10 Halloween dessert recipes you’ll want to make year-round

Summer is finally over, which means we’ve already begun prepping for the best time of the year: Halloween. From decorating to binge-watching horror movies, there are so many activities we love about the fall holiday when it comes around each year.  One timeless activity is baking treats to indulge ourselves with—and to give out to those […]

10 ways to celebrate Halloween from home this year

Halloween is finally almost here, and like pretty much everything else this year, it’s going to look a lot different.  Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many people are opting to spend most of their time at home, which means no large parties, indoor haunted houses and definitely no bobbing for apples.  Read more: These are […]

10 snacks as emo as you are to amp up your next Netflix marathon

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we love the color black. We’re the type of people to have all-black wardrobes and fought with our parents in high school over painting our walls as dark as can be. Black matches our forever mood and the darkness of our soul, so we like it whenever our […]

10 scene hair trends from the 2000s that deserve a comeback

The year is 2007. Cobra Starship’s “The City Is At War” plays from your Myspace page as you organize your Top 8. Your profile picture? A high-angle selfie that captures your teased Voodoo Blue hair. “I’m scene, not emo,” you insist. The Rawring ’20s are upon us, and while we doubt Myspace will make a […]

Here are 10 birthday cakes that are just as emo as you

Regardless of what age you are, you’re never too old to have cake on your birthday. While it’s nice to eat any treat on your special day, sometimes it’s fun to celebrate with a dessert that takes the decorations to a whole other level.  Pinterest offers inspiration for things such as clothes, household decor and recipes, […]

10 music-related activities you can do while stuck at home

Because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, many people are social distancing themselves and spending a lot of time at home. While we’ll never get tired of a Netflix binge-watching session or frequent naps, it can start to get old to stay inside every day doing nothing.  That’s why we’ve thought up 10 music-related activities you […]

Top 10 things every emo kid needs to add to their fall bucket list

Now that Hot Girl Summer is over, it’s finally Emo Kid Fall, which means it’s time to put your combat boots on and blast some American Football because the best time of the year is back.  Fall is our favorite season for many reasons including Halloween, cooler weather and the overall moody vibe.  Read more: […]

Instagram appears to rip off Pinterest in new feature

It appears that Instagram is copying Pinterest with its latest “Collections” feature. According to Techcrunch, the social media platform is working on the new feature which will allow users to organize their saved posts into groups and then share those collections with their friends. Read more: Tony Hawk is teaching his daughter how to skateboard […]