10 artists who put their own spin on a cover with a slight lyric change

There’s truly something special whenever our favorite artists decide to cover songs from other bands and genres. It shows off their musical chops, their taste and their ability to imprint their style on anything they’re performing.  Some artists, such as Post Malone, Miley Cyrus and YUNGBLUD, have made a name for themselves with their innovative covers […]

NFTs are igniting a digital art explosion– here's how

Grimes sold nearly $6 million worth of digital art as NFTs. Kings Of Leon became the first major rock band to release an album in the form of an NFT. Steve Aoki collaborated with illustrator Antoni Tudisco for an art and music NFT release. Wu-Tang Clan announced plans to release 36 copies of a coffee […]

Post Malone became that animated trainer again for Pokémon Day—watch

Over the weekend, Post Malone helped celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pokémon with a special virtual set. For Pokémon Day 2021, the rapper transformed back into that CGI-animated Pokémon trainer the internet doesn’t know how to feel about. As it turns out, Pokémon and Posty fans have even more things to say about the animation […]

Post Malone previews his Pokémon Day set with this cover of a '90s hit

We are just days away from Pokémon Day 2021 which officially marks the 25th anniversary of Pokémon. Now, it looks like Post Malone is getting ready for his headlining Pokémon Day set in an unexpected way. On Thursday, the rapper debuted a surprising cover of a ’90s classic that was released the same year Pokémon […]

The internet can't handle Post Malone becoming a Pokémon trainer—watch

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since the Pokémon franchise came into our lives. To help celebrate the major milestone, Pokémon is enlisting Post Malone for a massive virtual Pokémon Day concert. However, it looks like the announcement is grabbing the internet’s attention for all of the wrong reasons. Read more: Alice Cooper receives […]

The Ultimate Toy Gift Guide: 11 collectibles for the super fan in your life

We all have that person in our life who lives for showing off their favorite TV shows, movies and pop culture passions by displaying treasures and trinkets proudly. From classic cartoons and anime to video game favorites, it can be intimidating to select a collectible gift that stands out. If you think turning to graphic […]

15 Black-owned beauty brands with cool alternative products

Several brands such as Lush UK and Dolls Kill are being boycotted, meaning many individuals in support of Black Lives Matter are looking for new businesses to patronize. We already discovered some Black-owned gothic and kawaii fashion brands, so we found beauty brands that support the lifestyle as well. Many makeup users and beauty gurus […]

Pokémon announces limited-edition skateboards with fan-favorites

Pokémon has been capturing the hearts of children and adults alike since its conception in 1996. The games allowed for the player to capture and train up to 151 different pokémon, fulfilling creator Satoshi Tajiri’s dream. Pokémon exploded and now there are 807 different monsters and five new skateboards. You read that right. Pokémon is […]

Here's everything coming to and leaving Netflix in February

February is coming up quick and Netflix will have all the romances and dramas that you need for the season of love. Coming to the streaming service are films such as The Notebook on the first the sequel for To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You on Feb. 12. Read more: […]

Pokémon Adidas collab gets retro with 8-bit Pikachu

Pokémon and Adidas are apparently teaming up. The collaboration has no release date yet but the first images of the Pikachu Adidas Advantage are here. The shoe is rather plain but looks clean and classic. Earlier in the year, leaked images showed more elaborate Pikachu and Squirtle shoes, but no additional information on those has been […]

10 last-minute Halloween costumes inspired by 2019 pop culture moments

It’s almost Halloween, and it’s very likely that you might be freaking out as to what you should dress up as this year. With only 24 hours left until the big day, it’s crunch time to think of Halloween costumes you can pull off that is creative and recognizable.  Read more: ‘Harry Potter’ gift wrap captures […]

Top 10 magical ‘Harry Potter’ things to do this fall

Fall is the most magical time of the year. Not only does it mean that Halloween is just around the corner, but it signifies our return to Hogwarts. There’s no better time to host a Harry Potter movie marathon or reread your favorite series. While you find yourself in the mood for magic and mystery, […]

KISS fans spot Gene Simmons-like Pokémon in ‘Sword And Shield’

KISS fans may be in for a bit of a surprise this November when they boot up the newest iteration of Pokémon. Teased Aug. 7 by the official Pokémon Twitter account, the new Galarian evolution of Linoone bares a shocking resemblance to Gene Simmons, the legendary bass player himself. The new Pokémon’s name is Obstagoon. […]

‘Detective Pikachu’ is now the highest-grossing video game film ever

Detective Pikachu has something to celebrate — the Pokemon film is now the highest-grossing video game movie of all time.  The film, with Ryan Reynolds voicing the titular character, dropped a couple months ago.  Read more: Korn drop creepy sci-fi “You’ll Never Find Me” music video During the films debut weekend, it came in second at […]

Pokémon channels corgi-like cuteness in new 'Sword,' 'Shield' character

Earlier today during E3 2019 Nintendo Direct and Nintendo Treehouse Live, we learned more about the highly anticipated Pokémon Sword and Shield. From details on Dynamax Raids to the identity of a new gym leader, there was one reveal that stood out among fans a little more than all the rest. There’s a new good boy in […]

Pokémon Company unveils game you have to be asleep to play

During a press conference on Tuesday, The Pokémon Company unveiled a new app that will play off the wildly popular Pokémon GO game. The catch? You can only play while you’re asleep. Gotta catch ’em all while you catch some Zzz’s, right? Read more: The Driver Era bring you into their world where freedom is job one According […]

Pokemon pop-up bar to make stops around North America, Australia

Pokemon fans gotta catch a drink at one of these pop-up bars based on the franchise that are showing up at a few locations across North America and Australia. The bar/event will have Pokemon-themed food and drinks as well as a live DJ. Read more: Norma Jean frontman says upcoming album is “new territory” One […]

'Detective Pikachu' showing plays horror movie instead, confuses crowd

Moviegoers who headed to one theater in Montreal this weekend that expected to see Detective Pikachu got a much more terrifying surprise. One Thursday, one theater accidentally played horror film The Curse of La Llorona. That film is based on a Mexican legend about a ghost of a mother who drowned her children who now […]

‘Detective Pikachu’ falls short of estimated opening weekend gross

After it was reported by many news outlets that Pokemon: Detective Pikachu made $58 million at the box office this weekend, it’s now being said that the figure was not correct. According to Exhibitor Relations, the updated number for the film is $54.5 million not $58 million as previously stated. Read more: Halsey embraces new […]

‘Detective Pikachu’ dethrones ‘Avengers: Endgame’ for top Friday film

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu had a huge first weekend in the box office, and even beat out Avengers: Endgame in Friday night sales. On Friday, Detective Pikachu earned $20.7 million while Endgame made $16.060. This was the first day since the Marvel film debuted that it wasn’t the highest-grossing film in theaters. Read more: Billie Eilish, […]
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