Scary Little Green Men” starring Jason Momoa. On Feb. 20, Ozzy dropped his collaboration with Post Malone. “It’s a […]

Ozzy Osbourne reunites with Post Malone for ferocious single "It's A Raid"

Ozzy Osbourne and Post Malone just dropped their second collaboration. The new song comes from Osbourne’s album Ordinary Man which drops Feb. 21. The new song has a ripper of a title in “It’s A Raid.” Their first collaboration came in the form of “Take What You Want” from Post Malone’s album Hollywood’s Bleeding. Read […]

Ozzy Osbourne re-releases plushy for anniversary of biting bat's head off

Last January, Ozzy Osbourne released a bat plushy with a removable head in honor of the anniversary of him biting a bat’s head off on stage and for the 38th anniversary, he’s re-releasing the toy. The Prince Of Darkness made a post celebrating the anniversary while letting fans know they can get their hands on the toy […]

Sharon Osbourne talks Ozzy biopic hopes among 2020 plans

On her daytime talk show, The Talk Sharon Osbourne dropped some details about a film project she’s working on. The film will center around her relationship with her husband Ozzy Osbourne. Last year, rumors began to circulate about an Ozzy film, and they appear to confirmed today as Sharon placed the production on her 2020 vision […]

Ozzy Osbourne thrives amid chaos in “Straight To Hell” video

Ozzy Osbourne just dropped a new music video for his single “Straight To Hell”. The song comes off Ozzy’s forthcoming album Ordinary Man. Ordinary Man is due out later his year. The new music video shows a battle between what appears to be corrupt police and street vigilantes. It clearly draws inspiration from recent political dissent movements such […]

Ozzy Osbourne alive and well as Kelly denies “sickening” death bed report

2019 was a troubling year for Ozzy Osbourne‘s health. A bout of pneumonia and a bad fall caused tour cancellations and a lot of worry about The Prince of Darkness. But due to a gossip site, New Year’s Day was quite a shocker for those who care about Ozzy. The website Radar Online reported that […]

Sharon Osbourne gets backlash for story of assistant’s house fire dismissal

Sharon Osbourne once sent her husband Ozzy Osbourne‘s assistant into a fire and dismissed him a few days after the incident. While on BBC’s Why Would I Lie To You, Mrs. Osbourne shared that she let the assistant go for not having a sense of humor about the fire. Read more: All Time Low cover My Chemical Romance […]

Ozzy Osbourne “Under The Graveyard” actors discuss pivotal year of 1979

Ozzy Osbourne has just released a behind-the-scenes video of the making of the “Under The Graveyard” music video. The video primarily features the actors that play Ozzy and Sharon. They discuss both Ozzy and Sharon’s motives at the time. The music video is a rather macabre, depicting a dark time in Ozzy’s life. Read More: 10 […]

Ozzy Osbourne depicts dark past in intimate “Under The Graveyard” video

Ozzy Osbourne just debuted the music video for his #1 hit “Under The Graveyard”. The track dropped in November. It is Ozzy’s first solo music in nearly a decade. “Under The Graveyard” is also the first song off Ozzy’s forthcoming record Ordinary Man, due out early 2020. The music video is an intimate portrayal of a […]

Ozzy Osbourne producer says new album was written in four days

Ozzy Osbourne is dropping his long-awaited new album Ordinary Man in January and producer Andrew Watts says the record only took four days to create. In an interview with Billboard, Watts reveals the process behind creating the album and how despite it seeming unlikely to make at many points, it came together in a very short time frame. […]

Ozzy Osbourne links up with Slash to go "Straight to Hell"

Ozzy Osbourne has been teasing his new song “Straight to Hell” all week long and now the track has finally arrived. Ozzy’s second single from his upcoming record Ordinary Man also features legendary guitarist Slash. Read More: Every Time I Die deliver blasting riffs in new studio teaser clip The Prince Of Darkness started teasing the new song early […]

Post Malone recruits Ozzy Osbourne for “Take What You Want” live debut

Post Malone and Ozzy Osbourne made their recent live debut of their newest collab “Take What You Want” on the last night of the rapper’s tour. The two will also be performing the Hollywood’s Bleeding track at the upcoming American Music Awards alongside Travis Scott. Green Day will also be performing a special set for the 25th anniversary of Dookie. […]

Ozzy Osbourne continues teasing "Straight To Hell" with ominous clip

We’re all patiently anticipating Ozzy Osbourne‘s upcoming record Ordinary Man and today we’re getting a teaser for a new track. The Prince Of Darkness dropped a visual teaser on Twitter featuring some orchestral noises to get you excited for what’s to come. Read More: Marilyn Manson joins Cyndi Lauper’s holiday benefit show lineup After dropping a new track […]

10 artists who should have their own reality TV show

While people love to hate it, reality TV shows are some of the most addicting forms of entertainment. They allow you to forget about your own problems and focus on someone’s life that’s totally different from your own.  There are tons of TV shows about celebrities and wealthy people, but some of the best reality […]

Ozzy Osbourne drops "Under The Graveyard" as first solo song in 10 years

Ozzy Osbourne has debuted his brand new track “Under The Graveyard,” marking his first solo track to be released in nearly a decade. The song marks the first single from this forthcoming album ORDINARY MAN slated to debut in early 2020. Check it out below! Read more: Hilary Duff reveals Lizzie McGuire’s animated alter ego reboot appearance Recorded […]

Ozzy Osbourne teases new song set to release tomorrow

Ozzy Osbourne has been in the headlines quite frequently as of late. From health concerns to a Halloween costume contest, The Prince of Darkness keeps us engaged without releasing music. That officially changes tomorrow. Ozzy announced on Twitter today that a new song is set to be released tomorrow. Read More: Motionless In White flex stage […]

Ozzy Osbourne costume contest winners will receive signed bone

Ozzy Osbourne and Halloween actually have a lot to do together so it’s not odd that the Prince of Darkness would pop up around this time of year. Ozzy is hosting a Halloween costume contest and the winner receives a rather appropriate prize. Check out the details below. Read More: Warped Tour documentary launches Kickstarter to […]
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